Noah Wyle
American actor
Noah Wyle
Noah Strausser Speer Wyle is an American film, television and theatre actor. He is best known for his roles as Dr. John Carter in ER and as Tom Mason in Falling Skies. He has also played Steve Jobs in the 1999 docudrama Pirates of Silicon Valley, Dr. Kenneth Monnitoff in the cult hit Donnie Darko, and Flynn Carsen in The Librarian franchise. Wyle was named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People by People magazine in 2001.
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A Brief History Of Steve Jobs In Film
Huffington Post - over 1 year
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Apple co-founder Steve Jobs became renowned for conjuring a "reality distortion field" that made people believe whatever he wanted. If he were still around, it's easy to imagine that Jobs would be summoning all his powers of persuasion to protect a legacy that's getting muddied with each cinematic take on his fascinating life. "Steve Jobs," which opened Friday, is the latest movie to examine a charismatic visionary who mesmerized the masses with his trendsetting gadgets while alienating his subordinates and friends with an almost-inhumane cruel streak. It's the second movie about a Silicon Valley icon written by Aaron Sorkin, who won an Academy Award in 2011 for "The Social Network," a dramatization of the friends and enemies that Mark Zuckerberg made while building Facebook into an Internet power. Zuckerberg, now 31, ridiculed that movie as mostly fiction and publicly lamented, "I just wished that nobody made a movie of me while I was still alive." ...
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Ask Matt: Mom & Laugh Tracks, Dexter and Broadchurch Finales
Seattle Pi - over 3 years
Why do sitcoms insist on using these horrible laugh tracks still? I found it so distracting it took away from any viewing pleasure. Funny you bring this up, as I was recently chastised by a star/producer for disparaging a show's "laugh track," reminded in no uncertain terms that shows like these are filmed in front of a live studio audience. Look at the ratings for The Big Bang Theory, the best current practitioner of this most classic form of TV comedy, from the same producer of Mom and with the same screaming soundtrack. Many of these shows are more theatrical in feel and joke-driven, but I laugh out loud just as often watching filmed comedies like The Middle, Modern Family, early-year 30 Rock and the parts of Parks and Recreation that don't involve Tom Haverford. While I understand the audience (not always canned) laughter is a deal-breaker for some, it's a part of TV tradition and history that I acknowledge and honor, when the show lives up to it. During the final two seaso ...
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Ill Communication
The Portland Mercury - over 3 years
Jobs is like if The Social Network somehow received a traumatic head injury. by Paul Constant THERE ARE TWO very distinct sides of Steve Jobs that any actor needs to understand before they can begin to get the man right. The first side is the salesman, the showman, the unctuous Stan-Lee-meets-Thomas-Edison hyperbolic charmer who can show you a hunk of plastic and glass and make you believe it can turn you into a better person. The second side is the genius who can take very complex computer-science concepts and translate them into something that the average American can understand. In the new biopic Jobs, Ashton Kutcher manages to nail one side of the Apple co-founder: He's a gifted con artist who sells himself as a willful visionary, and his aggressive desire to rope his marks into outlandish schemes (say, turning a garage-based startup into a fully functioning computer manufacturer) never come across as mean-spirited. But Kutcher can't convin ...
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1990 Things From The 90s (Seriously)
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It's been more than a decade since the 1990s ended, yet the Internet can't seem to go a day without a reminder of the neon slap bracelets that may have been banned from your school. Yes, we get it. Times are tough and there's comfort in reflection, but enough is enough. Below, a final goodbye to the 90s to end the nostalgia once and for all. (We're not kidding. There are 1990 items below.) 1. Scrunchies 2. "The Wild Thornberries" 3. Dawson and Joey 4. "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" 5. Mr. Feeny 7. MTV playing music videos 8. Snick 9. The premiere of "Freaks and Geeks" 10. Levar Burton 11. "Daria" 12. "Arthur" 13. "The Powerpuff Girls" 14. "Smart Guy" 15. Comedy Central globe logo with buildings 16. "The X-Files" 17. Rosie O'Donnell 18. Bill Nye 19. "Dawson's Creek" 20. The Mighty Ducks" 21. "Are You Afraid of the Dark" 22. Cornholio 23. Rachel Green 24. Tim Allen 25. "All That" 26. "Beverl ...
