Pedro I of Brazil

Pedro I of Brazil

Born Oct 12, 1798

Dom Pedro I, nicknamed "the Liberator", was the founder and first ruler of the Empire of Brazil. As King Dom Pedro IV, he reigned briefly over Portugal, where he also became known as "the Liberator" as well as "the Soldier King". Born in Lisbon, Pedro I was the fourth child of King Dom João VI of Portugal and Queen Carlota Joaquina and thus a member of the House of Braganza.… Read More

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1798 - 1801 2 More Events
1802 3 Years Old By 1802, Pedro's parents were estranged; João lived in the Mafra National Palace and Carlota Joaquina in Ramalhão Palace. … Read More
1807 8 Years Old In late November 1807, when Pedro was nine, the royal family escaped from Portugal as an invading French army sent by Napoleon approached Lisbon.
1808 9 Years Old Pedro and his family arrived in Rio de Janeiro, capital of Brazil, then Portugal's largest and wealthiest colony, in March 1808. … Read More


1817 18 Years Old On 13 May 1817, Pedro was married by proxy to Maria Leopoldina. … Read More


1821 22 Years Old …  On 5 June 1821, army troops under Portuguese lieutenant general Jorge Avilez (later Count of Avilez) mutinied, demanding that Pedro should take an oath to uphold the Portuguese Constitution after it was enacted. … Read More
1822 23 Years Old 1 More Event
On 9 January 1822, Pedro was presented with a petition containing 8,000 signatures that begged him not to leave. … Read More
1823 24 Years Old On 12 November 1823, Pedro I ordered the dissolution of the Constituent Assembly and called for new elections. … Read More
…  The Emperor traveled to Bahia province (located in northeastern Brazil) in February 1826, taking along his wife and daughter Maria. … Read More
1828 29 Years Old 1 More Event
At the insistence of Pedro I, Domitila departed from Rio de Janeiro on 27 June 1828. … Read More


1829 30 Years Old 1 More Event
His pride thus wounded, he allowed his mistress to return, which she did on 29 April 1829 after having been away nearly a year. … Read More
1832 33 Years Old While in Paris, the Duke of Braganza met and befriended Gilbert du Motier, Marquis of Lafayette, a veteran of the American Revolutionary War who became one of his staunchest supporters. Pedro bade farewell to his family, Lafayette and around two hundred well-wishers on 25 January 1832. … Read More
1833 34 Years Old Severely outnumbered, Pedro's army of liberals was besieged in Porto for more than a year. There, in early 1833, he received news from Brazil of his daughter Paula's impending death. … Read More
Except for bouts of epilepsy that manifested in seizures every few years, Pedro had always enjoyed robust health. The war, however, undermined his constitution and by 1834 he was dying of tuberculosis. … Read More
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