Paul Rodriguez
American actor
Paul Rodriguez
Paul Rodriguez is a Mexican-born American stand-up comedian and actor.
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40 Under 40: Latinos In Sports
Huffington Post - 4 months
The 2016 sports season was filled with countless story lines ranging from redemptions, to walk off retirements and dramatic Olympic performances. And in the center of these were many influential Latinos. However, even though Latinos have made great strides in sports, the community still faces multiple barriers to entry. This can be seen in becoming a professional, and Olympic athlete, as well as in the disproportionate amount of diversity in management, journalism and ownership positions vis-a-vis to the constantly evolving percentage of players of color in the NFL, NBA, and MLB to name a few. Yet despite these obstacles various role models have cracked into this sector and have paved the way for many. Armando Salguero (Miami Herald) and Dan Le Batard (ESPN), Mauricio Sulaiman (WBC), Jose de Jesus Ortiz (St. Louis Dispatch), Tony Gonzalez (CBS), Jesse Sanchez (MLB), Angel Rodríguez (LA Times), Arturo "Artie"Moreno (Owner of LA Angels), Linda Alvarado (Owner of Colorado Rocki ...
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Bro Jobs
Huffington Post - over 1 year
Organized religion (The Crusades), street gangs, fraternity hazing rituals, and aggressive jocks who push weaker kids into their school lockers may be responsible for a horrendous amount of violence and bullying. But when one examines the root causes of their behavior, certain personality traits are easily identified. A narcissistic personality disorder. Fear of rejection. An alpha male's need to dominate perceived competitors and/or have the last word in any argument. Fear of sexual inadequacy. Refusing to take responsibility for the consequences of one's actions. Parents who always made excuses for their child's bad behavior. A gross assumption of privilege due to one's race, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, or family wealth. All one has to do is look at certain despicable humans who were presumably normal at birth but subsequently morphed into maladjusted monsters. Jeffrey Dahmer grew up to be a sex offender, serial killer, necrophiliac, and c ...
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Super Bowl's Halftime Entertainment Committee on <em>Mars</em>
Huffington Post Sports - about 3 years
Think about the weirdest combinations you can think of: A peanut butter and mustard sandwich, tequila and peppermint schnapps, Oprah and Stedman. As crazy as these may be, they can't hold a candle to the decision to combine Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers as the halftime entertainment during Super Bowl XLVlll. Granted, 99 times out of 100 the halftime show is usually one big "Up with People" clusterf#ck, anyway. Turning even the most respected artists into lip-syncing, overly-choreographed cartoons of themselves. It is everything true "artists" rail against their entire careers- until they, themselves, get the call asking them to be part of it and if they'd prefer to be paid in cash or bitcoins? Personally, I could care less who performs during the half-time show, as I'm usually in the bathroom flushing my betting pool tickets down the toilet, anyway. And, aside from the feeling that Bruno Mars reminds me of a low-calorie Lenny kravitz (and that he has to be the bastard ...
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Cinco de Mayo events in the Sacramento region
The Sacramento Bee - almost 4 years
Cinco de Mayo 2013 is celebrated this weekend, May4-5. Here are some events planned for the Sacramento region. For complete calendar listings, see our events section. Saturday Mexican American Digital History Exhibit and discussion of the Mexican American Digital History Project. Learn how to record family history. Photos welcome. 1:30 p.m. May. 4; Sol Collective, 2574 21st St., Sacramento. Free. (916) 361-9072. Sunday Cinco De Mayo Celebration Old Sacramento comes alive Cinco De Mayo weekend. Participating bars will have live music, comedy, karaoke and dancing (River City Saloon, Fanny Ann, O'Mally's Pub, The Other Office, Vega's, Sports). The final party celebrating Cinco De Mayo will be on May 5 from 6 p.m. to closing time. Free. (916) 863-7465. Cinco de Mayo Festiva and Tamale Cookoff with ballet folklorico dancing, mariachi, live music, tamale competition, and kid's activities, bounce houses ...
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Thousands of stolen roses go to waste
San Francisco Chronicle - about 4 years
A Watsonville man stole $7,000 worth of roses from a warehouse but ended up dumping them by the side of the road a few days later when they dried up, authorities said. Saul Rodriguez, 35, broke into the Monterey Bay Bouquet warehouse on the 400 block of San Andreas Road in Watsonville either late Jan. 31 or early Feb. 1 and drove away with $7,000 of wholesale long-stem roses, said April Skalland, a spokeswoman for the Santa Cruz sheriff’s office. The roses would have retailed for closer to $18,000, but any profits Rodriguez might have made during the Valentine’s Day rush wilted along with the flowers a few days after [...]
