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American magic:The Gathering player
Mike Long
Michael Long is a former professional Magic: The Gathering card game player. He was a highly influential and controversial Pro Tour mainstay for a number of years in the late 1990s. Despite making four Pro Tour top eights and winning Pro Tour Paris in 1997, Long's legacy is the subject of much controversy due to allegations of cheating and unsportsmanlike behavior. In 2003, he began selling "MTG Secrets", a book and DVD guide on how to play Magic. More recently, Long founded Area51Marketing.
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If You Don't Like De Blasio, Run Against Him: An Open Letter to Andrew Cuomo
Huffington Post - about 1 year
"Nobody is unhappy when they get praised. Even if they know they don't deserve it and even if they don't believe it. The only unhappy people about praise is when that praise is going too much toward somebody else." -- MLK , Drum Major Instinct CUOMO FOR MAYOR (AN OPEN LETTER TO AMC) Dear Andrew, Well, here's another fine mess you got yourself into. I know it's been going on for some time but this war with Bill De Blasio is getting out of control. You've gone bonkers and resolved to "hit the mattresses" with Hizzoner. It's hand-to-hand combat with no end in sight. Even the Rev. Al Sharpton was unable to get the two of you to make nice at his annual MLK Day tribute to the Rev. Al Sharpton. (By the way, that's the same Sharpton who stood side by side with George Pataki two days before your dad's '94 surprise loss). Everyone I know seems to be scratching their head. They don't get it. After all, De Blasio, in spite of his hitherto lackluster tenure at Gracie, deep inside i ...
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Mike Lang: Valleys: Episode 2 -- "A Cruel Joke"
The Huffington Post - almost 4 years
Each cancer story begins with a diagnosis, but after that each individual's story ebbs and flows like the twists and turns of a mighty river. The participants are swept along, never knowing what they will encounter around the next bend. In Valleys, this metaphor is made literal. Read More... More on Video
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Limb rolls the years back
Boston Standard - over 4 years
Denis Limb rolled back the years to win the November Satbleford at Boston Golf Club on Sunday morning. His score of the 38 points was enough to win the Division One (0-12 handicap) section. He also saw off Neville A. Kemp in the overall standings. Results: Overall - Denis Limb (12) 38, 2 Neville A. Kemp (14) 36, 3 Trevor Newton (9) 36, 4 Mike Long (13) 35, 5 Dick Reed (14) 35. In the November Winter League, Rick Goy and Matthew Hoyland won round two (Texas scramble) with a score of 62.8 points, beating David Richardson & Glenn Tyler (63.5).
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Boston Standard article
McClellan Park signs four leases
The Business Journals - over 4 years
McClellan Business Park has signed another four leases totaling 54,000 square feet representing three business expansions and one newly formed company. The latest list of newcomers to the business park include satellite installation and service company DirecTV LLC, traffic control service company Traffic Management Inc., structural steel subcontractor Berger Steel Corp. and a small expansion by existing tenant Mike Long Construction. Add to that the 72,000 square feet recently leased at McClellan…
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Governor Wants to Give Prisoners Medicaid Benefits Upon Release
Bayside Patch - over 4 years
Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to sign thousands of convicts up for taxpayer-financed Medicaid, which they will receive once they leave prison, according to the New York Post. The proposal would have all inmates apply for the public health insurance while still incarcerated, according to state Department of Health officials. Those who meet the income requirements would be placed on Medicaid once they are released from prison. “It’s an extremely liberal approach to benefit prisoners. It shouldn’t be ‘Medicaid on demand.’ It gives the prisoners no incentive to get a job so they can get their own health insurance. This is unfair to the hardworking taxpayers of New York,” state Conservative Party chairman Mike Long told the Post. The DOH says that the program would help curb the spread of diseases contracted in prison. “The incidences of communicable and noncommunicable diseases tend to be higher in the prison population. It also prevents unnecessary spread of illness in th ...
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Boston Golf Club’s Michael Skinner claims Terry Norton Memorial Trophy on countback
Boston Standard - over 4 years
MICHAEL Skinner lifted the Terry Norton Memorial Trophy at Boston Golf Club this week. Sunday’s competition saw an improvement on last week’s greens, and the scores were better also. Skinner, playing off five, took the title as he scored 41 points, beating Mike Long on countback and edging out Brad Hawkins. Young Callum Bastock hit 40, as did Dave Carter. Results: 1 Michael Skinner (5) 41 points, 2 Mike Long(14) 41, 3 Brad Hawkins (9) 41, 4 Callum Bastock (20) 40, 5 Dave Carter (4). Also at Boston Golf Club, Colin Trestrail’s A Team secured home wins against Belton Park, Sleaford and Burghley Park. They have finished in mid-table and will retain their position in the top league next year. The B Team, after the disappointment of last year’s campaign, which resulted in relegation, have shown tremendous character and bounced right back. At the start of the season, captain Steve Hodgson impressed upon the team that a good start was essential and they took him seriously. They have ...
