Nancy Reagan

Nancy Reagan

Former First Lady of the United States

Nancy Davis Reagan is the widow of the 40th President of the United States, Ronald Reagan and was First Lady of the United States from 1981 to 1989. Nancy was born in New York City; her parents divorced soon after her birth and she grew up in Maryland, living with an aunt and uncle while her mother pursued acting jobs.… Read More

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1921 Birth Born on July 6, 1921.
1928 6 Years Old Her parents separated soon after her birth and were divorced in 1928. … Read More
She was born in New York City. After her parents separated, she lived in Maryland with an aunt and uncle for some years. She moved to Chicago when her mother remarried in 1929, and later took the name Davis from her stepfather. … Read More


1935 13 Years Old He formally adopted her in 1935, and she would always refer to him as her father. … Read More
1939 18 Years Old She attended the Girls' Latin School of Chicago (describing herself as an average student), graduated in 1939, and later attended Smith College in Massachusetts, where she majored in English and drama, and graduated in 1943. … Read More


1945 24 Years Old She first gained a part in Pitts' 1945 road tour of Ramshackle Inn, moving to New York City.
1946 25 Years Old She landed the role of Si-Tchun, a lady-in-waiting, in the 1946 Broadway musical about the Orient, Lute Song, starring Mary Martin and a pre-stardom Yul Brynner. … Read More
After passing a screen test, she moved to California and signed a seven-year contract with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. MGM) in 1949; she later remarked, "Joining Metro was like walking into a dream world." … Read More


In 1952, she married Ronald Reagan, who was then president of the Screen Actors Guild. … Read More
1958 37 Years Old Their son, Ronald Prescott Reagan alias Ron Reagan, was born six years later on May 20, 1958. … Read More


1967 46 Years Old 1 More Event
…  She first attracted controversy early in 1967, when, after four months' residence in the California Governor's Mansion in Sacramento, she moved her family into a wealthy suburb, because fire officials had labeled the mansion as a "firetrap." … Read More


1975 54 Years Old 1 More Event
The new residence was finished just as Ronald Reagan left office in 1975, but his successor, Jerry Brown, refused to live there. … Read More
1976 55 Years Old Though he lost the 1976 Republican nomination, Ronald Reagan ran again for the presidency in 1980, and succeeded in winning the nomination and election. … Read More


Reagan became First Lady of the United States in January 1981, following her husband's victory in the 1980 presidential election. … Read More
Though her elegant fashions and wardrobe were hailed as a "glamorous paragon of chic", they were also controversial subjects. In 1982, she revealed that she had accepted thousands of dollars in clothing, jewelry, and other gifts, but defended her actions by stating that she had borrowed the clothes, and that they would either be returned or donated to museums, and that she was promoting the American fashion industry. … Read More
1985 - 1986 2 More Events
…  Regan wanted President Reagan to address the Iran-Contra matter in early 1987 by means of a press conference, though Reagan refused to allow her husband to overexert himself due to a recent prostate surgery and astrological warnings.
1988 - 2007 17 More Events
Reagan hosted two 2008 Republican presidential debates at the Reagan Presidential Library, the first in May 2007 and the second in January 2008. … Read More
In January 2009, Reagan was said to be "improving every day and starting to get out more and more."
2011 90 Years Old She attended the funeral of Betty Ford in Rancho Mirage, California, on July 12, 2011.
Reagan hosted a 2012 Republican presidential debate at the Reagan Presidential Library on September 7, 2011.
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