Michael Madsen
American actor
Michael Madsen
Michael Søren Madsen is an American actor, poet, and photographer. He has appeared in more than 150 films, most of them small independent films, though he has starred in central roles in such films as Reservoir Dogs, Free Willy, Donnie Brasco, and Kill Bill, in addition to a supporting role in Sin City. Madsen is also credited with voice work in several video games, including Grand Theft Auto III, True Crime: Streets of L.A. and DRIV3R.
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Reasons to Hate 'The H8teful Eight'
Huffington Post - about 1 year
The H8teful Eight(The Weinstein Company) There are numerous reasons you should hate Quentin Tarantino's The H8teful Eight. The first is it is full of racist characters who use the N-word excessively. The second is it portrays brutality to women. The third is its excessive violence in general, and its blood-drenched scenes. Fourth, there are crude stories that roll off the lips of the characters. Yes, Tarantino pretty much says and does it all and wallows in the lack of political correctness. But then Tarantino is the Donald Trump of moviemakers. Political correctness does not attach itself to him. If other people had made this movie, they would have been drummed out of the Hollywood community. Quentin just gets stronger and stronger. He loves to shock and he loves the truth. If his story calls for nudity then the movie is going to have nudity. If it calls for blatant racism in its characters then those characters are going to be as racist as they can be. Whatever it takes to satis ...
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Huffington Post article
ReThink Review: The Hateful Eight</em> -- Reservoir Cowboys
Huffington Post - about 1 year
As its promotional material is fond of telling us, the Hateful Eight is only Quentin Tarantino's eighth film in his more than twenty-year career. However, few if any other filmmakers have had as much of an impact on film and television as Tarantino has. And his films are so distinct, singular, and uniquely Tarantino-esque in their use of dialogue, violence, and genre that they're in a category all their own, making it nearly impossible to compare his work to any other director's. Tarantino's films can only really be compared to each other, and the Hateful Eight serves as an excellent progress report for how Tarantino has and hasn't evolved as a filmmaker, since not only does it find Tarantino revisiting the themes and conventions that define his work, but also bears similarities to his 1992 film that started it all, Reservoir Dogs. Watch the trailer for the Hateful Eight below. The Hateful Eight takes place in the middle of a Wyoming blizzard sometime shortly after the Civil War. ...
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Huffington Post article
The Hateful Eight: Quentin Tarantino's Intriguing But Bloated Latest Film
Huffington Post - about 1 year
Warning: Spoilers ahead. I am usually a fan of Quentin Tarantino's films, in spite of a host of sometimes unnecessary violence, but I found The Hateful Eight to be a victim of the writer/director's prior success. He's an intriguing writer, who creates characters different from many we've seen and imbues them with personalities and fascinating incidental dialogue that gives three dimension to what they're all about. The problem with this film is that there is so much attention paid to each character and their interactions with each other that it becomes like an overwritten stage play, static where it should have been exciting. Almost every one of them appears to have an individual moment to assess one of the others, with the rest sitting idly by in the background until their turns come. This is not always the case, of course, but it slows the pacing down, not to mention the fact that we are well over an hour into the movie before the shit starts to hit the fan. Then, a little af ...
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Huffington Post article
Tarantino Rides Again: The 'Hateful Eight' Premieres
Huffington Post - about 1 year
The eight gunslingers in Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight really are hateful, so why do we like watching them so much, and so long -- 3-and-a-half hours -- give or take, including an overture and intermission. Not only can't you take your eyes off them, you want to catch every word of Quentin Tarantino's clever script. Utilizing the tropes of Westerns -- he claims The Good, the Bad and the Ugly was a big influence -- Tarantino's Western borders on horror, as the eight come together in a cabin in a snowstorm. Act I features a stagecoach: John Ruth (Kurt Russell), a bounty hunter, wants to bring his charge, Daisy Domergue (Jennifer Jason Leigh), to Red Rock for hanging, and for the reward. Another bounty hunter, Major Marquis Warren (Samuel L. Jackson), wants a ride. He wisely advises, better to bring her in dead. Driving past a Christ on the Cross, this company arrives at a storm hounded pit stop, and the rest of the bearded group: Bruce Dern, Tim Roth, Demian Bichir, Michael Madsen ...