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Funny or Die: Try fake brownies
CNN - over 3 years
Noah Wyle explains why Blu-nies are a "smarter alternative" to brownies. For more go to
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'Falling Skies' Renewed for Season 4 by TNT
Yahoo News - over 3 years
By Tim Kenneally LOS ANGELES ( - "Falling Skies" has a rising episode count at TNT. The network as renewed the drama, which stars "ER" alum Noah Wyle, for a fourth season, TNT said Tuesday. The 10-episode fourth season is slated to launch next summer. The series, which is executive produced by Steven Spielberg and premiered in June 2011, is currently in its third season, which premiered in June. So far the third season has averaged 5.8 million total viewers in Live+7 ratings, up slightly from the 5.6 million that the previous season averaged. ...
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Mark Rubinstein: A Talk with Scott Pratt
Huffington Post - over 3 years
Scott Pratt is the author of the best-selling legal thrillers featuring his protagonist, attorney Joe Dillard. Scott has a B.A. in English and a Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University Of Tennessee. He practiced primarily criminal defense law over a period of years before he began writing. His latest novel, Conflict of Interest, was released recently. The Joe Dillard series is comprised of five books. Dillard's worked as a criminal defense attorney and a prosecutor -- both sides of the aisle. How come? Does this reflect your ambivalence regarding the law? I did a great deal of criminal defense law, and worked closely with people in the prosecutor's office. My experience has been that prosecutors wanted to win once a case was filed and it got in front of a Grand Jury. It really became much more about winning than about the notion of justice. It was a competition. It's a human experience and everyone in court is competitive, especially those who are drawn to that kind of ...
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Noah Wyle gets a workout on 'Falling Skies'
Fox News - over 3 years
Third season of sci-fi drama under way
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'Falling Skies' Star Noah Wyle Teases an 'Amped Up' Season 3
Yahoo News - over 3 years
By Jethro Nededog LOS ANGELES ( - When TNT's "Falling Skies" returns for its third season on Sunday, viewers will find that the series has embraced its science fiction elements more than it has ever had before. "We initiated a lot of very big storylines, a lot of them very science fiction-heavy storylines," star and executive producer Noah Wyle told TheWrap. "And while I had a little trepidation that we were biting off more than we can chew, through great diligence and attention to detail I think we carved out our best season ever," he continued. Note: Spoilers ahead. ...
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Weekend TV Playlist: Falling Skies, Thrones Finale, Tonys - Bent County Democrat
Google News - over 3 years
Sydney Morning Herald Weekend TV Playlist: Falling Skies, Thrones Finale, Tonys Bent County Democrat There's a lot of catching up to do as the third season of TNT's alien-invasion sci-fi action series Falling Skies gets underway Sunday, with a two-hour opener (9/8c) understandably if regrettably heavy on exposition in between the elaborate battle scenes. Caption Scenes from 'Falling Skies' Season 3Access Hollywood 'Falling Skies': Noah Wyle teases mysteries of season 3 -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEOEntertainment Weekly 'Falling Skies,' TNT's alien-invasion thriller starring Noah Wyle, returns for third ...New York Daily News TVLine all 201 news articles »
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Jason Apuzzo: A Look Behind Steven Spielberg's Falling Skies, One of The Best Sci-Fi Shows in Years
The Huffington Post - over 3 years
Steven Spielberg's Falling Skies has unexpectedly become one of the best sci-fi TV shows in years -- a dark, gritty and emotional look at an American society struggling to survive after an apocalyptic alien invasion. The show's third season debuts on TNT this Sunday, June 9th, one week before Father's Day, which is appropriate, given the show's focus on fathers and their responsibility toward their children. The series has already been a ratings bonanza for TNT -- Falling Skies was last summer's top-rated drama on basic cable -- and having seen the first five episodes of the upcoming season, we can tell you that Season 3 looks to be an even bigger hit. So why would the success of Falling Skies be unexpected, especially given the involvement of executive producer Steven Spielberg and series creator Robert Rodat (Saving Private Ryan)? Possibly because when the show first debuted in the summer of 2011 - the long, hot sci-fi summer that gave us Transformers: Dark of ...
