Princess Victoria of Hesse and by Rhine

Princess Victoria of Hesse and by Rhine

European Royalty
Born Apr 5, 1863
Hometown Windsor, Berkshire
Died Sep 24, 1950
Death Place London
Other Names Victoria Mountbat...

Princess Victoria of Hesse and by Rhine, later Victoria Mountbatten, Marchioness of Milford Haven was the eldest daughter of Louis IV, Grand Duke of Hesse and by Rhine (1837–1892) and his first wife Princess Alice of the United Kingdom (1843–1878). Her mother died while her brother and sisters were still young, which placed her in an early position of responsibility over her siblings.… Read More

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1863 Birth Born on April 5, 1863.
1866 3 Years Old During the Prussian invasion of Hesse in June 1866, she was sent to England, along with her sister Ella, to live with her grandmother until hostilities were ended by the absorption of Hesse-Kassel and parts of Hesse-Darmstadt into Prussia.
1870 7 Years Old During the Franco-Prussian War of 1870, military hospitals were set up in the palace grounds, and she helped in the soup kitchens with her mother. … Read More
1872 9 Years Old In 1872, Victoria's eighteen-month-old brother, 'Frittie' was diagnosed with haemophilia. … Read More


1878 15 Years Old In 1878, Victoria contracted diphtheria. … Read More
1882 19 Years Old In the winter of 1882, they met again at Darmstadt, and were engaged the following summer.


1884 21 Years Old After a brief postponement because of the death of the Duke of Albany, Victoria married Prince Louis on 30 April 1884 at Darmstadt. … Read More
1887 24 Years Old They lived in a succession of houses at Chichester, Sussex, Walton-on-Thames, and Schloss Heiligenberg, Jugenheim. When Prince Louis was serving with the Mediterranean fleet, she spent some winters in Malta. In 1887, she contracted typhoid but, after being nursed through her illness by her husband, was sufficiently recovered by June to attend Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee celebrations in London. … Read More


1906 43 Years Old In 1906, she flew in a Zeppelin airship, and even more daringly later flew in a biplane even though it was "not made to carry passengers, and we perched securely attached on a little stool holding on to the flyer's back."


Up until 1914, Victoria regularly visited her relatives abroad in both Germany and Russia, including her two sisters who had married into the Russian royal family: Ella, who had married Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich, and Alix, who had married the Tsar, Nicholas II of Russia. … Read More
1921 58 Years Old Alix's body was never recovered during Victoria's lifetime, but eventually, in January 1921, after a long and convoluted journey, the body of her sister, Ella, was interred in Jerusalem in Victoria's presence. … Read More


1930 67 Years Old In 1930, her eldest daughter, Alice, suffered a nervous breakdown and was diagnosed as schizophrenic. … Read More
1937 74 Years Old In 1937, Victoria's brother, Ernest Louis, died and soon afterwards her widowed sister-in-law, nephew, granddaughter and two of her great-grandchildren all died in an air crash at Ostend. … Read More
1939 76 Years Old Cecilie's youngest child, Johanna, who was not on the plane, was adopted by her uncle Prince Louis of Hesse and by Rhine but the little girl only survived her parents and older brothers by eighteen months, dying in 1939 of meningitis. … Read More
1950 87 Years Old 1 More Event
She fell ill with bronchitis (she had smoked since the age of sixteen) at her son Louis's home at Broadlands, Hampshire in the summer of 1950. … Read More
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