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Huffington Post article
Channing Tatum Is Unrecognizable In The New ‘Hateful Eight’ Trailer
Huffington Post - over 1 year
When it comes to Channing Tatum, the Internet knows how to step up. After "The Hateful Eight" teaser trailer came out, everyone was miffed that we couldn't catch a glimpse of Tatum in the film, but now that a new trailer has come out, the mystery has been solved.  Ladies and gentlemen, here's your first look at Tatum in "The Hateful Eight." Tatum appears in a quick shot around the 1:30 mark. With the scarf in front of his face, you can't be 100 percent sure it's him, but we scanned one of those leaked copies of the script going around online. In those scripts, the character Tatum is playing -- according to IMDb -- is described as "dressed all in black" with a scarf in front of his face. He's also seen with three other men. Those characters are played by Demian Bichir, Michael Madsen and Tim Roth, who also appear to be in the scene.  If this is, in fact, Tatum, it's not actually our first look at him. Business Insider points out that some Tweeters caught it earl ...
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Huffington Post article
Provocative 'The Visit: An Alien Encounter' imagines a visit from outer space
LATimes - over 1 year
Danish director Michael Madsen (not to be confused with the American actor) builds his latest film around a what-if scenario — hardly an unusual strategy. Except that Madsen makes documentaries. As its narration states, "The Visit" (not to be confused with the M. Night Shyamalan feature) "documents...
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LATimes article
Here's Your First Look At The Cast Of 'The Hateful Eight'
Huffington Post - almost 2 years
Not much is known about Quentin Tarantino's latest venture, "The Hateful Eight," beyond the illustrated trailer from last year, but we do know it has something in common with a Eugene O'Neill play and "Reservoir Dogs." Luckily, this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly is all about the upcoming Tarantino film and features stars Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell and Jennifer Jason Leigh on the cover in their Western garb. "The Hateful Eight," which Tarantino almost scrapped after copies of his script leaked online last year, also stars Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, Walton Goggins, Bruce Dern and Demián Bichir. As far as what the movie is about, Taratino told EW that, like "Reservoir Dogs," it will feature "a bunch of guys in a room who can’t trust each other." The filmmaker said that it will also have a vibe similar to O'Neill's play "The Iceman Cometh," but Western-style. "The Hateful Eight" will also apparently have another epic Jackson monologue, which alone is enough to be excited f ...
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Huffington Post article
Quentin Tarantino's 'Hateful Eight' Could Happen After All (REPORT)
Huffington Post - about 3 years
Nearly two weeks after Quentin Tarantino told Deadline.com's Mike Fleming that he was going to shelve his new script, "The Hateful Eight," after it leaked online and throughout Hollywood, a new rumor claims the project could happen after all. That's the word from Jeff Sneider, a reporter for TheWrap, who used his Twitter account on Saturday to promulgate news of the possible "Hateful Eight" resurrection. RUMOR: THE HATEFUL EIGHT is back on, as sources tell ME that Quentin has reached out to Sam Jackson in the wk since he called off the movie. — Jeff Sneider (@TheInSneider) February 1, 2014 A representative for Samuel L. Jackson did not respond to MULTIPLE requests for comment over the last 4 days. Same goes for QT's reps at WME — Jeff Sneider (@TheInSneider) February 1, 2014 I am not allowed to officially report this, so I have decided to share it as a rumor w/ my loyal fans on Twitter. Stay tuned! #HatefulEight — Jeff Sneider (@TheInSneider) February 1, 2014 I'm tol ...
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Huffington Post article
Quentin Tarantino Rants Over "The Hateful Eight" Script Leak: "I Gave It to Six Motherf***ing People!"
US Magazine - about 3 years
Is someone going to fess up? Quentin Tarantino is fuming mad after the script for The Hateful Eight, an ensemble Western, was leaked -- and he's trying to find the culprit. "I'm very, very depressed," the Django Unchained director, 50, told Deadline on Tuesday, Jan. 21. "I finished a script, a first draft, and I didn't mean to shoot it until next winter, a year from now. I gave it to six people, and apparently it's gotten out today." PHOTOS: Biggest celebrity feuds ever Via the process of elimination, the Oscar-winning director and screenwriter is convinced that one of the six people he gave the script to is to blame. "I gave it to one of the producers on Django Unchained, Reggie Hudlin, and he let an agent come to his house and read it," Tarantino said. "That's a betrayal, but not crippling because the agent didn't end up with the script. There is an ugly maliciousness to the rest of it. I gave it to three actors: Michael Madsen, Bruce Dern, Tim Roth. The one I know didn't ...