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Pycock, Tupper are in top spot
Boston Standard - over 4 years
LATEST Boston-area bridge results... RESULTS: June 25: 1 Brian Pycock & Richard Tupper 61.38%, 2 Pam Townsend & Alec Connell 61.01%, 3 Anne Isaac & Dorothy Howes 55.03%. June 22: 1 Richard & Charles Tupper 56.55%, 2 Pam Smith & Di Barclay 54.17%, 3 Laurie Gittins & Una Burkitt 53.57%. June 19: 1 Harry Brown & Mary Jackson 65.31%, 2 Jane & Mike Long 60.41%, 3 Di Barclay & Charles Tupper 57.39%. Boston Bridge Club June 27: 1 Janet Sharman & Katy Lishman 61.25%, 2= John Rainey & Eileen Busby, Lindy Mastenbroek-Andrew & Rita Knaggs 57.08%. June 20: 1 Janet Sharman & Katy Lishman 66.67%, 2= Wyn Marriott & Dorothy French, Harry Brown & Brian Roy 52.38%.
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Timby Fosters a good lead in open win
Boston Standard - over 4 years
NEIL Timby was in fine form to win the Fosters Open Day at Boston Golf Club this weekend. Playing off three he scored a great 41 points. Dave Carter finished as runner-up, just behind by one point. Best guest was Cliff Foster, scoring 37 points off 23 Results: 1 Neil Timby (3) 41pts, 2 Dave Carter (5) 40, 3 Peter McMunn (12) 39, 4 Cliff Foster (23) 37, 5 Glenn Tyler (11) 37, 6 Karl Pick (16) 36, 7 Peter Kelly (18) 36, 8 Simon Elkington (13) 36, 9 Amin Annous (12) 35, 10 Paul Selby (18) 35, 11 Craig Oliver (18) 35, 12 Terry Dawson (13) 34, 13 Denis Limb (13) 34, 14 Mike Long (14) 34, 15 M.R. Robinson (18) 34, 16 Lee Hallas (11) 34, 17 Michael Hobbs (12) 33, 18 Robert J. Whitley (5) 33, 19 Keith Vickers (13) 33, 20 Steve Hodgson (12) 32, 21 Neville A. Kemp (13) 32, 22 Craig Mercer (12) 32, 23 James Lavery (12) 31, 24 Jim Perkins (15) 31, 25 Graham Day (18) 30, 26 Mick Wood (15) 29, 27 Darren Gibbons (9) 29, 28 Brian Smith (18) 28, 29 Paul O’Connor (16) 28, 30 Pat Stocks (16) 28, 31 D ...
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Card sharps
Boston Standard - almost 5 years
LATEST results from Boston’s bridge clubs... Boston Bridge Club April 25: 1 Sally Hippisley & Louise Mitcham 63.10%, 2 Janet Sharman & Katy Lishman 60.42%, 3 Lindy Mastenbroek-Andrew & Rita Knaggs 57.74%. April 19: 1 Lindy Mastenbroek & Rita Knaggs 59.63%, 2 Jane & Mike Long 58.15%, 3 Di Barclay & Lesley Parker 51.85%. April 18: 1 Mavis Smith & Mary Jo Mangion 68.18%, 2 Richard Grant & John Rainey 60.98%, 3 Bob & Pat Don-Duncan 57.95%. Fenland Bridge Club April 20: 1 Jill King & Douglas King 68.75%, 2 Rita Knaggs & Richard Grant 59.38%, 3 Gill Baker & Eileen Hart 53.13%. April 23: 1 Katy Lishman & Janet Sharman 64.90%, 2 Brian Pycock & Richard Tupper 61.81%, 3 John Tilley & Tom Welch 58.44%.
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A Trip Back In Time - Ocean County Historical Society Goes Victorian
Point Pleasant Patch - almost 5 years
  The science of bee-keeping, the art of floral arranging and the necessity of soap-making are some of the skills on display at the Victorian Extravaganza at the Ocean County Historical Society on Saturday. The inaugural Victorian Extravaganza will run from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday at the society museum at 26 Hadley Avenue in Toms River. Chairperson Betsy Dudas said an all-day bee-keeping demonstration by the Uriah Creek Apiaries is planned. The society will also hold a plant sale featuring both indoor and outdoor plants. Beekeeper Mike Long plans to bring different sized beehives along with some specialized equipment to illustrate what's involved in getting honey from the bee. "Everyone knows you get honey from bees," he said. "But people aren't sure just how that happens. We use extracting equipment. It looks like a big washing tub." To see just how the honey is removed from the honeycomb, stop by on Saturday. “We’ll have nine local florists decorating ...
