Martin Milner
Martin Milner
Martin Sam Milner is an American actor best known for his performances in two popular television series, Adam-12 and Route 66. He has also appeared in other television series, numerous films, radio dramas, a Broadway play, and even a radio fishing show. In addition, his appearance was the inspiration for Guy Gardner, the Green Lantern Corps superhero created in 1969 by John Broome and Gil Kane.
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Linneah sat at a desk at the Center for Sexual Medicine at Sheppard Pratt in the suburbs of Baltimore and filled out a questionnaire. She read briskly, making swift checks beside her selected answers, and when she was finished, she handed the pages across the desk to Martina Miller, who gave her a round of pills.
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Florida health care regulators say the reasons behind the placement of hundreds of severely disabled children in nursing homes comes down to money. In this gripping piece, my former colleague Carol Marbin Miller at the Miami Herald writes about how these decisions are made and gives us an inside look at the hearings held to decide that these children shouldn't be raised at home. This entire saga has troubled me from my perch here at On Special Education. I've learned so much in the nearly two years I've written about students with disabilities for Education Week, including, in this case, a lot I didn't know about federal and state government roles in the care of children with especially severe disabilities. I've learned how iPads and other tablet computers can change the lives of some students with disabilities. I reported about how private school vouchers for students with disabilities may be politically motivated—and have nothing to do helping special needs kids. S ...
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Digital highlights, December 8th 2012
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Not so fast Since his death Marvin Miller, a former head of America’s baseball players’ union, has been lauded as a champion of the working man. But by dividing the players into haves and have-nots, he personified unions’ flaws as well as their virtues True to its image Nokia’s 41-megapixel smartphone camera uses its embarrassment of pixels to take good pictures in dim light and simulate a reasonable zoom lens. It might find a more suitable home in traditional, point-and-shoot cameras The civil servant’s tale Chinese readers are riveted by a new type of novel set in officialdom’s murky depths. “The Civil Servant’s Notebook” by Wang Xiaofang, who toiled under a boss executed for financial crimes, is the first of the genre to be translated into English From our blogs Europe: A vote for austerity policies Borat Pahor, a former prime minister of Slovenia, won the country’s presidential election after running on a pro-austerity ticket Business: The priciest partnerships American Lawye ...
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Remembering Marvin Miller, the former head of the MLB players union and arguably the most influential figure in sports during the past 50 years.
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McDermott Adds Tax Partner to D.C. Office
The Blog of Legal Times - almost 5 years
McDermott Will & Emery has added a partner to its tax practice in Washington, the firm announced Wednesday. Martin Milner, formerly an associate with Mayer Brown, joins McDermott as a partner. He focuses his practice on mergers, acquisitions, dispositions and restructuring transactions as it relates to the tax code. Prior to joining Mayer Brown, Milner worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers on mergers and acquisitions. During his time at PWC, Milner worked with McDermott attorneys in Chicago. He said the quality of service the attorneys offered were big draws. When he moved to big law, Milner said in an interview that his work became more international in nature. “It’s an opportunity to leverage the platform and expand the service for existing clients as well as bring some new clients in,” Milner said in an interview.
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Google News - over 5 years
Dr. Martin Milner of the Center for Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon, USA. Crataegus oxyacantha Extrakt. In einem speziellen Verfahren extrahiert apimanu company den Wirkstoff aus den Blüten und Blättern der in Indien wachsenden Weißdornpflanze
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COMMENTARY: Who Cooked the Books for Our Ms. Brooks? - HNN
Google News - over 5 years
(Editor's note: This wonderful 1957 black and white film was directed by Alexander Mackendrick, written by Clifford Odets and Ernest Lehman, starring Lancaster, Curtis, Martin Milner, Susan Harrison, Sam Levene and the Chico Hamilton Quintet)
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Get Your Kicks on Route 66 - Southern Pines Pilot
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By then “Route 66,” starring Martin Milner and George Chakiris, was must-see black-and-white TV. The acclaimed show involved its protagonists, traveling by Corvette, in human dramas along the way, assisted by greenhorns Robert Redford, Martin Sheen,
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Film Now Playing - Artvoice
Google News - over 5 years
Starring Dean Stockwell, Bradford Dillman, Diane Varsi, EG Marshall, Martin Milner and Gavin McLeod. Fri-Sat 8pm. The Screening Room, Northtown Plaza in Century Mall, 3131 Sheridan Drive, Amherst (837-0376 /
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Former sports columnist takes on acting - HeraldNet
Google News - over 5 years
Alas, the role went to Glenn Corbett, who later starred with Martin Milner on the popular TV series "Route 66." That disappointment was the end of Henry's acting career … or so it seemed. Because in his retirement, and despite keeping busy with family
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The Twilight Zone Season 1 DVD review - Den Of Geek
Google News - almost 6 years
Also commentaries from actors including Martin Landau, Kevin McCarthy, and Martin Milner highlight how big a deal it was for actors to appear in the series and get to work with Rod Serling, even at this early stage in the formation of The Twilight Zone
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Vindicator file photo - Youngstown Vindicator
Google News - almost 6 years
Here actors Martin Milner and George Maharis, sitting in the show's trademark Corvette on Federal Street, attract a crowd. Local extras were hired for the segments, including nine Youngstown patrolmen. Youngstown was picked for the story of a washed-up
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DRIVING; What Awaits A Dream Car When Dreams Change?