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Jamie Masada: Keep Giving: The Thanks Will Take Care of Itself
Huffington Post - about 4 years
Black Friday is taking over the Thanksgiving spirit and soon we will get a 15 minute break for turkey and stuffing while we spend the rest of the time shopping. It hasn't taken long. The big corporations have been moving in for over a century. First, there was the sale items; soon, a stampede mentality -- capable of actually killing people -- has developed into something called "Black Friday." Perhaps that refers to the black eyes and bruises people are getting from shoving and pushing in the crowds. This beautiful day -- Thanksgiving -- that I didn't even know about when I came here as a teen was so great! One just shared a meal with others! A turkey with stuffing and sweet potatoes and cranberries! And pumpkin pie and apple pie! That's America I said to myself. This was a day that was about the gathering of family -- whatever a family was -- and celebrating that togetherness with a meal of thanks. It was a day to count our blessings and be thankful. What a great idea! ...
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Joah Spearman: X Games Style: All Grown Up & Going Global
Huffington Post - over 4 years
In case you missed this year's Summer X Games in Los Angeles, here's the short rundown: snowboard-skate star Shaun White didn't compete, moto-turned-rallycar favorite Travis Pastrana didn't win, Jamie Bestwick six-peated with gold in BMX vert, Paul Rodriguez won his fourth gold medal in skate street and Ronnie Renner set a record with a 47-foot jump to take home the top prize in the Sony Moto Step Up competition. Ryan Sheckler kick-flips his way to a silver medal in the skate street competition. All photos courtesy of Niraj Rai But chances are, this information is way over your head unless you're a super fan. And that's OK because the real story of Summer X this year wasn't about the athletes, competitions or tricks. The headline of this year's Games was the fact that this year -- X Games' 18th -- marked the end of the adolescent phase for ESPN's action sports juggernaut. X Games is no longer a teenage-only, black T-shirt-wearing, logo-all-over-my-clothes event for bo ...
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Steve Young: Hollywood Exclaims: Stop Mistreating Deceptive Politicians! (VIDEO)
Huffington Post - over 4 years
The Supreme Court has already made it clear that corporations are people. It's time to acknowledge that political dishonesty has the same legitimacy as political truth. What happened to freedom of speech?! America used to be the country where a man (and since 1920, a woman) could speak freely without some holier-than-thou, sanctimonious, do-gooder, blathering on about how politicians had to be honest with the public. I'm guessing that these same people would have wanted President Roosevelt telling Adolf what time we were hitting Normandy; or would have had Yogi Berra tell Brooklyn Dodger hitters what pitches perfect-game Don Larson was going to throw. Whether ruining America's war effort or America's pastime, these Democracy-interrupters have been hell-bent in getting in the way of... America. Today, it's worse than ever. These self-righteous, anti-patriots now want the public to rise up against good-old, American spinmanship., an offshoot website ...
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Stamp Out Hunger Across America
KDRV - almost 5 years
By Kaylin Krashesky     MEDFORD, Ore. -- Letter carries are hoping that warm weather this weekend helps people warm up to the idea of donating to the local community. Most people are receiving bright yellow bags in mailboxes this week; those bags can be filled with non-perishable food items to be collected by local letter carriers. The Annual Stamp Out Hunger Across America Campaign is the largest single day food drive in the U.S. and helps bring in thousands of pounds of food here in Southern Oregon. Last year, letter carriers collected almost 80,000 pounds of food for access in Medford. "If the community could just dig a little deep and grab one or two cans off their shelf and a box of crackers or anything of that sort it goes a long way," says letter carrier Paul Rodriguez. Letter carriers will pick up yellow bags with donated items Saturday, May 12th.
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KDRV article
Tanya Young Williams: Red Carpet Treatment for Martin Family As Celebrities, Activists and Supporters Pack Prestigious L.A. Church
Huffington Post - almost 5 years
Los Angeles plays host to entertainment's biggest award shows; President Obama stops by the city to raise millions of dollars at celebrity homes; the rich, the famous and the want-to-be famous understand that L.A. is the place to be if you want to be seen. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that the handlers of the biggest story to capture the country's attention in 2012 would choose Los Angeles as the backdrop for their big announcement. The Trayvon Martin family formally launched the Justice for Trayvon Martin Foundation on the stage of one of the nation's most prestigious churches -- The West Angeles Church of God in Christ. The night also marked the two month anniversary of the tragic killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin's death, at the hands of 28-year-old, self-appointed, community watchman George Zimmerman. For the first time, the advisors of Tracy Martin and Sabrina Fulton, the parents of Trayvon Martin, outlined the purpose for the newly established foundation ...
