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About Oregon Court Records

Oregon is a live-and-let-live kind of place, but that doesn’t mean the state doesn’t have an active and disciplined court system. The system churns out hundreds of court records a day regarding official Oregon business and luckily for the general public, these records are now available online. If you’ve ever wanted to research your town’s most famous trial or even if you just want to do some digging on your own husband’s court history, most of what you need to know may be contained within a public court record in Oregon. From outstanding warrants to plea bargains to conditions of parole, if it happened inside an Oregon courthouse you can count on it being recorded.

Court records in Oregon aren’t necessarily negative in nature. Courts handle all kinds of business, like marriages and civil suits, from the Morse U.S. Courthouse in Eugene to the Pioneer Courthouse in Portland. Whether you currently live in Oregon or not, the state has made all of its court records available for you to search online using a simple search term. Oregon, like many other states, believes it’s your right as a U.S. citizen to know where your tax dollars are being spent and to keep a close eye on its courtroom activities. There’s no simpler way to find out what Oregon’s court documents say about you, your family, or your friends and all you need to get started is a name. Find what you’re looking for inside an easy-to-access online court record in Oregon.

Oregon Court House Records

Court House
  • Oregon Administrative Office of the Courts
    Supreme Court Building 1163 State Street, Salem, Oregon