Melissa Maur
Melissa Maur
Melissa Auf der Maur is a Canadian musician, singer-songwriter and photographer. Born and raised in Montréal, Auf der Maur formed Tinker in 1993 and later was recruited as the bassist for the American alternative rock band Hole in 1994. Following her departure from Hole, Auf der Maur joined The Smashing Pumpkins in 2000 and later began a solo career. Her debut studio album, Auf der Maur, was released in 2004 and her second studio album, Out of Our Minds, was released in 2010.
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Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Melissa Auf der Maur
  • 2016
    In April 2016, Auf der Maur stated in an interview that she no longer had time or energy for a full-fledged reunion, but would be interested in wrapping up the Hole legacy with a retrospective disc and small set of tour dates.
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  • 2012
    Hole reunited again—with the Celebrity Skin line-up of Love, Erlandson, Auf der Maur and Schemel—for a one-off performance at Public Assembly in Brooklyn, New York on April 12, 2012 at an after-party for Schemel's film Hit So Hard (2011).
    More Details Hide Details Originally Auf der Maur, Erlandson and Schemel were performing as a trio until Love arrived for a spontaneous performance of "Miss World" and "Over the Edge". The Quietus reported in April 2014 that the four members had reunited although in subsequent interviews, Love downplayed talk of an imminent reunion.
  • 2010
    Despite several legal issues, Nobody's Daughter was released as Hole's fourth studio album in April 2010 with Shawn Dailey replacing Auf der Maur as bassist.
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    Her second studio album, also titled Out of Our Minds, was released in March 2010 as part of the OOOM project.
    More Details Hide Details Despite charting in France, Greece, Spain and the UK, the album received mixed reviews. However, in January 2011 Out of Our Minds won the Best Indie/Alternative/Hard Rock Album at the Independent Music Awards. Auf der Maur briefly toured with former The Cars frontman Ric Ocasek in 1997, after contributing bass and background vocals to his 1997 solo album Troublizing. She collaborated with French group Indochine on their song "Le Grand Secret", singing a duet in French with Nicola Sirkis, to great acclaim in France. Auf der Maur joined the band on stage to perform the song on various occasions and appeared in the music video for the song.
    As of 2010, Auf der Maur sold 200,000 copies worldwide.
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  • 2009
    In late 2009, Auf der Maur released a single, "Out of Our Minds", and an EP, OOOM.
    More Details Hide Details The single was issued as a free download on her official website; both the single and the EP were self-released on PHI–MAdM Music Inc., her own record label, a division of the Montreal-based PHI Centre Group. Auf der Maur also signed an international distribution deal with Roadrunner Records, who issued the releases outside of North America.
  • 2007
    An official website containing teasers of the project, as well as a film trailer, was launched in August 2007 and featured a regular blog updated by Auf der Maur documenting the various stages of the project.
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  • 2004
    A short six-date tour of Canada and northern Europe followed the release of the EP, which featured her first live performances since the 151-date tour in support of Auf der Maur in 2004 and 2005.
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  • 2001
    The exhibition opened September 9, 2001, at Brooklyn's Secret Gallery, but was shut down after the September 11 attacks.
    More Details Hide Details A book bearing the same name was set to appear, but never did. In 2004, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation produced a television series called The Greatest Canadian which saw 100 Canadian figures nominated for the title of 'the Greatest Canadian'. The list of 100 was narrowed to a group of 10 finalists and a program was dedicated to relating the story of and case for each nominee was aired on the network. Each nominee was promoted by a Canadian celebrity 'advocate' and Auf der Maur appeared as the advocate for environmentalist David Suzuki, who finished fifth. Auf der Maur is married to indie filmmaker Tony Stone. They have one daughter, River (born October 2011). The couple own Basilica Hudson, an arts and performance center in Hudson, New York where they live.
    Recorded from 2001 to 2003 at various studios in the U.S. and Canada, Auf der Maur's debut studio album Auf der Maur was released in February 2004 on Capitol Records.
    More Details Hide Details Produced with Chris Goss, Auf der Maur financed the recording sessions herself as she was not signed to a record label at the time of recording and during post-production, her budget ran out and she was unable to mix the album. She accepted a recording contract from Capitol soon afterwards and released Auf der Maur to "generally favorable reviews", according to Metacritic. The album's supporting singles—"Followed the Waves", "Real a Lie" and "Taste You"—were moderate successes in the United Kingdom, charting in the Top 40 of the UK Single Charts.
    In late 2001, upon discovering old demo recordings in her home, Auf der Maur decided to pursue a solo career after she had "realized she had an entire album's worth of material that had been sitting there for years".
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    Returning to Montreal in 2001 after the disbandment of The Smashing Pumpkins, Auf der Maur was unsure about whether or not to continue her music career.