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Huffington Post article
Lil&#8217; Wayne Rolls With Top Skate Pros For CCS
Crunktastical - almost 5 years
In case you skipped over the memo, Lil’ Wayne has rechristened his image by adopting a Valley Girl accent and embracing the skater lifestyle. Whatever works. “It’s so cool just to be allowed to be in their circle, let alone skate with them,” says Lil’ Wayne of his experience during the cover shoot for retailer CCS. “Just to be allowed to kick it with these guys is cool cause they them dudes — Torey Pudwill, Theotis [Beasley], Paul Rodriguez, Shane O’Neill . . . if I can skate with these dudes I can skate with anybody.” “I’ve left my world and I’ve joined the skate world. I want to introduce my world to their world.” For the skaters on hand the experienced served as an opportunity to ride with the star whose music has played a role in their lives both on and off the board. “Wayne has taught me what work ethic is and he’s taught me to continuously search for perfection,” says pro skateboarder Paul Rodriguez. “That’s just a small part of what I’ve learned from listening to ...
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Crunktastical article
Tuesday's Scoop: 30 Hours of Jokes, Clark Mystery and LGBT Book Club
West Hollywood Patch - almost 5 years
Greetings and welcome to City Scoop. Today is Tuesday, April 24, the 115th day of 2012. Here’s what’s happening in West Hollywood today. Joke-a-thon Laughter is the best form of medicine. Comedians Dane Cook and Paul Rodriguez are among the comics who will take part in a 30-hour joke-a-thon to raise money for a Midwest teen who asked for ``something to smile about'' while fighting a rare form of brain cancer. The group will attempt to set a world record for the most jokes told in a day -- 10,000 in total. Jay Leno, Amy Poehler, Will Arnett, Bob Saget and Marie Osmond have contributed jokes. The jokes start at 1 p.m. at the Laugh Factory. Clark Mystery Mystery writer Carol Higgins Clark, daughter of mystery writer Mary Higgins Clark, discusses her latest novel Gypped: A Regan Reilly Mystery at Book Soup. The fourteenth in her series of Regan Reilly mysteries, Gypped involves the title character’s unsuccessful appearance on a game show setting off a whodunit. The session sta ...
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West Hollywood Patch article
Featured Shoes: Nike SB P-Rod 5 Mid “Black/Mint” Sneakers
Amog - almost 5 years
Just want to buy a pair of Featured Shoes: Nike SB P-Rod 5 Mid “Black/Mint” Sneakers right now? Featured Shoes: Nike SB P-Rod 5 Mid “Black/Mint” Sneakers. Named after Paul Rodriguez who is not just a Professional street skater but is also an Actor, this line of SB shoes from Nike is not to be ignored. The Nike SB P-Rod 5 mid is a step up from its predecessors, with the design revised to give utmost comfort and support for street skating and just plain casual use. This P-Rod mid 5 now uses the Lunarlon Dynamic cushioning on the insoles for more comfort while the sockliner is designed to conform to the size and shape of the wearer. The upper is of TPU reinforced suede material in black with the Nike swoosh and logo in mint and a few mint accents on the upper lace eyelets and stitched Paul Rodriguez signature on the tongue.The Diamond Flex pattern of the outsole not only gives flexibility but adds more traction as well for better skating experience. Soon to be available in Nike Sto ...
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Amog article
Lil Wayne Brings His YMCMB Family To SXSW
MTV News - almost 5 years
Mystikal, Birdman, Cory Gunz and others help Weezy kick off his Mountain Dew partnership in Austin. By Nadeska Alexis &lt;P&gt;YMCMB. Trukfit. DeWeezy. And repeat. When &lt;a href=""&gt;Lil Wayne&lt;/a&gt; took over the Austin Music Hall for his SXSW show in Texas on Thursday night, the rapper-turned-skateboarder had the venue draped in banners upon banners, shouting out his team, his &lt;a href=""&gt;new clothing line&lt;/a&gt; and his new partnership with Mountain Dew. &lt;/P&gt;&lt;P&gt; &lt;/P&gt;&lt;P&gt;&lt;center&gt;&lt;embed src="" width="460" height="260" type="application/x-shockwave-flash ...
