Ralph Fiennes
Ralph Fiennes
Ralph Nathaniel Twisleton Wykeham Fiennes, better known as Ralph Fiennes, is an English theatre and film actor. A noted Shakespeare interpreter, he first achieved success onstage in the Royal National Theatre. Fiennes' portrayal of Nazi war criminal Amon Goeth in Schindler's List (1993), earned him a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, and won the BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role.
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Politics today is like Medieval War of the Roses, says actor Ralph Fiennes
Reuters.com - 7 months
LONDON (Reuters) - British actor Ralph Fiennes has compared the current infighting among British politicians to William Shakespeare's portrayal of England's 15th Century Wars of the Roses in an interview with Reuters.
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Screen Style: Ralph Fiennes Makes a Fashion Splash
NYTimes - 9 months
With the help of an unbuttoned Christophe Lemaire shirt, the 53-year-old actor has a moment.
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Tilda Swinton and Ralph Fiennes celebrate 'sensational cinema' with 'A Bigger Splash'
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In the new film "A Bigger Splash," Tilda Swinton, Ralph Fiennes, Matthias Schoenaerts and Dakota Johnson star in a tale of emotional intrigues and shifting dynamics amid an idyllic Mediterranean island retreat. As in his international breakthrough, 2009's "I Am Love," Italian director Luca Guadagnino...
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Val Kilmer Spotted Without Breathing Device Around His Neck In London
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 Val Kilmer is looking happy and healthy again more than a year after the actor was first rumored to be dealing with health issues.  Last year, the 56-year-old denied reports he underwent surgery to remove a tumor in his throat, but was later spotted wearing what seemed to be a tracheostomy tube in his neck. In recent months, the "Top Gun" star kept his neck covered with a bandana or scarf, causing many to speculate further.  Last week, the actor took to Facebook to share a photo of himself and his friend, Tracey Emin, after watching Ralph Fiennes perform in "The Master Builder" in London. In the pic, the medical device is noticeably absent from his neck, and Kilmer looks to be A-OK. .  He also shared a photo of himself with "Spring Breakers" director Harmony Korine, who has a show going on at the Gagosian Gallery in London. Again, the actor was seen without anything covering his neck.  Kilmer, who's been quite active on social media in the last ...
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Film Trailer: 'Hail, Caesar!'
Wall Street Journal - about 1 year
Watch the film trailer for "Hail, Caesar!" starring Ralph Fiennes, Alden Ehrenreich and George Clooney. Photo: Universal Pictures
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The 10 Most Stylish Men Over 50
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It's not always nice to be at the front end of the saying "age before beauty," but for Britain's Prince Philip, it means getting a leg up on his grandson, Prince Harry, in a most unlikely race. GQ Magazine recently released its annual list of the best-dressed men in Britain and a surprising member of the royal family made a strong showing. The Duke of Edinburgh, 94, took the #12 spot, while the fun-loving younger royal, Prince Harry, 31, came in at #38 on the list.  The senior royal looks effortless and at ease, whether he's stepping out in a tailored suit or a military uniform. Oh, and did we mention that he can rock a top hat? "If we look as good as the Queen's consort does when we reach our tenth decade we will be very happy," GQ wrote. We couldn't agree more.  While a number of younger, up-and-coming actors and personalities were on the list, so were quite a few post-50 gentlemen, including Sir Elton John, 68, and Ralph Fiennes, 53.  There's just something about olde ...
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The Man in the Wheelchair
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It was there, as I sat clutching my ear in pain, in a rundown hospital in Madrid, that I met the man in the wheelchair. The pain started around 2 in the morning, the day I was suppose to fly back home. I had come to Spain three weeks earlier in an attempt to clear my head from the complex thoughts that had been plaguing my mind. I thought that a daring solo adventure in Europe would rid me of the loneliness and confusion that I had been feeling. I had spent many years feeling lonely, with only the movies of my fictional boyfriends to keep me company. However, much to my surprise, there came a point when even Ralph Fiennes, Kenneth Branagh, and Gary Oldman could not fill that special gap in my heart; the gap that yearned for adventure and passion. So, at 17 years old, I convinced my parents to let me spend a month in Spain to study literature. I arrived excited to take advantage of my newfound freedom and ready for an adventure of a lifetime. Perhaps I expected a bit too muc ...