    More Details Hide Details In an interview with Jam!, she said that her "relationship to music had become very army-oriented. I was a soldier, a hard worker who never got enough satisfaction from the music. I didn't know if I was going to make my own record".
  • 2000
    She performed at various shows, including the band's final television performance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and the band's final show at the Cabaret Metro in Chicago, Illinois on December 2, 2000, as well as appearing in the band's music videos.
    More Details Hide Details In February 2006, MTV reported that Corgan and drummer Jimmy Chamberlin had signed a new management deal with Azoff Management, with a spokesperson confirming they had signed under The Smashing Pumpkins moniker. In response, Auf der Maur said in a separate interview that "as long as Billy has Jimmy, he can make the essential Pumpkins record, I'm sure" and when asked of her involvement said she was not planning on participating in the reunion but noted that her "services are always there to play her favorite songs. If D'arcy is not available, I'm always happy to be second in line". Despite her earlier interest and Wretzky's absence, The Globe and Mail reported in April 2007 that Auf Der Maur confirmed she would not be rejoining The Smashing Pumpkins. In 2002, Auf der Maur formed a brief project with former Hole drummer Samantha Maloney, Peaches, Paz Lenchantin and Radio Sloan. Adopting the title The Chelsea—named after the Chelsea Hotel in New York where Auf der Maur had lived for a number of years—the band performed one show at Spaceland in Los Angeles, California in February that included original songs and cover versions. Featuring a cover version of Devos "Gates of Steel" and early renditions of songs Auf der Maur would feature on her debut studio album, the show was poorly received due to its "seeming lack of preparation" and "was little more than pleasantly mopey and blurry garage rock" according to a Variety review.
  • 1999
    Auf der Maur was featured on neither Machina/The Machines of God nor Machina II/The Friends & Enemies of Modern Music (2000) as Wretzky's remaining bass duties were assumed by Corgan during recording sessions, but played with the Pumpkins during the Machina tour from December 1999 to December 2000.
    More Details Hide Details The tour covered North America, Japan and Europe and was described by Auf der Maur as "very ambitious". Reflecting on the tour, she said: "they would always be changing arrangements and keys of songs. The work ethic of the Pumpkins is so full-on and so demanding … joining band was just intense work, much more about work than about emotional experience".
    In October 1999, Auf der Maur was recruited as her replacement by Billy Corgan, with whom she was still friends with from her time in Tinker and Hole. "Courtney knew I was leaving to make my solo project," she explained. "But then, coincidentally, the week that I left Hole was the week D'Arcy left the Pumpkins.
    More Details Hide Details So, within a week, Billy called me and said, 'The stars have aligned: it's time for you to join my band.' I had to do it."
    Following the tour in support of its release, Auf der Maur left Hole in October 1999 as her five-year contract with the band ended and she wished "to grow in many different directions".
    More Details Hide Details In June 2009, NME reported that Hole was reforming. Love claimed that Auf der Maur was rejoining as bassist to record on her upcoming album Nobody's Daughter—which was being rebranded as a Hole album—and performing on the supporting tour. Auf der Maur stated that she was "surprised and disappointed" by the announcement and had no intention of partaking in the reformed band.
    Following her departure from Hole in 1999, Auf der Maur briefly joined The Smashing Pumpkins as a touring member for its 2000 tour and began her solo career; her debut studio album, Auf der Maur, was released in 2004 on Capitol Records and her second studio album, Out of Our Minds, was released in 2010 on her own independent record label, PHI–MAdM Music Inc.
    More Details Hide Details Best known for her music career, Auf der Maur is also an established photographer and occasional actress. Her photographs have been featured in National Geographic and exhibited at Sotheby's. As an actress, she has appeared in How to Make the Cruelest Month (1998), Beyond Borders (2003) and Collaborator (2011) amongst other films. As part of her 2009 multidisciplinary project Out of Our Minds—which featured an album, a single, a film and a comic book—Auf der Maur acted as a film and record producer, working alongside her husband and filmmaker Tony Stone. Stone and Auf der Maur are the creative directors and owners of Basilica Hudson, an arts and performance center in Hudson, New York, United States. Auf der Maur has been regarded as one of alternative rock's most celebrated female musicians, with VH1 placing her at number 68 on its list of 100 Greatest Women of Rock & Roll and her solo albums receiving favorable acclaim. In addition to her contributions to Tinker, Hole and The Smashing Pumpkins, she has collaborated with a number of artists, including Indochine, Rufus Wainwright, Ric Ocasek and Neverending White Lights.
  • 1996
    Auf der Maur was featured on various Hole releases, including the 1996 non-album single "Gold Dust Woman" and on various live tracks on My Body, the Hand Grenade (1997).