Article Link:
MTV News article
Actor Paul Rodriguez addresses San Antonio leadership conference
The Business Journals - over 5 years
Actor and comedian <a class="fplink fp-216302" href="/paul+rodriguez">Paul Rodriguez</a> told students and business leaders on Monday at the ¡Adelante! U.S. Education Leadership Fund gala that Hispanic youth have to take their responsibility as future leaders seriously. Rodriguez served as the keynote speaker for the annual National Leadership Institute. Each year, the institute hosts about 200 students from universities across the country to help them improve communication, leadership and career skills. The gala was held at the Hyatt Regency Riverwalk Hotel downtown...
Article Link:
The Business Journals article
Quiksilver, Inc. Reports Fiscal 2011 Third Quarter Financial Results - MarketWatch (press release)
Google News - over 5 years
The tour attracted the world&#39;s best skaters including Nyjah Houston, Chris Cole, Sean Malto, Ryan Sheckler, Chaz Ortiz, Shane O&#39;Neill, Billy Marks, Paul Rodriguez and Mikey Taylor. -- DC held the grand opening of the DC Embassy in Barcelona, Spain
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Google News article
Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Paul Rodriguez
  • 2012
    Age 57
    Rodriguez then endorsed Republican Candidate Mitt Romney during the 2012 presidential election and recorded a radio promotion in Spanish for Romney's campaign.
    More Details Hide Details Rodriguez also collaborated with former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger as part of his work with the California Latino Water Coalition. Rodriguez's son Paul Rodriguez Jr. is a professional skateboarder (also known as "P-Rod"). ALMA Award Imagen Awards NCLR Bravo Awards
  • 2010
    Age 55
    Rodriguez has been a vocal and active supporter of the Republican Party. In 2010 Rodriguez endorsed Republican Meg Whitman during her campaign against Jerry Brown to become governor of California.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2009
    Age 54
    In 2009 the Paul Rodriguez: Comedy Rehab movie featured a night of Latino comedy that is hosted by Rodriguez and Paul Rodriguez: Just for the Record, which documents a live performance by the comedian, was released in 2011.
    More Details Hide Details In 2004 Comedy Central ranked him at #74 on its list of the "100 Greatest Standups of all Time." Rodriguez was acknowledged with the "Humanitarian of the Year Award" by the City of Fresno for his work in the area of water conservation. Rodriguez is a part-owner of the Laugh Factory comedy venue in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, U.S., where comedian/actor Michael Richards was filmed as he engaged in a highly publicized on-stage rant against two black male hecklers. Of Richards' repeated use of the word "nigger", Rodriguez said, "Once the word comes out of your mouth and you don't happen to be African American, then you have a whole lot of explaining to do." Rodriguez also has an interest in farming and owns operations in California's Central Valley. Rodriguez is known for his charity work and many of Rodriguez's comedy specials cover serious issues that are of concern to the Latino community. He has performed for several Comic Relief charity specials and, in 1995, he performed a comedy television special that was broadcast live from San Quentin State Prison. He is the chairman of the California Latino Water Coalition, a group that campaigns to draw attention to California's dire water situation, and was influential in the enactment of the California Water Bond Measure.
  • 2002
    Age 47
    Rodriguez has also undertaken other roles in the film industry: He directed and starred in the film A Million to Juan, and he produced and appeared in the 2002 comedy film The Original Latin Kings of Comedy.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1990
    Age 35
    He later hosted a Friday nighttime television show called El Show de Paul Rodriguez that was broadcast on Univision from March 2, 1990 to January 1, 1993.
    More Details Hide Details From 2010 to 2011, Rodriguez hosted two seasons of the MTV Tr3́s comedy home video series Mis Videos Locos. The reality show features video footage of Latino people from various countries who are filmed by devices such as surveillance cameras and mobile phones. Also appeared on Golden Girls Season 2. Rodriguez has appeared in several feature films, such as Blood Work with Clint Eastwood, D.C. Cab, Born in East L.A., Tortilla Soup, Rat Race, and Ali, and has also performed voiceover roles for King of the Hill, Dora the Explorer, and Beverly Hills Chihuahua.
  • 1958
    Age 3
    During his tenure as host, the show began using the 1958 song "The Book of Love", by The Monotones, as a theme song.
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  • 1955
    Age 0
    Born on January 19, 1955.
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