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What To Watch This Memorial Day Weekend
Huffington Post - almost 4 years
Whether you need a break from the sun, the relatives or the traffic this Memorial Day weekend, your trusty TV has the escape you crave, with a number of marathons and specials and premieres to fill your time off. We've rounded up some of the highlights from the next three days if you feel like riding the couch, including everything from "Arrested Development" to "Veronica Mars." (Note: All times ET/PT. Listed marathon start and end times include first airings of each episode, not episodes that are repeated over the course of the marathon -- we figured you don't want to watch the same thing twice!) SATURDAY, MAY 25 The Elvis Collection (5 a.m. to 5:05 a.m. Sunday, Encore) Revisit 14 of The King's cinematic hits from "Blue Hawaii" through to "This is Elvis," with classics like "Jailhouse Rock" and "Viva Las Vegas" thrown in for good measure. "Arrested Development" (6 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. Sunday, IFC) Prepare for the triumphant Netflix return of the Bluths with a mar ...
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'Falling Skies' Star Noah Wyle on Showrunner's Departure: 'It's a Tough One'
Yahoo News - almost 4 years
By Jethro Nededog LOS ANGELES ( - It came as a surprise to the "Falling Skies" fandom (and some within TNT) when news that the series' showrunner, Remi Aubuchon, had resigned ahead of Season 3's June 9 premiere date. Aubuchon decided to leave the show after two seasons to pursue his dream of writing a science fiction novel - something that he would be unable to do while on the very challenging show. "This is a very difficult show to work on," Aubuchon admitted to TheWrap. "And the truth is I did feel burnt out after this season. ...
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Yahoo News article
Guess Who's Playing Tessa's Mom On 'Suburgatory'?
Popeater - over 4 years
Malin Akerman's heading to Chatswin! According to TVLine, the actress will play Tessa's (Jane Levy) estranged mother Alex, described as a free-spirited singer/songwriter, on Season 2 of "Suburgatory." “I’m a huge, nerdy fan [of Malin's] and this was an extensive search for the right actress to play such a pivotal role in our show,” series creator Emily Kapnek said. “It turned out to be well worth the wait. She’s funny, gorgeous and incredibly charismatic, and I know her chemistry with Jeremy Sisto and Jane Levy is going to be off the charts. Malin is a comedy writer’s dream, both beautiful and comedically fearless. I’m over the moon about her agreeing to play Alex.” Known mostly for her films, Akerman's other TV appearances include "Childrens Hospital" and "How I Met Your Mother." In other casting news... There's going to be an "ER" reunion on "Falling Skies." "ER" alumna Gloria Reunion will reunite with Noah Wyle for a five-episode arc on Season 3 of the TNT ...
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Popeater article
Celebrity Collector: Tanna Frederick
The Huffington Post - over 4 years
What do surfing, acting and collecting have in common? They are all important aspects of Tanna Frederick's life. Frederick has been cast in numerous films since her big screen debut in 2003 with leading men such as Noah Wyle, Michael Imperioli and recently Judd Nelson. When she isn't rehearsing her lines she is scouting shops and the Internet looking for vintage jewelry. And not just ANY brand will do. Frederick is addicted to Chanel. And let's be honest, what woman isn't? More...
