Michèle Renouf

Michèle Renouf

Born 1946

Michèle Suzanne, Lady Renouf, (born 1946) is an Australian-born advertising model, now a British national, and a lifelong international television commercials actress with a thirty year membership of British Actors Equity. She has become known in recent years for her defence of Holocaust deniers such as David Irving, Robert Faurisson, Bishop Richard Williamson, Germar Rudolf, Ernst Zündel, and Fredrick Töben in broadcasts and her Telling Films documentaries.… Read More

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1946 Birth Born in 1946.


1968 22 Years Old 1 More Event
Born Michèle Mainwaring, in childhood she became a ballet dancer and Member of the Royal Academy of Dancing; and a model, appearing in magazine advertisements and international television commercials. In her teens she became a beauty queen, winning several titles including Miss Newcastle & Hunter Valley 1968. … Read More
1970 24 Years Old Her first marriage in January 1970 was to Daniel Ivan-Zadeh, a consultant psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, and descendant of Russian nobility whose family had fled from the collapsing Russian Empire during the Bolshevik October Revolution in 1917, changing their surname on arrival in Persia. … Read More


1990 44 Years Old Her first marriage ended in a 1990 divorce, and in 1991 she married New Zealander Sir Francis Renouf, a merchant banker and former POW in a German camp, who had worked alongside Hermann Abs of the Deutsche Bank to reconstruct Germany's postwar banking system. … Read More
1991 45 Years Old 1 More Event
According to The Age, the marriage dissolved after a few months following articles which portrayed Lady Renouf as from humble origins in Australia (incorrectly suggesting that she had claimed noble origins herself, rather than as a courtesy title on account of her husband's heredity): "Their union collapsed in 1991 after only a few months, when Sir Frank reportedly discovered the then Countess Griaznoff was a truckie's daughter from The Entrance, on the NSW central coast and not a Russian noblewoman. … Read More


1997 - 2001 3 More Events
2002 56 Years Old …  This led to an unsuccessful effort to expel her from the Reform Club in September 2002, when she was defended by fellow Club member Bob Worcester.
2003 57 Years Old In May 2003 Renouf's critics succeeded in expelling her from the Club, after a critical article in the Independent on Sunday by Johann Hari - who at the time was taken as a reliable source, though he was discredited in 2011 after numerous allegations of plagiarism and faked interviews.
2005 59 Years Old After his arrest in Austria in 2005, Renouf organised financial support for David Irving's family, maintained his website and traveled with friends to Vienna to support Irving during his trial for denying the Holocaust, saying "I am here to see a freed Irving and a freed Austria from this totalitarian law Holocaust denial." … Read More


In November 2006 though, while Irving was in prison, the leadership of the far-right British National Party, prevented her from addressing its Croydon branch on Irving's situation as "her presence would put the BNP in a bad light". … Read More
2007 61 Years Old 1 More Event
During 2007-8 she appeared in televised debates with Stephen Sizer, Norman Finkelstein, former CIA station chief George Lambrakis, and Likud strategist Dmitry Shimelfarb as well as TV broadcasts with Dr. Christian Lindtner, Yaqub Zaki, Peter Rushton, Nicholas Kollerstrom, Moeen Yaseen, Riad Al-Taher, Mohammad Saeed Bahmanpour and Press TV's Between the Headlines. … Read More
In 2009, Renouf attended a European Parliament-sponsored conference in Brussels, titled "Denial and Democracy in Europe," where she gave an address.
2010 64 Years Old In January 2010, Renouf participated in a conference on the U.N. Security Council at the British House of Lords, which included former British ambassador Oliver Miles.
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