Princess Charlotte of Prussia

Princess Charlotte of Prussia

Prussian Princess

Princess Charlotte of Prussia, Duchess of Saxe-Meiningen was the second child born to Prince Friedrich of Prussia and Princess Victoria. Through her mother, Charlotte was a granddaughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

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1860 Birth Princess Victoria Elizabeth Augusta Charlotte was born on 24 July 1860 at the Neues Palais in Potsdam. … Read More
1861 Birth He and Victoria visited their daughter and two grandchildren when Charlotte was two months old; Vicky and Frederick in turn brought Wilhelm and Charlotte on a visit to England in June 1861, six months before Albert's death. … Read More
1863 2 Years Old …  In 1863 the Crown Princess recorded in her diary that Charlotte's "little mind seems almost too active for her body – she is so nervous & sensitive and so quick. … Read More
1866 5 Years Old Over time, a rift developed between the family's three eldest and three youngest children. The deaths of Charlotte's brothers Sigismund and Waldemar in 1866 and 1879, respectively, devastated the Crown Princess. … Read More


1877 16 Years Old In April 1877, the sixteen-year-old Charlotte became engaged to her second cousin Prince Bernhard of Saxe-Meiningen, heir to the German duchy of Saxe-Meiningen. … Read More
1878 17 Years Old 1 More Event
…  The sixteen-year-old Charlotte married Prince Bernhard of Saxe-Meiningen in 1878, but his weak-willed personality had little effect on his wife. … Read More
1879 18 Years Old Two years into their marriage, Charlotte gave birth to a daughter, Princess Feodora, on 12 May 1879. … Read More


1881 20 Years Old Charlotte also enjoyed a close relationship with her eldest brother, though they grew apart after his marriage in 1881 to Augusta Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein ("Dona"), a princess described by Charlotte as plain, slow-witted, and shy. … Read More
1888 27 Years Old Charlotte's father ascended the German throne as Emperor Frederick III in March 1888, only to succumb to throat cancer in June of that year. … Read More


1891 30 Years Old In early 1891, Berlin society erupted in scandal after a series of anonymous letters circulated to prominent members of the court, including Wilhelm and his wife Dona. … Read More
1896 35 Years Old In 1896, Dona accused Charlotte of engaging in an affair with Karl-August Freiherr Roeder von Diersburg, a court official. … Read More
1897 36 Years Old In late 1897, Feodora became engaged to Prince Henry XXX of Reuss, and they married the following year, on 24 September 1898 in a Lutheran ceremony at Breslau. … Read More
1899 38 Years Old As her husband acquired military assignments, Feodora travelled throughout Germany. The marriage, however, did not improve relations between mother and daughter. After a visit by the couple in 1899, Charlotte wrote that Feodora was "incomprehensible" and "shrinks away, whenever I try to influence her, concerning her person & health". … Read More


1911 50 Years Old In June 1911, Charlotte attended her cousin George V's coronation in England, but the country's summer heat left her bed-ridden with a swollen face and pain in her limbs.
1914 53 Years Old On 25 June 1914, her husband inherited his father's dukedom and became Bernhard III, Duke of Saxe-Meiningen. … Read More
1919 58 Years Old 1 More Event
The following year, Charlotte travelled to Baden-Baden to seek medical treatment for her heart, ultimately dying there of a heart attack on 1 October 1919 at the age of 59. … Read More
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