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Lawrence of Arabia Restored for 50th Anniversary
US Magazine - over 4 years
Lawrence of Arabia is returning to the big screen! The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences celebrated the 50th anniversary of Columbia Pictures' 1962 film on Thursday with a special screening at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills. PHOTOS: Summer TV preview The classic film, starring Peter O'Toole, will return to the big screen in a digitally-restored version of the Director's Cut on Oct. 4. The restored version was shown in May at the Cannes film festival, and the Academy continued the celebration this week. PHOTOS: Best and worst movie remakes Grover Crisp, EVP of Asset Management, Film Restoration and Digital Mastering for Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Chris Cookson, President of Sony Pictures Technologies, attended the event. And ER actors Eriq La Salle and Noah Wyle were also guests at the special screening. PHOTOS: 2012's best Oscar parties In addition to returning to theaters, Lawrence of Arabia will be available in a Blu-ray collec ...
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Summer's Hottest TV Actors
Popeater - over 4 years
Though many shows have signed off for the summer, TV is still heating up with new series and returning ones to keep us entertained. And with the Summer 2012 TV line-up, comes some very steamy stars. We've taken a look at the 20 hottest actresses on TV this summer, and now it's time for their male counterparts. From those we've loved for decades (Noah Wyle of "ER" and now, "Falling Skies") to those we're seeing in a new light (new "True Blood" cast member Christopher Meloni) to guys who lay down the law (like Gabriel Macht of "Suits") and to the many more who break it (i.e. Matt Bomer of "White Collar," Hunter Parrish of "Weeds" and Aaron Paul of "Breaking Bad"), check out the 20 hottest actors on TV this summer in the slideshow below.
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Popeater article
Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Noah Wyle
  • 2015
    Age 43
    Their daughter Frances Harper Wyle was born on June 22, 2015.
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  • 2014
    Age 42
    Wyle married Sara Wells in June 2014 in California.
    More Details Hide Details The couple met in 2011 during a production at The Blank Theatre Company.
  • 2012
    Age 40
    In 2012, Wyle supported the disability rights group ADAPT.
    More Details Hide Details On April 23, he was arrested during a protest on Capitol Hill to fight against Medicaid cuts for the elderly and people with disabilities.
  • 2009
    Age 37
    In 2009, Wyle became a spokesperson for the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), claiming that polar bears are "hanging on by a thread" and "may be extinct in our children's lifetime, due to the effects of climate change."
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    Wyle and Warbin separated in 2009 and divorced in 2010.
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  • 2004
    Age 32
    Wyle was the spokesperson for The Cover the Uninsured campaign in 2004, which had as Honorary Co-Chairs former Presidents Gerald R. Ford and Jimmy Carter.
    More Details Hide Details The Cover the Uninsured Week is annually held in the United States of America and focuses attention on the nearly 44 million Americans who go without health care coverage. The campaign includes several events among different communities, health and enrollment fairs, press conferences, and business seminars all over the U.S. Additionally, Wyle is a supporter of animal rights and a spokesman for the World Wildlife Fund, dedicated to protecting and conserving wildlife for future generations.
  • 2000
    Age 28
    Noah met his first wife, make-up artist Tracy Warbin, on the set of The Myth of Fingerprints. They married in 2000 and have a son, Owen Strausser Speer Wyle (born November 9, 2002), and a daughter, Auden Wyle (born October 15, 2005).
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  • 1999
    Age 27
    It was a practical joke on the audience, engineered by Jobs and Wyle in light of the 1999 TNT film, Pirates of Silicon Valley.
    More Details Hide Details Wyle devotes much of his free time to the international non-profit organization Doctors of the World and to his work as a member of the Human Rights Watch Council. Wyle also serves as the voluntary artistic producer of the Blank Theatre Company in Hollywood, which stages an annual young playwrights festival and whose alumni include Ed Asner, Sarah Michelle Gellar, D. B. Sweeney, James Kerwin, Amber Benson, Megan Henning, Travis Schuldt, Warren Davis, Grant Show, and Nicholas Brendon. He also recently acquired Second Stage Theater (Los Angeles) in Hollywood, where the company has mounted numerous successful productions.