NYTimes - over 14 years
IN the small subset of automobiles that can properly be called American sports cars, the undisputed king is the Corvette. The original two-seater Thunderbird, which had a good run but wasn't made after 1957, was not really a sports car; today's successor isn't either. The Dodge Viper, a challenger since 1991, has not reached Corvette-level appeal
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Ideas & Trends: Our Highways, Ourselves; Is There Room for Kerouac in a Car Pool?
NYTimes - over 15 years
THE paparazzi weren't there. But in the annals of highly public break-ups, the recent news that California -- hallowed birthplace of the four-level stacked highway interchange -- would stop building freeways may represent the busted romance of the century. The magnetic attraction between Americans and their automobiles was consummated in
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COVER STORY; Looking for an Audience In the Middle of the Road
NYTimes - over 15 years
TWO restless young men hop in their car and hit the highway, encountering new adventures and quirky characters at various colorful pit stops along the way. Sound familiar? If you're of a certain age, what may come to mind is ''Route 66,'' the early 1960's television series starring Martin Milner and George Maharis as free spirits tooling down the
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Paid Notice: Deaths KAPLAN, SYLVIA H.
NYTimes - about 16 years
KAPLAN-Sylvia H. Age 81. Died January 8, 2001. Loved and loving mother of Judy (Martin) Milner and Howard (Sharon Strauss) Kaplan. Grandmother of Eric and Jeffrey Milner and Jeremy Kaplan. Successful author and forever fishing buddy to Syd. We will miss her.
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Paid Notice: Deaths KAPLAN, SYDNEY
NYTimes - over 16 years
KAPLAN-Sydney, Died October 30, 2000 at the age of 85. Beloved husband and fishing buddy of Sylvia. Loving and loved father of Judy (Martin) Milner and Howard (Sharon) Kaplan. Beloved grandfather of Eric and Jeffrey Milner and Jeremy Kaplan. Dear brother of Beatrice Kraus. He will be missed.
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HOME VIDEO; The Many Faces Of 'Mr. Arkadin'
NYTimes - about 19 years
Critics have always flailed about in their assessments of Orson Welles's film ''Mr. Arkadin,'' which was released in Europe in 1955 as ''Confidential Report'' and in the United States in 1962 as ''Mr. Arkadin.'' Such was the scope of Welles's genius and eccentricity that commentators are still scrambling to explain the many artistic ramifications
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Driving, Buying, Reading and Remembering Route 66
NYTimes - over 21 years
On most mornings, the talk at the "Liar's Table" -- a daily confluence of old-timers in overalls at Pop Hicks's Restaurant on Route 66 -- centers on who can tell the biggest whopper and get away with it, and whether the Red Tornadoes are going to win the high school football game the next Friday night. But this week at Pop Hicks's, an institution
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NYTimes article
Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Martin Milner
  • 2015
    Age 83
    On September 6, 2015, Milner died of heart failure at his home in Carlsbad, California, at the age of 83.
    More Details Hide Details His memorial service was held by law enforcement and community members in Oceanside, California six days later.
  • 2003
    Age 71
    In February 2003, Milner's eldest daughter Amy, who appeared in an episode of Adam 12, was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia.
    More Details Hide Details She died in December 2004.
  • 1992
    Age 60
    In 1992, he guest starred on five episodes of ABC's Life Goes On.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1990
    Age 58
    Milner also has the distinction of having portrayed the victim in the premiere episode of Columbo titled "Murder by the Book". In 1990, Milner re-teamed with Kent McCord, his co-star from Adam-12, in the cable TV-movie Nashville Beat (1990), originally shown on the now-defunct The Nashville Network.
    More Details Hide Details The story, partly written by Kent McCord, had McCord as an LAPD detective who teams up with his old partner, Milner, in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • 1983
    Age 51
    In 1983, Milner hosted a morning radio wake-up show on AM 600 KOGO, San Diego.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1972
    Age 40
    Milner guest starred in three episodes of Emergency! between 1972 and 1976, during and after Adam-12s run on NBC, the best known and first of which was the pilot episode The Wedsworth-Townsend Act.
    More Details Hide Details After Adam-12 he starred as Karl Robinson in a television series version of The Swiss Family Robinson (1975–1976), produced by Irwin Allen. Most of his following work was as a television guest star, most notably in action-adventure series MacGyver (as James MacGyver, MacGyver's father), Airwolf, Life Goes On, Murder, She Wrote and RoboCop: The Series.
  • 1968
    Age 36
    In 1968, Milner returned to television as seven-year LAPD veteran uniform patrol Officer Peter Joseph "Pete" Malloy in the Jack Webb-produced police drama, Adam-12.
