Musa Bin Shamsher

Musa Bin Shamsher

Born Oct 15, 1950

Dr. Moosa Bin Shamsher is a Bangladeshi business mogul who is often credited as the father of the Manpower Export industry in Bangladesh, and has also achieved notoriety for purportedly being a prominent name in the international weapons industry during the 1970s and the 1980s. He is renowned for his largess and his philanthropic activities.… Read More


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1950 Birth Born on October 15, 1950.


1974 23 Years Old Dr. Moosa entered into commerce at a very young age, soon after the birth of Bangladesh as a new independent nation. He established the first enterprise of the DATCO conglomerate in 1974, with commodity trading under the auspices of the then socialist government of the Awami League.Fayaz … Read More


1997 46 Years Old During the UK 1997 general election it was reported that Dr. Moosa offered the Labour Party and Tony Blair ₤5 million as campaign donation. … Read More