Oona O'Neill

Dramatist + Writer + Actress
Born May 14, 1925

Oona, Lady Chaplin (May 14, 1925 – September 27, 1991) was the daughter of Nobel and Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Eugene O'Neill and writer Agnes Boulton, and the wife of British actor, director and producer Sir Charlie Chaplin. Oona was born while her parents were living in Bermuda, during a period of heavy drinking by Eugene O'Neill. She was two years old when he left the family for actress Carlotta Monterey who became his third wife.… Read More

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1925 Birth Oona O'Neill was born on May 14, 1925 in Bermuda, where her parents had relocated to six months before her birth in the hopes that it would be a good place to write during the winter. … Read More
O'Neill's early childhood was spent between Bermuda —where the family spent winters and in 1926 purchased a house, Spithead (originally the home of privateer Hezekiah Frith)— and various places on the East Coast of the United States.
1929 4 Years Old Agnes was granted a divorce in Reno, Nevada in July 1929, and three weeks later, Eugene married Monterey in France. … Read More


1938 13 Years Old O'Neill first attended a Catholic convent school, but it was deemed unsuitable for her, and she was then enrolled at the Ocean Road Public School in Point Pleasant. According to the divorce settlement both children were to attend top boarding schools from the age of 13 and, in 1938, O'Neill was sent to study at the Warrenton Country School in Warrenton, Virginia.
1940 15 Years Old Agnes did not find the school satisfactory, and had her transferred to the Brearley School in New York for her sophomore year in 1940. … Read More
…  In 1942, she received a large amount of media attention after she was chosen as "The Number One Debutante" of the 1942–1943 season at the Stork Club. … Read More
1943 18 Years Old 1 More Event
In Hollywood, O'Neill was introduced to Chaplin, who considered her for a film role. The film was never made, but O'Neill and Chaplin began a romantic relationship and married in June 1943, a month after she had turned 18. … Read More


Following the marriage, O'Neill gave up her career plans and settled into the role of housewife. She rarely spoke in public, but in 1952 commented that she was "happy to stay in the background", and help Chaplin where needed. … Read More


1977 52 Years Old She and Chaplin had eight children together and remained married until his death in 1977. The first decade of their marriage was spent living in Beverly Hills, but after Chaplin's re-entry permit to the United States was canceled during a voyage to London in 1952, they moved to Manoir de Ban in the Swiss village of Corsier-sur-Vevey. … Read More
1978 53 Years Old In March 1978, O'Neill became the victim of an extortion plot. … Read More
1981 56 Years Old Following Chaplin's death, O'Neill divided her time between Switzerland and New York. In 1981, she appeared in a minor supporting role in Broken English, but otherwise avoided publicity. … Read More


1991 66 Years Old 1 More Event
She died on September 27, 1991 at the age of 66 of pancreatic cancer in Corsier-sur-Vevey, and was buried next to her husband in the village cemetery. … Read More
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