Phil Anselmo
American musician
Phil Anselmo
Philip Hansen "Phil" Anselmo is an American musician who is best known as the lead singer for the heavy metal band Pantera. He is currently the frontman for the Louisiana-based metal act Down. He is also the owner of Housecore Records and has been a part of many side-projects.
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Phil Anselmo And The Business Of Heavy Metal Horror
Forbes - about 1 year
The frontman for bands like Pantera and Superjoint probably doesn't fit your profile of a small business owner.
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7 Most Extreme Haunted Houses Across the U.S.
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Credit: Ricky Brigante / Flickr By: DeAnna Janes The days of your parents recruiting Grandpa to act out a goofy ghost story in the garage are done. These days, haunted houses feature studio-quality gore, freaky masked monsters, and immersive storylines that will have you convinced you're trapped in a real-life den of horror. So put Gramps back in his La-Z-Boy and hit the road to one of these scream houses. READ MORE: 16 Most Haunted B&Bs in America 1. THE HOUSE OF SHOCK - NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Credit: House of Shock Though co-founder Phil Anselmo, front man for Pantera, is no longer involved in NOLA's Satanic lair, heavy metal vibes still reverberate from wall to wall. Located amid the shadows cast by the Huey P. Long Bridge, the 25,000-square-foot attraction almost saw its demise last year. Alas, it's been resurrected and features two new scares: carny freak show Bordello of Freaks and clown assault Laff in the Dark. As for the original house, it too has g ...
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Tonight in Music: Phil Anselmo, Cloud Control, La Luz & More
The Portland Mercury - about 3 years
PHIL ANSELMO AND THE ILLEGALS, AUTHOR AND PUNISHER, HYMNS, PROVEN (Hawthorne Theatre, 1507 SE César E. Chávez) Read our Q&A with Phil Anselmo. CLOUD CONTROL, BODY PARTS, BRAINSTORM (Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi) Cloud Control moved from Australia to the UK to make their second album, and ol' Blighty certainly agreed with them. Dream Cave is a delirious, sparkling bauble of melody, with just-about-perfect pop songs stitched neatly together: the walking-a-knife's-edge infatuation of "Promises," the skipping-stone bounce of "Scar," the subterranean slow-dance of the closing title track. The quartet stopped by Mississippi Studios last August right around Dream Cave's release, and gave their terrific new songs a live treatment that was appropriately thrilling. The opportunity to see 'em again in what's become one of the band's favorite venues should not be missed. NED LANNAMANN LA LUZ, THE GHOST EASE, HOODED HAGS (Doug Fir, 830 E B ...
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The Great Anselmo Trendkill
The Portland Mercury - about 3 years
The Mercury Q&A with Phil Anselmo of Pantera and Down. by Aris Wales PHIL ANSELMO WORKS HARD. Between recording and mixing a new Down release, running his own label Housecore Records, curating last October's Housecore Horror Film Festival, and releasing and touring for his first solo record, Walk Through Exits Only, the former Pantera frontman has kept his plate full. Anselmo took a moment to discuss his recent projects and how they add to the illustrious career he's already carved in loud music. Anselmo and his band the Illegals play Hawthorne Theatre on Saturday, January 18. MERCURY: I have a feeling it's not as spiritual or metaphysical as it sounds, but what does "walk through exits only" mean? PHIL ANSELMO: Honestly, whatever you want it to mean. It was a line that I wrote that eventually became a lyric, and eventually became the title of the record because I thought it was vague enough for people to want to latch onto i ...
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Flashback: Pantera Confuse Beavis and Butt-head
Rolling Stone - about 3 years
Beavis and Butt-Head are clearly huge fans of Pantera but the band's 1992 video for "This Love" left them a little confused This was largely due to the fact that they thought frontman Phil Anselmo was a guy named Pantera "Does this Pantera guy ever relax?" Beavis wondered "I don't...
