Paul Schmidt

Born Jun 23, 1899

Paul-Otto Schmidt was a translator in the German foreign ministry from 1923-1945. During his career he served as the translator for Neville Chamberlain's negotiations with Adolf Hitler over the Munich Agreement, the British Declaration of War and the surrender of France.… Read More

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1899 Birth Born in 1899.


1917 18 Years Old In 1917/18 Schmidt was a soldier in the First World War and was wounded on the Western Front. … Read More


1921 22 Years Old In 1921 he took courses in the Foreign Office for the training of conference interpreters. … Read More
1923 24 Years Old In July 1923, Schmidt, still preparing for examinations, accepted his first assignment for the translating and interpreting service of the Foreign Office at the Permanent Court of International Justice in the Hague.
1924 25 Years Old After more language study in Berlin Schmidt worked briefly in the Reich Foreign Language Office. Starting in 1924 he worked as an interpreter in the Foreign Office. … Read More
1925 26 Years Old He married in 1925 and had a son in 1926.


1933 34 Years Old Under Reich Chancellor Gustav Stresemann, Schmidt became chief interpreter, a position which he retained after Hitler came to power in 1933. … Read More


1942 43 Years Old During the war years he served as Hitler's interpreter during his meetings with Marshal Philippe Pétain and Francisco Franco. After the 1942 Dieppe Raid resulted in thousands of Canadian soldiers captured, Schmidt was in charge of their interrogations.
1943 44 Years Old Schmidt joined the NSDAP in 1943.
1945 46 Years Old Arrested in May 1945, Schmidt was freed by the Americans in 1948.
1946 47 Years Old In 1946 he testified at the Nuremberg Trials, where conversations with him were noted down by psychiatrist Leon Goldensohn and later published.
1947 48 Years Old In 1947, he testified for the prosecution against the directors of IG Farben.


1952 53 Years Old In 1952 he joined the Sprachen and Dolmetscher Institute in Munich, a college where students could learn languages and become translators and interpreters.


1967 68 Years Old He retired in 1967. … Read More
1970 71 Years Old Died in 1970.
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