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US Magazine article
"I’m in Love with a Church Girl": Israel Houghton’s Involvement in the Movie and Ja Rule’s Salvation
CBN - over 3 years
You ever meet someone and it feels like you've known that person for years? The comradery is just there and your lives align in a divinely-inspired way? That's essentially what happened when Grammy Award-winning worship artist Israel Houghton and filmmaker Galley Molina first met. "Our first conversation was about legacy… about what are we building for our children's children. And that spoke to me. That said, that's somebody thinking eternally," says Houghton. The result of that meeting, besides a budding friendship, was a new industry partnership. The first fruits include their new movie, I'm in Love with a Church Girl, which opens in theaters this Friday (Oct. 18th). I'm in Love with a Church Girl is inspired by Galley's real-life story about his drug-trafficking past and the events that led him to give God a chance. The film stars rapper and new believer Ja Rule, actors Stephen Baldwin and Michael Madsen, and Christian music artists TobyMac and T-Bone. Molina can claim o ...
Article Link:
CBN article
First look: Tough guys take over 'Skin Traffik' poster
USA Today - over 3 years
Upcoming action film features Mickey Rourke, Michael Madsen and British star Gary Daniels.
Article Link:
USA Today article
'I'm in Love With a Church Girl' Gives Ja Rule A Feature Film After His Release From Prison
Huffington Post - over 3 years
ATLANTA -- ATLANTA (AP) — Ja Rule, who recently spent nearly two years behind bars for illegal gun possession, landed a role in a new movie because screenwriter Galley Molina empathized with the rapper's missteps. "People used to ask, 'Well, you know he's a felon?' And I would say, 'Well, so am I,'" recalled Molina, a 44-year-old pastor who was locked up for five years for drug trafficking. "I know his heart. I know what type of dude he is and he was probably one of the most professional guys on the set." "I'm in Love With a Church Girl" will debut Oct. 18 in more than 280 theaters in the U.S. Ja Rule stars as a high-level drug dealer who struggles to leave his illegal lifestyle behind after getting into a serious relationship with a church-going woman played by Adrienne Bailon of Cheetah Girls and 3LW fame. Stephen Baldwin, "Sopranos" actor Vincent Pastore and Michael Madsen also appear in the movie. The film, which was produced by Molina and Grammy-winning Christian singer Israe ...
Article Link:
Huffington Post article
Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Michael Madsen
  • 2015
    Age 57
    In late 2015, Madsen collaborated once more with Quentin Tarantino in his mystery western The Hateful Eight.
    More Details Hide Details In 2002, Madsen was presented an award for his work with the Shriners Hospital for Children, and he gave his casting director friend Bruno Rosato a Porsche 928. In September 2009, Madsen announced his participation in the Love Ride 26 to help raise money for local charities and those less fortunate. Love Ride began in 1981 and has included celebrities Malcolm Forbes, Peter Fonda and Larry Hagman with musical entertainment from Robbie Krieger, David Crosby, Eric Burdon, Jackson Browne, Little Feat, Billy Idol, Bruce Springsteen, Dwight Yoakam, the Doobie Brothers, Sammy Hagar, Justin Bieber and others. The event was to have taken place on October 25, 2009 but was canceled two weeks before the event due to poor ticket sales and a decline in sponsorship and vendor support. Madsen has done several films with Daryl Hannah. They include Kill Bill, The Last Days of Frankie the Fly, Shannon's Rainbow, Vice, Eldorado, as well as the film Garbage, in which they play friends called Daryl and Michael. Hannah took part in the 2007 fictional documentary Being Michael Madsen.
  • 2014
    Age 56
    In August 2014, he starred in the Kill Bill-themed music video by Iggy Azalea for the song "Black Widow," featuring Rita Ora.
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    In February 2014, filming in Las Vegas was completed for the movie Death in the Desert, directed by Josh Evans and starring Madsen as casino mogul Ted Binion (named Ray in the film), Shayla Beesley as Sandra Murphy (played as Kim), Binion's live-in girlfriend, and Paz de la Huerta as Kim's friend Margo.