    More Details Hide Details She was featured on the band's third studio album, Celebrity Skin (1998), performing bass and co-composing five of the 12 songs. Celebrity Skin was a major critical and commercial success; it charted at number 9 in the U.S. Billboard 200 albums chart and number 3 in the Canadian Albums Chart, as well its lead single and title track peaking at number 1 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart. It has since been certified platinum in both the U.S. and Canada.
  • 1994
    From 1994 to 1995, Auf der Maur toured worldwide with Hole in support of its second studio album, Live Through This (1994).
    More Details Hide Details On the tour, Auf der Maur was described by guitarist Eric Erlandson as "bringing sunshine to the band" during the "dark and grey" atmosphere of the tour, which was problematic due to the band's recent bereavements—notably the death of Pfaff and Love's husband Kurt Cobain—as well as Love's drug addiction. Auf der Maur befriended Patty Schemel and rented a house with her following the two-year-long tour. The duo began a side project, Constant Comment, and released a split 7" single with Red Aunts on Sympathy for the Record Industry featuring the song "Firecrasher". Auf der Maur has since said her friendship and musical compatibility between her and Schemel was based on a "redhead connection"; Schemel has referred to Auf der Maur as her "anchor" during the period following the death of Pfaff and Cobain.
    She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) at Concordia and was recruited as the bassist for Hole two weeks prior to its performance at the 1994 Reading Festival. "Lou Barlow and Evan Dando were watching from the side of the stage," she recalled. "I probably didn't even move.
    More Details Hide Details I just thought, 'As long as I get these parts right, it'll be just fine.'"
    The group disbanded in summer 1994 after Auf der Maur accepted Courtney Loves invitation to become the bassist for the alternative rock band Hole, a job she initially declined:
    More Details Hide Details But the great news is, you're going to join my friend Courtney's band. And that's when it all started… Within a week, I had every friend calling me saying, 'Are you crazy?' My father said, 'What do you mean? The big Pumpkin guy offered you a real job in music and you said no? By that time, Courtney got my phone number and said, 'What do you mean, you don't want to join my band? You're getting on a plane to Seattle tomorrow.' And I did. She and Patty came to pick me up at the airport, and she was very funny, very sweet. And she was very good to me from day one. Very welcoming. She had all these lesbian nannies and assistants. There was a really cool, tight clan of mothering, care-taking lesbians. Everyone was very nice.'"
  • 1993
    Corgan accepted her request and Tinker performed the largest show of their career, to 2,500 people, opening for The Smashing Pumpkins at Métropolis on November 30, 1993.
    More Details Hide Details Corgan, Auf der Maur recalled, "patted me on the back. He said, 'You're a really good bass player. You're going to be in my band one day.' It felt like a dream come true – exactly the kind of confidence boost I needed." Tinker had a brief recording career, releasing two 7" singles, "Realalie" and "Green Machine", on the independent record label Bear Records in 1994.
  • 1991
    At a Smashing Pumpkins performance at Les Foufounes Électriques in 1991, Auf der Maur had become friends with vocalist and guitarist Billy Corgan.
    More Details Hide Details During the performance, Auf der Maur's roommate heckled the band between songs and threw a beer bottle onstage while the band were performing, leading to "a strangling fist fight" between him and Corgan. Auf der Maur explained: Black Emperor, was there and he whispered, 'God, this guy has attitude. They're acting like they're playing an arena. And he then threw a bottle at Billy and shouted, 'Drop the fucking attitude!' Bill dived off the stage, put his hands around Bruce's neck, and they started fighting. I thought, 'Great. You just ruined the show.' I went up to Billy afterwards and said, 'I'd like to apologise on behalf of Montreal. You are my new favourite band.'" Auf der Maur and Corgan became pen pals. Following months of no contact, Auf der Maur sent a letter to Corgan requesting that Tinker open for The Smashing Pumpkins during their next tour date in Montreal.
  • 1979
    The couple divorced in 1979 after which Auf der Maur traveled worldwide with her mother.
    More Details Hide Details A portion of Auf der Maur's childhood was spent living in "a circus caravan in Wales, a red post-office box truck in Morocco, and a hut in Kenya" with her mother. During her time in Kenya, she contracted three bouts of malaria and returned to Montreal. In Montreal, Auf der Maur attended the Fine Arts Core Education (FACE) School and Moving in New Directions (MIND) High School—both of which are schools of alternative education. At FACE, she was a member of the classical choir and at MIND, she was "part of the small English elite", where she formed friendships with Leonard Cohens daughter Lorca and Rufus Wainwright. At school, she became interested in photography and subsequently attended Concordia University, from which she majored in photography in 1994. At Concordia at age 19, Auf der Maur began working part-time as a disc jockey at Bifteck, a well known rock club, where she met several musicians including Steve Durand.
  • 1978
    Auf der Maur and Gaboriau married in 1978 when Melissa was six years old.
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  • 1972
    Born on March 17, 1972.
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