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Comment on Phil Anselmo Talks Pantera Reunion, The Media by Javier Colon
Gun Shy Assassin - almost 5 years
Tissue, puddin’?
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Phil Anselmo Confirms There Is No PANTERA Reunion with Zakk Wylde Planned
Metal Injection - almost 5 years
I don't understand this desire for a Pantera reunion with Zakk Wylde filling in for Dimebag. Just…no! Forget about the fact that Vinnie Paul and Phil Anselmo still aren't talking to each other, Vinnie Paul has said that while Zakk would be the guy, that a reunion will never happen. Because of this hearsay, during ...
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Comment on Phil Anselmo Talks Pantera Reunion, The Media by Anonymous
Gun Shy Assassin - almost 5 years
Blow me Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4GLTE smartphone —– Reply message —–
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String Theory
The Portland Mercury - almost 5 years
Portland Cello Project continues to cross the aisle. by Ryan J. Prado WHAT BEGAN as a lark between a couple of cello-heads in late 2007 to bring the traditionally demure aesthetic of strings to saloons and rock clubs has grown into a ubiquitous part of Portland's cultural landscape. Uniting traditional cello enthusiasts with rock, hiphop, and even heavy metal audiences, Portland Cello Project's ascent has afforded them adoration across the country and dozens of high-profile collaborations with regional and national artists like Laura Gibson, Thao Nguyen, and Eric Bachmann. But as the group of revolving cellists matures, perhaps their biggest accomplishment becomes more lucid: It's not a gimmick anymore. Oh sure, their brand-new album, Homage, is chockfull of lush, epically arranged reverence to heaters like the Kanye West/Jay-Z banger "H*A*M," Talib Kweli's "Get By," and Lil Wayne's "She Will." But while the allure of perpetuating a ...
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METAL INJECTION LIVECAST #134 – Hate Is Australian For Love
Metal Injection - over 5 years
We played a bunch of Metallica demos with Jaymz's humming singing, and then played that terrible Lou Reed/Metallica song. We listened to that interview Phil Anselmo where he was stoned. We had a bunch of callers, two of which were from Australia, and also calls from Veilofpapaya and Slo_Mo_China. We ended the show with Iron ...
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Metal Injection article
The Half Decent Football Magazine - When Saturday Comes
Google News - over 5 years
Leaving aside Phil Anselmo's "white Power" leanings and reactionary lyrics in places, the rest of the band were pretty redneck and conservative and the lyrics and, to an extent, music (though excellent) followed suit. If you are looking for 'trad
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Google News article
Phil Anselmo fronts Pantera, Anthrax, Slayer, Megadeth & Dream Theatre ... - Lick Library News
Google News - over 5 years
Former Pantera vocalist Phil Anselmo stepped up to front a line-up that included Anthrax Scott Ian, Frank Bello and Charlie Benante as well as Slayer's Kerry King, Megadeth's David Eleffson, and ex-Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy,
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Google News article
Pantera, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax, Dream Theater Super Jam -
Google News - over 5 years
(Banana 101.5) Down and former Pantera vocalist Phil Anselmo joined the Metal Masters, a lineup including Anthrax's Scott Ian, Frank Bello, and Charlie Benante as well as Slayer's Kerry King, Megadeth's David Eleffson, and ex-Dream Theater stickman
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Anthrax - Live @ Best Buy Theater - Sept 12, 2011 [Full Show] - YouTube
Google News - over 5 years
Anthrax - Live @ Best Buy Theater - Sept 12, 2011 Setlist: - Fight 'Em Till You Can't - Got the Time - Caught in a Mosh - Antisocial - The Devil You Know - Indians (with Phil Anselmo) - Madhouse - Metal Thrashing Mad - Only - I Am The Law
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Phil Anselmo Clarifies Recent Vinnie Paul Comments - Gun Shy Assassin
Google News - over 5 years
So, the other day, we brought you some comments from the one and only Phil Anselmo, which he gave in an interview. He was saying, basically, that his door was always open to Vinnie Paul, and that he'd like to end their feud
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Google News article
Phil Anselmo: Vinnie Paul “Is So Fucking Terrified Of Me” - Gun Shy Assassin
Google News - over 5 years
I think it's safe to say that former Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo and former Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott don't like each other anymore. Ever since Dimebag's murder, those two have done nothing but talk shit about each other, and frankly,
Article Link:
Google News article
Phil Anselmo interview: Part 2 of 3 (Sept. 1, 2011) - YouTube
Google News - over 5 years
Here's the link to the entire interview, with other related links included at the bottom: And here's my concert review with slideshow:
Article Link:
Google News article
Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Phil Anselmo
  • 2016
    Age 47
    The EP was released July 15, 2016 on Anselmo's label Housecore Records, featuring six songs all staying under 3 minutes.
