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Porfirio Díaz

Born Sep 15, 1830

José de la Cruz Porfirio Díaz Mori was a volunteer in the Reform War and then a leader of the successful rebellion against French intervention, an accomplished general and the President of Mexico continuously from 1876 to 1911, with the exception of a brief term in 1876 when he left Juan N. Méndez as interim president, and a four-year term served by his political ally Manuel González from 1880 to 1884.… Read More

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1830 Birth Porfirio Díaz was the sixth of seven children, baptized on 15 September 1830, in Oaxaca, Mexico, but his actual date of birth is unknown. … Read More
1833 2 Years Old Despite the family's difficult circumstances following Díaz's father's death in 1833, Díaz was sent to school at age 6. … Read More


1846 15 Years Old 1 More Event
He was offered a post as a priest in 1846, but important national events intervened. … Read More
1849 18 Years Old In 1849, over family objections Díaz abandoned his ecclesiastical career and entered the Instituto de Ciencias and studied law.


1853 22 Years Old When Antonio López de Santa Anna returned to power via coup d'etat in 1853, he suspended the 1824 constitution and persecuted liberals. … Read More


1863 - 1865 2 More Events
1866 35 Years Old 1 More Event
In 1866, Díaz formally declared loyalty. … Read More
In 1867, Emperor Maximilian offered Díaz the command of the army and the imperial rendition to the liberal cause. … Read More
1868 37 Years Old When Juárez became the president of Mexico in 1868 and began to restore peace, Díaz resigned his military command and went home to Oaxaca. … Read More
1870 39 Years Old In 1870, Díaz ran as a presidential candidate against President Juárez and Vice President Sebastián Lerdo de Tejada.


1871 40 Years Old 1 More Event
In 1871 he made claims of fraud in the July elections won by Juárez, who was confirmed as president by the Congress in October.
1872 41 Years Old Following the death of Juárez in 1872, his vice president Lerdo became president. … Read More
1874 43 Years Old 1 More Event
In 1874 he was elected to Congress from Veracruz. … Read More
1875 44 Years Old Díaz saw an opportunity to plot a more successful rebellion, leaving Mexico in 1875 for New Orleans and Brownsville, Texas with his political ally Manuel González.
1876 45 Years Old 1 More Event
In 1876 Díaz issued the Plan of Tuxtepec (a town in Oaxaca) as a call to arms against Lerdo, who was running for another presidential term. Lerdo was re-elected in July 1876, but rebellion and unrest both before and after the election forced Lerdo from office.
1877 46 Years Old 1 More Event
Finally, on 12 May 1877, Díaz was elected president of Mexico for the first time. … Read More
1878 47 Years Old …  To secure U.S. government recognition of the Díaz regime, which had come to power by coup despite the later niceties of an election after Lerdo went into exile, Mexico paid $300,000 to settle claims by the U.S. In 1878, the U.S. government recognized the Díaz regime and former U.S. president and Civil War hero Ulysses S. Grant visited Mexico. … Read More
1879 48 Years Old …  In 1879, when his wife died in childbirth, he wrote a private letter to Church officials renouncing the Laws of the Reform, which allowed his wife to be buried with Catholic rites on sacred ground When Díaz remarried in 1881, to Carmen Romero Rubio, the 17-year-old daughter of one of his advisors, Oaxaca cleric Father Eulogio Gillow gave his blessing. … Read More


1884 53 Years Old The four-year period that followed was marked by corruption and official incompetence, so that when Díaz stepped up in the election of 1884, he was welcomed by his people with open arms. … Read More


1892 - 1909 3 More Events
1910 79 Years Old …  Ultimately, however, Díaz did not approve of Madero and had him jailed during the election in 1910. … Read More
1911 80 Years Old Díaz was forced from office and fled the country for Spain on May 31, 1911.
1915 85 Years Old On 2 July 1915 Díaz died in exile in Paris. … Read More
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