    More Details Hide Details Kent McCord played his partner, rookie Officer James A. "Jim" Reed. The popular NBC series ran from 1968 to 1975. Like Webb's Dragnet, it was based on real Los Angeles Police Department procedures and cases. It was hailed for its realistic, positive portrayal of ordinary police officers. Milner was Webb's hands-down choice for "cop behind the wheel" Pete Malloy, in part because his relative youth and prior acting credits and because of his on-camera driving experience from his days on Route 66.
  • 1960
    Age 28
    In 1960, Milner won the role of Tod Stiles in CBS television series, Route 66, from 1960 to 1964.
    More Details Hide Details Created by Stirling Silliphant, Route 66 is essentially about two regular, but distinctly different young men in a car touring the United States. After the sudden death of his father left him unexpectedly penniless, Tod traveled across the United States in a Chevrolet Corvette, taking a variety of odd jobs along the way and getting involved in other people's problems. Tod's traveling partner on his escapades was his friend Buz Murdock, a former employee of his father's played by George Maharis. During the series' third season, Milner got a new co-star as Glenn Corbett was brought in to replace Maharis. Tod's new traveling partner was Lincoln "Linc" Case, an Army veteran who had a dark past, and Corbett remained in the role for the remaining season and a half. Route 66 was a different sort of television program, as the travels of Tod and his traveling partners were shot on location. Thus, Milner spent nearly four years traveling the country for the series, sometimes taking his wife and children along.
  • 1957
    Age 25
    They were married on February 23, 1957, in Waukegan, Illinois.
    More Details Hide Details They had four children together: Amy, Molly, Stuart and Andrew.
  • 1953
    Age 21
    After his military service ended, Milner had a recurring role on The Life of Riley from 1953 to 1958.
    More Details Hide Details He also made guest appearances on numerous television shows including episodes of The Bigelow Theatre, The Great Gildersleeve, TV Reader's Digest, Science Fiction Theatre, Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse, NBC Matinee Theater, The West Point Story, The Twilight Zone (episode: Mirror Image) and Rawhide. Milner also acted in films, the most notable of which are The Long Gray Line (1955), Mister Roberts (1955), Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (1957), as jazz guitarist Steve Dallas in Sweet Smell of Success (1957), Marjorie Morningstar (1958), Compulsion (1959) and 13 Ghosts (1960).
  • 1952
    Age 20
    He also appeared on six episodes of Webb's Dragnet television series between 1952 and 1955.
    More Details Hide Details
    In 1952, Milner began a two-year stint in the United States Army.
    More Details Hide Details He was assigned to Special Services at Fort Ord on California's Monterey Bay Peninsula, where he directed training films. He also emceed and performed in skits in a touring unit show to entertain the soldiers. Milner was encouraged by fellow soldier David Janssen to pursue an acting career when his time in the Army ended. He also served at Ft Ord at the same time as future actors Clint Eastwood and Richard Long While in the Army, Milner continued working for Jack Webb, playing "Officer Bill Lockwood" (briefly the partner of "Sgt. Friday") and other characters on the Dragnet radio series on weekends.
  • 1950
    Age 18
    He made his first television appearance in 1950 as a guest star in episode 28 titled "Pay Dirt" on The Lone Ranger.
    More Details Hide Details That same year, he began a recurring role as "Drexel Potter" on the television sitcom The Stu Erwin Show.
    Milner attended the University of Southern California where he studied theater. He dropped out after a year in the fall of 1950 to concentrate on acting.
    More Details Hide Details
    On the set of Halls of Montezuma in 1950 he met and befriended actor Jack Webb.
    More Details Hide Details Soon thereafter, he began intermittent work on Webb's radio series Dragnet.
  • 1949
    Age 17
    He recovered within a year and had bit parts in two more films before graduating from North Hollywood High School in 1949.
    More Details Hide Details He immediately landed a minor role in the film Sands of Iwo Jima starring John Wayne. He also had a role in Richard Fleischer's Compulsion, featuring Orson Welles. He had several more roles, both minor and major, in war films in the 1950s, including another John Wayne picture called Operation Pacific in 1951 and Mister Roberts with Henry Fonda, James Cagney and Jack Lemmon in 1955.
  • 1947
    Age 15
    When Milner was a teenager, he moved with his family to Los Angeles where his parents hired an acting coach and later an agent for him. Milner had his first screen test and began his film career with his debut in the 1947 film Life with Father in the role of John Day, the second oldest son of Clarence Day played by William Powell.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1946
    Age 14
    Less than two weeks after filming for that film ended in August 1946, Milner contracted poliomyelitis.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1931
    Milner was born on December 28, 1931 in Detroit, Michigan, the son of Mildred (née Martin), a Paramount Theater circuit dancer, and Sam Gordon Milner, who worked as a construction hand and later a film distributor.
    More Details Hide Details His father was a Polish Jewish immigrant. The family left Detroit when he was a young child and moved frequently before settling in Seattle, Washington, by the time he was nine. There he became involved in acting, first in school, and then in a children's theater group at the Cornish Playhouse.
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