Marsha Hunt

Singer + Novelist + Actress
Born Apr 15, 1946

Marsha Hunt is an American singer, novelist, actress and model.

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1946 Birth Hunt was born in Philadelphia, in 1946 and lived in North Philadelphia, near 23rd and Columbia, then in Germantown and Mount Airy, for the first 13 years of her life. … Read More


1960 14 Years Old In 1960 the family moved to Kensington, California, which Hunt still regards as home, so that her brother and sister could attend Oakland High School and prepare to attend the University of California, Berkeley.
1964 18 Years Old Hunt also went to Berkeley, in 1964, where she joined Jerry Rubin on protest marches against the Vietnam War. … Read More


1966 20 Years Old 1 More Event
In February 1966 Hunt moved to Britain and for a time lived in Edinburgh. … Read More
1967 21 Years Old 1 More Event
…  In February 1967 Hunt took a singing job with Alexis Korner's trio "Free at Last" so that she could earn her fare back home.
1968 22 Years Old She did not use it, but remained, and in 1968 joined the group Ferris Wheel. … Read More
Hunt played at the Jazz Bilzen and Isle of Wight music festivals in August 1969 with her backup band "White Trash".
1970 24 Years Old …  In London, November 1970, Hunt gave birth to Jagger's first and her only child, Karis. … Read More


1978 32 Years Old …  Hunt tracked down her father's father Blair Hunt shortly before he died in 1978 to find him living sedately in a seedy part of town with his companion of 60 years. … Read More
1985 39 Years Old 1 More Event
…  In her 1985 autobiography, Real Life, Hunt acknowledged that "Brown Sugar" is about her, among a few other songs, a fact she reiterated in her 2006 book Undefeated.


1990 44 Years Old in 1990 Hunt published her first novel, Joy, about a woman who grew up to join a singing group reminiscent of The Supremes before dying an early death. … Read More
1992 46 Years Old Hunt's second novel, Free, published in 1992, tells the story of freed slaves and their children living in Germantown, Pennsylvania, in 1913.


1998 52 Years Old Hunt's 1998 novel Like Venus Fading is inspired by the lives of Adelaide Hall, known as the "lightly-tanned Venus", Josephine Baker, and Dorothy Dandridge. … Read More
1999 53 Years Old 1 More Event
In 1999 Hunt sought a job of writer-in-residence at Dublin’s Mountjoy Prison and later collected selected writings from the prisoners and edited The Junk Yard: Voices From An Irish Prison. … Read More
2004 58 Years Old In late 2004, Hunt was diagnosed with breast cancer and told to have surgery to remove her right breast and her lymph nodes. … Read More


2007 61 Years Old …  In July 2007, Hunt got to talking about her breast removal with a twelve-year-old boy and told the boy that now she is like the Amazons of old who would have a breast removed so that when they went into battle they could use their bow without their breast getting in the way when they let their arrows fly. … Read More
As of 2008, he continued to see her and her family. … Read More
2012 66 Years Old In December 2012 Hunt sold a series of love letters written to her in the summer of 1969 by Mick Jagger.
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