Princess Elisabeth of Hesse and by Rhine

Princess Elisabeth of Hesse and by Rhine

Born Nov 1, 1864

Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna of Russia canonized as St. Elizabeth Romanova was a German princess of the House of Hesse, and the wife of Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich of Russia, fifth son of Emperor Alexander II of Russia and Princess Marie of Hesse and the Rhine. Grand daughter of Queen Victoria and an older sister of Alexandra, the last Russian Empress, Elizabeth became famous in Russian society for her beauty and charitable works among the poor.… Read More

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Learn about the memorable moments in the evolution of Princess Elisabeth of Hesse and by Rhine.


1864 Birth Elisabeth was born on 1 November 1864 as the second child of Ludwig IV, Grand Duke of Hesse and British Princess Alice. … Read More


1878 13 Years Old 1 More Event
In the autumn of 1878, diphtheria swept through the Hesse household, killing Elisabeth's youngest sister, Marie on 16 November, as well as her mother Alice on 14 December. … Read More
1884 19 Years Old Sergei and Elisabeth married on 15 (3) June 1884, at the Chapel of the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg. … Read More


1891 26 Years Old Although Elisabeth was not legally required to convert to Russian Orthodoxy from her native Lutheran religion, she voluntarily chose to do so in 1891. … Read More
1894 29 Years Old When Nicholas did propose to Alix in 1894, and Alix rejected him on the basis of her refusal to convert to Orthodoxy, it was Elisabeth who spoke with Alix and encouraged her to convert. When Nicholas proposed to her again, a few days later, Alix then accepted. On 18 February 1905, Sergei was assassinated in the Kremlin by the Socialist-Revolutionary, Ivan Kalyayev. … Read More


1909 44 Years Old After Sergei’s death, Elisabeth wore mourning clothes and became a vegetarian. In 1909, she sold off her magnificent collection of jewels and sold her other luxurious possessions; even her wedding ring was not spared. … Read More


1916 51 Years Old In 1916, Elisabeth had what was to be her final meeting with sister Alexandra, the tsarina, at Tsarskoye Selo. … Read More
…  In 1918 she was arrested and ultimately executed by the Bolsheviks. … Read More