    More Details Hide Details The screenplay was written by John Steppling, based on the book Death in the Desert by crime writer Cathy Scott. The film premiered at the Tucson Film Festival on October 9, 2015. Distribution was scheduled for 2016 by Osiris Entertainment.
  • 2012
    Age 54
    On 5 January 2012, Madsen entered the Celebrity Big Brother house.
    More Details Hide Details He finished in 4th place in the final of Celebrity Big Brother.
  • 2010
    Age 52
    Madsen guest-starred in the final season of 24 in April 2010.
    More Details Hide Details He played Jim Ricker, an old friend of main character Jack Bauer. Let the Game Begin, opened in May 2010. The film also features Adam Rodriguez and Stephen Baldwin. Madsen played the lead role in the independent horror film Infected. He is one of the stars in the western thriller The Sorrow with Kirk Harris, John Savage, newcomer Ryan Ballance and Yvonne Delarosa.
  • 2009
    Age 51
    In September 2009, he filmed the comedy feature Magic Boys in England and Hungary, co-starring with Vinnie Jones, directed by Robert Koltai and written by screenwriter Ivo Marloh.
    More Details Hide Details The film was scheduled for general release in late 2012.
    Madsen went to Mexico City to co-star in the 2009 boxing film The Kid: Chamaco with Martin Sheen and Kirk Harris for director Miguel Necoechea.
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  • 2008
    Age 50
    In August 2008, Madsen co-starred in Coma, a Web series on Crackle.
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    In 2008, Madsen had a starring role as "The Gent" in Hell Ride, written and directed by Larry Bishop and executive produced by Tarantino.
    More Details Hide Details Madsen has been in television series, including the short-lived Vengeance Unlimited and as "Don Everest" in the poker-themed ESPN series Tilt. He was in Michael Jackson's 2001 music video "You Rock My World" and has provided voice work for several video games, including Grand Theft Auto III, True Crime: Streets of L.A. and DRIV3R. He provided voice work for the movie version of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe as Maugrim the wolf, captain of the White Witch's secret police. He also provides narration for Animal Planet and is heard in the PlayStation 2 game Yakuza, where he voices the role of Futo Shimano, the violent and unforgiving leader of a Yakuza family. Madsen played Sam Spade in Yuri Rasovsky's Grammy-nominated sonic dramatization of The Maltese Falcon, which also features Sandra Oh and Edward Herrmann.
  • 2007
    Age 49
    However, in 2007, because of the age of the actors and the onscreen deaths of both characters, Tarantino said the project (which he intended to call Double V Vega) was "kind of unlikely now".
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  • 2004
    Age 46
    In 2004, Tarantino discussed an idea for a movie starring Madsen and John Travolta as the The Vega Brothers.
    More Details Hide Details The film would have seen Madsen and Travolta reprising their roles as Vic (Mr. Blonde) from Reservoir Dogs and Vincent from Pulp Fiction.
  • 2003
    Age 45
    He was also in the film 44 Minutes: The North Hollywood Shoot-Out in 2003.
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  • 1984
    Age 26
    Soon after, Madsen was cast as a psychopathic gunman who took Mary Beth hostage in the Cagney and Lacey episode "Heat", which aired October 22, 1984.
    More Details Hide Details He moved to Los Angeles and appeared in other films, including as arrogant baseball player Bump Bailey in The Natural (1984), a deranged killer in Kill Me Again (1989), and as the tough but touching boyfriend of Susan Sarandon in Thelma & Louise (1991). Then came a memorable role as the razor-wielding, sadistic ex-con and jewel thief "Mr. Blonde" in the bloody Quentin Tarantino crime story Reservoir Dogs. The film brought Madsen attention among critics and fans. Madsen was then cast in a variety of major studio films, including Free Willy, Mulholland Falls, Wyatt Earp, Species and with Johnny Depp and Al Pacino in the critically acclaimed Donnie Brasco. He was unable to play the role of Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction as he couldn't get out of rehearsals for Wyatt Earp, which he had just decided to do. The role instead went to John Travolta, relaunching his career.
  • 1983
    Age 25
    That same year, he appeared in a bit part in Edward Zwick's 1983 television movie Special Bulletin.
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    He then played a small role in the studio picture WarGames in 1983.
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  • 1982
    Age 24
    In 1982, Madsen was cast by Edward McDougal for the lead in an independent film, Against All Hope, his first movie.
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  • 1957
    Born on September 25, 1957.
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