Masaaki Hatsumi

Japanese Martial Artist
Born Dec 2, 1931

Masaaki Hatsumi, formerly Yoshiaki Hatsumi, is the founder of the Bujinkan Organization and claims to be the 34th Togakure-ryū Soke. He currently resides and teaches in the city of Noda, Chiba, Japan.

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1931 Birth Hatsumi was born in Noda, Chiba on December 2, 1931. … Read More


1972 40 Years Old Takamatsu died in Nara, Japan in 1972 after advancing Hatsumi from student to Soke and bestowing on him "all the art of the nine schools", and of course the grandmaster's scrolls, three of which he indicated were ancient ninja schools and six samurai jujutsu schools of martial arts. … Read More
1978 46 Years Old The 1978 edition of the Bugei Ryuha Daijiten includes the full sōke lists for Masaaki Hatsumi's ryūha. … Read More


1982 50 Years Old His first trip to the United States was in 1982 and he has since continued to participate in yearly ninjutsu Tai Kai (gathering) around the world. … Read More
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