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About North Dakota Court Records

North Dakota is a wide open state with courtrooms strewn far and wide. With over half-a-dozen federal courthouses located right in North Dakota, it’s easy to see how the state’s court records system has taken so long to be made accessible. Thanks to the internet, all of North Dakota’s court records are now available to you with a few clicks of a button! Whether you want to find out about someone’s possession charge in Bismarck or you need to know more about your own court filings, check out North Dakota’s court records for the details you lack. From marriage licenses to bankruptcies to criminal proceedings, all ND court records are online and waiting to be accessed. What are you looking for?

{"From the U.S. Courthouse in Fargo to the Sickle Federal Building in Minot, every court in North Dakota accesses the same court records database. It’s easy to find the information you need using just a court date, a court location, or even a person’s name from the comfort of your own home. Court records can be useful for a variety of reasons"=>"to check your own state history, to find out more about a new friend, or even to research a loved one. Whatever your reason, you have a right to know what goes on inside North Dakota’s courthouses, which is why that information is available to you online. Never before has it been so easy to look up all the details pertaining to a court case in North Dakota."}

North Dakota Court House Records

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