    More Details Hide Details The music is said to have much of a Scandinavian Black Metal vibe, with Anselmo using a low growl instead of the raspy, continuous shrieking you typically hear in Black Metal. lyri In 1993, Anselmo produced Crowbar's self titled album and recorded backing vocals on some of the tracks.
    It was announced on May 12, 2016 that Anselmo would be fronting a new band, Scour, with members from Pig Destroyer (John Jarvis), Cattle Decapitation (Derek Engemann), Animosity (Chase Fraser) and Strong Intention (Jesse Schobel).
    More Details Hide Details
    On January 22, 2016, Anselmo ended the "Dimebash" Dimebag Darrell tribute show by giving a Nazi salute and screaming the words "white power" to the crowd.
    More Details Hide Details Anselmo later claimed he was joking about drinking "white wine". Anselmo released an apology, during which he said "It was ugly, it was uncalled for and anybody who knows me and my true nature knows that I don't believe in any of that. I'm a thousand percent apologetic to anyone who took offense to what I said, cause you should've taken offense to what I said." Anselmo had previously made statements about white pride during a 1995 Pantera concert and various other events.
    In January 2016, Anselmo sang lead vocals in a band which included Foo Fighters lead singer Dave Grohl, Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo, and former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo.
    More Details Hide Details They performed the song "Ace of Spades" by recently deceased metal legend Lemmy Kilmister of the iconic band Motörhead.
  • 2004
    Age 35
    Anselmo and Weinstein divorced in 2004.
    More Details Hide Details Anselmo is currently in a relationship with Kate Richardson, who also helps with the running of his record label, Housecore Records. Anselmo currently resides in a rural property in Louisiana. He keeps a number of animals, including dogs, cats, chickens and a variety of birds. Anselmo owns an extensive collection of several thousand horror films and possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of horror films and horror culture. Anselmo, together with Steve Joseph, Ross Karpelman and Jay Gracianette, started the House of Shock, a Halloween-themed attraction. Initially, it began in Jay Gracianette's backyard, but was later moved to a large warehouse outside New Orleans that has been converted into an interactive haunted house with 300+ volunteer workers. The attraction has raised money for the Children's Hospital of New Orleans, the Parish Police Bullet Proof Vest Fund, and the Greater New Orleans Riding Rehabilitation Center. Anselmo played the role of a part-time actor when his schedule permitted. Anselmo is no longer involved with the attraction.
    In December 2004, Dimebag Darrell was shot and killed while performing with Damageplan at the Alrosa Villa nightclub in Columbus, Ohio.