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Point Pleasant Patch article
Reprimand of School Superintendent Rejected
Attleboro Patch - almost 5 years
The Attleboro School Committee voted 5-3 on Monday to reject a proposal from Chairman Michael Tyler to reprimand Superintendent Pia Durkin for what he said was a violation of school district policy on contract negotiations. Durkin had recently rejected a proposal by the committee's executive board to eliminate a $10,000 payment toward her benefits package for the 2012-13 fiscal year. She made the rejection through letters sent to all nine committee members, rather than just the three executive board members. "She was trying to bargain her position with the full committee, which is against our current policy," Tyler said. The chairman said negotiations take place between the executive board and the superintendent. The full committee gets involved once an official contract proposal is up for a vote. Durkin said by writing to all committee members, she was following regular procedure that she communicate with the full committee on district issues. She and her attorney Mike Lon ...
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Attleboro Patch article
GCS boys, DC girls in 1st place
Delta Democrat Times - almost 5 years
CLARKSDALE — Mike Long won the shot put, and Haley Hobart won the long jump and triple jump to stake the Greenville Christian boys and Deer Creek girls to first-place leads at the MAIS 2-A track meet
Article Link:
Delta Democrat Times article
Perry's meetings with Trump Lauder Singer - Politico
Google News - over 5 years
Rick Perry has spent the past two days in New York pressing the flesh with Donald Trump, New York State Conservative Party chairman Mike Long and a host of Jewish leaders, according to sources familiar with the meetings. After a dinner with Trump at a
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Google News article
After Weprin Loss, Queens Democratic Party Faces Hard Questions - City Hall
Google News - over 5 years
They are very skillful campaigners,” agreed Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long. “This is about the people who rose up and said enough.” Yet within Democratic circles, Republican Bob Turner's surprise 8-point victory over Assemblyman David Weprin was
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Google News article
Youth soccer: Meador earns STYSA honor - Houston Chronicle
Google News - over 5 years
On the left is HYSA President, Mike Long. On Meador's right is Chris Delay of the Eclipse Soccer Club. Photo: COURTESY STYSA / HC When it came to naming the Adidas Girls Coach of the Year for the South Texas Youth Soccer Association (STYSA),
Article Link:
Google News article
Student Loans Earn More Than Interest - Credit Union Times
Google News - over 5 years
“Student lending is a very unique process because the loans have to be certified with the school and sent electronically, and it's difficult for credit unions to make all those connections on their own,” said Mike Long, executive vice president and
Article Link:
Google News article
Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Mike Long
  • 2005
    Age 31
    In 2005, former organizer Mark Rosewater nominated Long for the Hall of Fame.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2000
    Age 26
    During the US Nationals Draft Challenge held at United States Nationals in 2000, Long was disqualified without prize and given a one-month suspension for presenting a deck that was not sufficiently randomized.
    More Details Hide Details The controversy over Long's place in game history and Long's response are featured in the documentary I Came to Game (2014).
    During the Pro Tour Los Angeles in 2000, Long had been given a warning for improperly shuffling his deck.
    More Details Hide Details Darwin Kastle made a further error when he cut Long's deck instead of shuffling.
  • 1998
    Age 24
    At the 1998 U.S. Nationals, there was controversy when a key card was found on Long's chair during a game.
    More Details Hide Details The head judge issued a match loss to Long, who went on to finish second in the tournament. Long won that year's Magic Invitational. The award was the chance to create a new card and inclusion in the card's art. That card,, was printed in the Nemesis set. By his retirement, Long had won a Pro Tour, a Grand Prix, and an Invitational and held the record for being on the most winning national teams and was in the top lifetime money winners. Long's legacy also included one of the first player teams, created while he was still in college. He was responsible for several technical innovations; he designed a Vintage format combo deck, named "Long.dec" for him, that used to fetch out of the sideboard and set up a kill with. Subsequent Vintage combo decks that use tutoring to set up a Tendrils kill have retained the name although the original deck was rendered unplayable by restrictions.
  • 1996
    Age 22
    Long's first individual tournament win was at the Paris Pro Tour during the Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour season 1996–97.
    More Details Hide Details During the Paris tournament, Long debuted a "combination deck" called Prosperous Bloom that was notably the first successful combination deck in tournament-level play. During the last game of the finals, Long was playing against Mark Justice and faced losing when Mark played Coercion to find out Mike was holding the only Drain Life in his deck (and his only way to win). Despite this, Mark pulled Cadaverous Bloom instead, thinking Mike could get the Drain Life back with Elven Cache if allowed to generate the "cadaverous mana" for a large Prosperity. Little did he know Mike had sideboarded them out (as he pointed out before draining Mark's life for a total of 44 points).
  • 1995
    Age 21
    He began competing at Magic: The Gathering tournaments in 1995.
    More Details Hide Details After graduation, Long owned a game store called "The End" in Charlottesville and wrote strategy articles in addition to working on the professional tour. He began using internet marketing for both his strategy articles and for card sales. It was later discovered that he cheated to win many Magic: the Gathering events. Magic: The Gathering was released in 1993 and a Pro Tour launched the following year. Long proved to be an early celebrity champion known for his aggressive persona.
  • 1974
    Age 0
    Born in 1974.
    More Details Hide Details
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