Martha Dodd

Spy For the Soviet Union
Born Oct 8, 1908
Hometown Ashland, Virginia
Died Aug 10, 1990
Death Place Prague, Czechoslo...
Political Party Communist party
Other Names Martha Eccles Dodd

Martha Eccles Dodd and her husband spied for the Soviet Union against her native United States from before World War II until the height of the Cold War. She had lived in Berlin early in the Third Reich (1933–1937) with her father William Edward Dodd, then United States Ambassador to Germany. She became involved in left-wing politics after she witnessed first-hand the violence of the Nazi state.… Read More

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1908 Birth Born in 1908.


1933 25 Years Old Martha and her brother accompanied their parents to Berlin when her father took up the post of U.S. Ambassador in 1933. … Read More
1934 26 Years Old 1 More Event
Following the Night of the Long Knives, the mid-1934 Nazi purge of its paramilitary Sturmabteilung, Dodd changed her views on the Nazis. … Read More
1936 28 Years Old Vinogradov and Dodd began a romantic relationship that lasted for years, even after he left Berlin; in 1936 they asked Joseph Stalin for permission to marry. … Read More
1937 29 Years Old After the Dodds left Germany in December, 1937, Iskhak Akhmerov, NKVD rezident in New York City, managed her espionage work.


1938 30 Years Old In the summer of 1938, while still romantically involved with the filmmaker Sidney Kaufman, with whom she lived for several months, Martha married New York millionaire Alfred Stern, an investment broker who acquired great wealth in a prior divorce from the daughter of Sears Roebuck tycoon Julius Rosenwald. … Read More
1939 31 Years Old In 1939, Dodd published a memoir of her years in Berlin, Through Embassy Eyes. … Read More
1945 37 Years Old Her 1945 novel, Sowing the Wind, described the moral deterioration of decent Germans under Hitler. … Read More


1948 40 Years Old The FBI had Dodd under surveillance by 1948.
1949 41 Years Old Contacts between Dodd and Stern and the NKGB, successor to the NKVD, lapsed in 1949.
1955 47 Years Old In 1955, Dodd published The Searching Light, a defense of academic freedom that told the story of a professor under pressure to sign a loyalty oath. … Read More
1957 49 Years Old Boris Morros, a Soviet spy turned FBI informant, implicated Dodd and Stern in 1957 as Soviet agents as part of his exposure of the Soble spy network. The Soviets then allowed them to immigrate to Moscow just as they were convicted of espionage by a U.S. court. A KGB document, dated October 1975, noted that the Sterns spent 1963 - 70 in Cuba. … Read More


1979 71 Years Old In 1979 the U.S. Department of Justice dropped charges against Dodd and her husband related to the Soble case.
1990 82 Years Old She died on August 10, 1990, in Prague. … Read More
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