    More Details Hide Details At the request of Dimebag's family, Anselmo did not attend his funeral. In a lengthy and emotional video posted on Down's official website, Anselmo describes his regret over his previous behavior, and has written and recorded music dealing with the loss of Dimebag on the new Down record, Down III: Over the Under. The band has dedicated their song "Lifer" to Dimebag. Anselmo has since stated that he wishes to restart his friendship with Vinnie Paul but a reconciliation effort is unlikely due to lingering tensions between the two. In a July 2015 interview with Rolling Stone, Anselmo spoke out against Pantera and his other band's usage of the Confederate flag claiming it was a mistake to use it on their merchandise, albums and other promotional material. Anselmo said "These days, I wouldn't want anything to fucking do with it because truthfully... I wouldn't. The way I feel and the group of people I've had to work with my whole life, you see a Confederate flag out there that says 'Heritage, not hate.' I'm not so sure I'm buying into that." Anselmo said originally that Pantera used the image because they were huge fans of Lynyrd Skynyrd but it was never about promoting hate.
    Anselmo had engaged in a war of words with Dimebag since the fall of Pantera, culminating in the statement "Dimebag deserves to be beaten severely" in the December 2004 edition of the UK's Metal Hammer magazine.
    More Details Hide Details Initially, he denied making the statement, but later changed his story in a VH1 Behind the Music special on Pantera, claiming that the comment had been lighthearted and made off the record. However, Vinnie Paul told the press that he had heard the audio files of the interview and that Anselmo had not been misquoted.
  • 2001
    Age 32
    On October 31, 2001, Anselmo married his longtime girlfriend Stephanie Opal Weinstein.
    More Details Hide Details That same year, they created an acoustic band called Southern Isolation.
    Anselmo started his own record label called Housecore Records sometime in 2001.
    More Details Hide Details The name derived from Anselmo's home being described as more of a "hang out" where many local friends and musicians would stay and record music together. Housecore also features in tattoo form on Anselmo's arm (Anselmo's told fans via live webcam that it was his first and favourite tattoo). Anselmo's primary objective is to release much older unreleased material and material from his many side projects. After gaining permission from Pantera's label, Elektra, he merged Housecore with his longtime friend and Necrophagia band mate Killjoy's label, Baphomet Records. The newly named "Baphomet/Housecore Records" secured distribution deals with Relapse Records in August 2001. Anselmo stated "What you're going to get here with Baphomet/Housecore, it's going to be different. It's going to be a fresh approach. It's going to be a lot of home made shit, not all major label-produced monstrosities. I just got permission from Elektra to independently put out all the bands that I've ever fucking done. Each band that I'm involved in outside of Pantera is a way for me to express and develop different outlets that are very much a part of me. With Pantera it's only one side of me. I love to write and create music, and the side bands are very different from Pantera. They also show the flexibility in me as a musician; Pantera's very important in my life, but there's many other things that keep this boy here content".
    In 2001, Anselmo provided vocals for "HFFK" on Biohazard's Uncivilization album.
    More Details Hide Details On March 6, 2006, Anselmo made an appearance along with Guns N' Roses and Velvet Revolver bassist Duff McKagan and the surviving members of Alice in Chains at a VH1's Decades Rock Live concert, in honor of fellow Seattle musicians such as Alice in Chains' Layne Staley and Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart In 2008, Anselmo recorded vocals for the Mahakali album by Jarboe. The track is sparse musically, features a raw vocal delivery by Anselmo, and a short spoken-word segment. In 2015, Anselmo also has made a guest appearance in "Prophets of Loss", a song from the new Cattle Decapitation album "The Anthropocene Extinction", released in August 2015.
  • 1998
    Age 29
    In 1998, Anselmo sang a duet ("By the River") on Vision of Disorder's Imprint album.
    More Details Hide Details In 2000, Tony Iommi released a collaborative album with various well known vocalists. Initially, Anselmo was going to co-create an entire album with Iommi, but due to tour schedules it never happened. Anselmo managed, however, to lay down some tracks for Iommi's album. Iommi and Anselmo wrote and recorded three tracks together, "Time Is Mine", "The Bastard", and a third unknown track. Iommi picked "Time Is Mine" for the album. "The Bastard" was never officially released, but can be found online. The third unknown track is now highly sought after by fans of both artists.