    Wyle opened the 1999 NY Macworld Expo keynote, initially posing as Apple Inc.
    More Details Hide Details 's Steve Jobs.
  • 1995
    Age 23
    Along with his film and television career, Wyle is also Artistic Producer of The Blank Theatre Company located in Hollywood, California. With the company, he has appeared on stage in the 1995 production of The 24th Day with Peter Berg, The Who (as part of the company's Young Playwrights Festival), and Lobster Alice, opposite Nicholas Brendon, where he played the surrealist painter Salvador Dalí.
    More Details Hide Details For his work as one of the producers of 2005 Los Angeles Production of Michael John LaChiusa's The Wild Party, he won an NAACP Theatre Award. Wyle starred as the lead in TNT's sci-fi series Falling Skies. Wyle plays Tom Mason, a former Boston University history professor who becomes the second-in-command of the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment, a group of civilians and fighters fleeing post-apocalyptic Boston while fighting aliens who have wiped out 90% of humanity. He is also the father of three boys, one of whom is captured by the aliens. Wyle's performance earned him BuddyTV's #91 position on its list of "TV's Sexiest Men of 2011".
  • 1993
    Age 21
    In 1993 he worked in another feature, There Goes My Baby.
    More Details Hide Details After appearing in several local plays in Los Angeles, he was cast in the box-office hit A Few Good Men, in which he played a Marine jeep driver who testified in court. He also appeared in the feature Swing Kids as Emil Lutz, a leader in the Hitler Youth, and in the independent movie The Myth of Fingerprints with Roy Scheider, Blythe Danner, and Julianne Moore. Additionally, he starred as Lancelot opposite Sheryl Lee in the Television movie Guinevere. Recently, Wyle starred in the original film The Librarian: Quest for the Spear with Sonya Walger and in its sequel The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines opposite Gabrielle Anwar and in the third part of the series The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice alongside Stana Katic. His other work has included a critically acclaimed turn as Steve Jobs in the Emmy-nominated Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999). Steve Jobs was so impressed with the performance that he invited Wyle to step on stage as him at the opening of his annual speech at the Apple convention. He has also appeared in several feature films, including White Oleander opposite Renée Zellweger, Enough opposite Jennifer Lopez, the independent feature Donnie Darko, as the President's interpreter in the 2000 live-television production of Fail Safe, and in the independent film The Californians.
  • 1990
    Age 18
    His later parts were a mini-series and featuring in the movie Crooked Hearts (1991) in 1990.
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  • 1989
    Age 17
    Wyle was educated at The Thacher School in Ojai, California, and graduated with the class of 1989.
    More Details Hide Details Wyle participated in a Theatre Arts program at Northwestern University after his junior year of high school and appeared in high school plays, even winning an award for a play he wrote. After graduation, he studied with acting teacher Larry Moss while living in a small apartment on Hollywood Boulevard. Wyle’s big break came when he was given the pilot script for ER and was cast as medical student John Carter. He was the youngest member when he joined the cast. Wyle was the only major cast member of ER to have been with the show since its inception (1994) when he left after its eleventh season (2005). His performances on the show earned him Emmy Award nominations in each of its first five seasons. As part of an ensemble he was nominated several times for the Screen Actors Guild Award, he was recognized with three Golden Globe nominations as Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television and won the 2001 TV Guide Award for Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. Wyle left the series at the end of the eleventh season, although he returned in guest appearances for a four-episode arc during the twelfth season. He stated that he left because he wanted to spend more time with his family and friends and to make room for the upcoming generation. However, in 2009, Wyle returned to ER during its fifteenth and final season for five episodes, including the series finale.
  • 1971
    Born on June 4, 1971.
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