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Photios I of Constantinople

Photios I of Constantinople

Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople

Photios I, also spelled Photius or Fotios, was the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople from 858 to 867 and from 877 to 886. He is recognized in the Eastern Orthodox churches and Greek-Catholic churches as St. Photios the Great. Photios is widely regarded as the most powerful and influential Patriarch of Constantinople since John Chrysostom, and as the most important intellectual of his time, "the leading light of the ninth-century renaissance".… Read More

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Learn about the memorable moments in the evolution of Photios I of Constantinople.


820 AD Birth Born in 820.


842 AD 22 Years Old Photios says that, when he was young, he had an inclination for the monastic life, but instead he started a secular career. The way to public life was probably opened for him by (according to one account) the marriage of his brother Sergios to Irene, a sister of the Empress Theodora, who upon the death of her husband Emperor Theophilos (r. 829–842) in 842, had assumed the regency of the Byzantine Empire. … Read More


856 AD 36 Years Old Photios's ecclesiastical career took off spectacularly after Caesar Bardas and his nephew, the youthful Emperor Michael, put an end to the administration of the regent Theodora and the logothete of the drome Theoktistos in 856.
858 AD 38 Years Old 1 More Event
In 858, Bardas found himself opposed by the then Patriarch Ignatios, who refused to admit him into Hagia Sophia, since it was believed that he was having an affair with his widowed daughter-in-law, Eudoxia Ingerina. … Read More


861 AD 41 Years Old His legates were dispatched to Constantinople with instructions to investigate, but finding Photios well ensconced, they acquiesced in the confirmation of his election at a synod in 861.
863 AD 43 Years Old On their return to Rome, they discovered that this was not at all what Nicholas had intended, and in 863 at a synod in Rome the pope deposed Photios, and reappointed Ignatius as the rightful patriarch. … Read More
866 AD 46 Years Old This state of affairs changed with the murder of Photios's patron Bardas in 866 and of Emperor Michael III in 867, by his colleague Basil the Macedonian, who now usurped the throne. … Read More


883 AD 63 Years Old During the altercations between Emperor Basil I and his heir Leo VI, Photios took the side of the Byzantine emperor. In 883, Basil accused Leo of conspiracy and confined the prince to the palace; he would have even blinded him had he not been dissuaded by Photios and Stylianos Zaoutzes, the father of Zoe Zaoutzaina, Leo's mistress. … Read More
888 AD 68 Years Old Photios continued his career as a writer during the reign of Emperor Leo VI who probably rehabilitated his reputation within the next few years; in his Epitaphios on his brothers, a text probably written in 888, the Byzantine emperor presents Photios favorably, portraying him as the legitimate archbishop, and the instrument of ultimate unity, an image that jars with his attitude to the patriarch in 886–887. … Read More
893 AD 73 Years Old Died in 893.
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