    Using the Anton Crowley name, Anselmo appeared on the 1998 Holocausto de la Morte album, the 1999 Black Blood Vomitorium EP, and finally the 2001 Cannibal Holocaust EP, which featured Opal Enthroned (then Anselmo's wife) on keyboards.
    More Details Hide Details Anselmo left the band in 2001. In 1998, Anthrax released the album Volume 8: The Threat Is Real. Anselmo provided backing vocals on track 8 ("Killing Box"). Also, his Pantera bandmate Dimebag Darrell played guitar solos on tracks 3 ("Inside Out") and 7 ("Born Again Idiot").
  • 1997
    Age 28
    In 1997, Necrophagia frontman Killjoy reformed his band with Phil Anselmo on guitars.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1996
    Age 27
    In 1996, Anselmo provided vocals on Soilent Green's album Sewn Mouth Secrets.
    More Details Hide Details Although not credited, he is given thanks in the liner notes.
    In 1996, Anselmo recorded backing vocals for tracks on Crowbar's Broken Glass album.
    More Details Hide Details
    In 1996, Anselmo recorded guitars on two songs ("Van Full of Retards" and a cover of Manowar's "Gloves of Metal") and contributed vocals/backing vocals on 18 songs for Anal Cunt's 40 More Reasons to Hate Us album.
    More Details Hide Details
    In 1996, Pantera released their fifth studio album with Anselmo, titled The Great Southern Trendkill.
    More Details Hide Details Anselmo recorded the vocal tracks for this album in New Orleans while the other members recorded in Texas, primarily due to growing tensions between Anselmo and the rest of the band. In 1997, Pantera released their first and only official live album titled Official Live: 101 Proof. This album contained the two new tracks "I Can't Hide" and "Where You Come From". In 2000, Pantera released their final studio album, titled Reinventing the Steel. After touring to promote the album, Pantera went on hiatus in 2001. In 2003, Pantera released a best-of album, The Best of Pantera: Far Beyond the Great Southern Cowboys' Vulgar Hits! (titled Reinventing Hell: The Best of Pantera in Europe). The album featured songs from five studio albums with Anselmo, and also included three cover tracks, "Planet Caravan" and "Hole in the Sky", written by Black Sabbath; and "Cat Scratch Fever", written by Ted Nugent. A bonus DVD was also made, containing all the band's music videos. Later that year, Pantera disbanded over communication problems and accusations that Anselmo had abandoned the band.
  • 1995
    Age 26
    In May 1995, he apologized in court, pleaded guilty to attempted assault, and was sentenced to 100 hours of community service.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1994
    Age 25
    In 1994, Pantera released Far Beyond Driven, which debuted at No. 1 in the U.S. In late June, Anselmo was charged with assault following an altercation with a security guard when fans were prevented from getting on stage.
    More Details Hide Details Anselmo was released on $5,000 bail the next day. The trial was delayed three times.
  • 1988
    Age 19
    Anselmo relocated to Texas to record Power Metal, which was released in 1988 on the band's own record label, Metal Magic Records.
    More Details Hide Details Following the release of Power Metal, the band dropped its glam image and adopted a more casual look. Pantera recorded the album Cowboys from Hell in 1990, and a long tour began. The band documented portions of this tour on their first home video, Cowboys from Hell: The Videos, released in 1991. In 1992, Pantera recorded Vulgar Display of Power. That same year, Pantera released a promo titled Hostile Mixes that contained four songs, three of which were remixes. The first two remixes were done by Justin K. Broadrick of Godflesh and the last by J. G. Thirlwell of Foetus.
  • 1987
    Age 18
    In 1987, after several meetings, Anselmo was added to the Pantera lineup.
    More Details Hide Details The band was so impressed with Anselmo that they re-recorded some of Terrence Lee's vocals for their latest release.
  • 1968
    Born on June 30, 1968.
    More Details Hide Details
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