Nuño de Guzmán

Nuño de Guzmán

Born 1490
Died 1558

Nu%C3%B1o Beltr%C3%A1n de Guzm%C3%A1n or sometimes Nu%C3%B1o de Guzm%C3%A1n was a Spanish conquistador and colonial administrator in New Spain. He was Governor of the province of P%C3%A1nuco from 1525%E2%80%931533, and of Nueva Galicia from 1529%E2%80%931534, President of the first Audiencia from 1528-30. He founded several cities in Northwestern Mexico, including Guadalajara.… Read More

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1490 Birth Born in 1490.


1522 32 Years Old For a while he served as one of 100 royal bodyguards of Carlos V, and he accompanied the Emperor on a trip to Flanders in 1522, and undertook sensitive diplomatic missions. … Read More
1525 35 Years Old 1 More Event
…  He was Governor of the province of Pánuco from 1525–1533, and of Nueva Galicia from 1529–1534, President of the first Audiencia from 1528-30. … Read More
1526 36 Years Old He traveled with Luís Ponce de Leon and arrived in Hispaniola in 1526, but here he fell sick and did not arrive in Mexico until May 1527, immediately assuming his post. … Read More
1528 38 Years Old As governor Guzmán also instituted a system of slave trade in Pánuco. During a raid along Río de Las Palmas in 1528 he allowed every mounted soldier to take 20 slaves and each foot soldier 15.
In 1529 he gave out individual slaving permissions amounting to more than 1000 slaves. … Read More


1530 40 Years Old In 1530, upon Hernán Cortés' return to New Spain, Guzmán was removed from the office of President of the Audiencia and instead appointed governor of Nueva Galicia. … Read More
In 1531 (probably January), one of Guzmán's captains, Cristóbal de Oñate, founded a small town near Nochistlán to which the name "Guadalajara" was given. … Read More
1536 46 Years Old Reports of Guzmán's treatment of the Indigenous had reached Mexico City and Spain, and, at Bishop Zumárraga's request the Crown sent Diego Pérez de la Torre to investigate. Guzmán was arrested in 1536. … Read More
1538 48 Years Old He was released from the Castle of Torrejón prison in 1538.


1552 62 Years Old In 1552 he wrote up a memorial containing his own version of the events leading to his fall. … Read More
1558 68 Years Old 1 More Event
In 1558 he wrote his last will which was uncovered in 1973, it shows him as a poverty stricken noble struggling to save his heirs from his debts, having had even to pawn his heirlooms to pay for medicine. … Read More
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