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J.K. Rowling Says Trump Is Worse Than Voldemort
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J.K. Rowling sprang to the defense of her most evil character Voldemort on Tuesday after he was compared to Donald Trump. The Harry Potter author posted on Twitter that it was "horrible" that people were calling Trump by the half-blood wizard's name. And she added, "Voldemort was nowhere near as bad." How horrible. Voldemort was nowhere near as bad. https://t.co/hFO0XmOpPH — J.K. Rowling (@jk_rowling) December 8, 2015 Rowling responded to the trending story when she retweeted a BBC Newsbeat article. The Republican presidential candidate was likened to "He Who Shall Not Be Named," portrayed by Ralph Fiennes in the movies, after suggesting Muslims should be banned from entering the U.S. Trump's comments have sparked outrage, with many Harry Potter fans responding by posting on social media their ideas about how the businessman would fare amongst witches and wizards: The only way to stop Donald Trump is to destroy his Horcruxes. The wig is definitely ...
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<em>Spectre</em>'s Smashing Success Belies All the Nay-Saying
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Ever since last year's Sony hack revealed concerns about Spectre's budget, screenplay and purportedly future Bond casting, the follow-up to Skyfall, the 50th anniversary Bond film and biggest British film in history, has been a marked movie. Doubts about its late-starting production, some edgy remarks about the role from star Daniel Craig, and a surprising round of some slagging reviews preceded its November 6th North American launch. (It opened in the UK and some other nations a week earlier.) But surveys of actual film-going audiences gave high ratings to the film -- which, on balance, is terrific though not as good as Skyfall -- and Spectre has proved to be another huge hit, as well as a very entertaining and satisfying film experience. Coming out of Thanksgiving weekend, Spectre has taken in $750 million at the box office worldwide, easily moving it into profit no matter which estimate of the costs of making and marketing the film is correct. Since Spectre will continue to ...
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Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Ralph Fiennes
  • 2015
    Age 52
    In 2015, Fiennes starred in Luca Guadagnino's thriller A Bigger Splash.
    More Details Hide Details Fiennes is a UNICEF UK ambassador and has done work in India, Kyrgyzstan, Uganda and Romania.
  • 2014
    Age 51
    Though he is not noted as a comic actor, in 2014 he made an impression for his farcical turn in The Grand Budapest Hotel.
    More Details Hide Details Said one critic about the film, "In the end it's Fiennes who makes the biggest impression. His stylized, rapid-fire delivery, dry wit and cheerful profanity keep the film bubbling along." For his performance, Fiennes was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy and the BAFTA Award for Best Actor.
  • 2012
    Age 49
    In 2012, he starred in the twenty-third James Bond film, Skyfall, directed by Sam Mendes.
    More Details Hide Details He will replace Dame Judi Dench as M in future Bond films. Dench had also starred alongside Fiennes' brother, Joseph, in Shakespeare in Love in 1998.
  • 2011
    Age 48
    In 2011, Fiennes made his directorial debut with his film adaptation of Shakespeare's tragedy Coriolanus, in which he also played the title character.
    More Details Hide Details Fiennes won a Tony Award for playing Prince Hamlet on Broadway. Since 1999, Fiennes has served as an ambassador for UNICEF UK.
  • 2010
    Age 47
    In April 2010, he played Hades in Clash of the Titans, a remake of the 1981 film of the same name.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2009
    Age 46
    Fiennes reunited with Kathryn Bigelow for her Iraq War film The Hurt Locker, released in 2009, appearing as an English mercenary.
    More Details Hide Details They had previously worked together on Strange Days (1995).
    In February 2009, Fiennes was the special guest of the Belgrade's Film Festival FEST.
    More Details Hide Details He filmed his version of Shakespeare's Coriolanus in the Serbian capital of Belgrade.
  • 2008
    Age 45
    In 2008, he played the Duke of Devonshire in the film The Duchess and played the protagonist in The Reader.
    More Details Hide Details
    In 2008, Fiennes worked with frequent collaborator director Jonathan Kent, playing the title role in Oedipus the King by Sophocles, at the National Theatre in London.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2006
    Age 43
    Fiennes had an 11-year relationship with actress Francesca Annis until breaking up in 2006 following his affair with a Romanian singer.
    More Details Hide Details
    Fiennes' 2006 performance in the play Faith Healer gained him a nomination for a 2007 Tony Award.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2005
    Age 42
    Fiennes portrayed Lord Voldemort in the 2005 fantasy film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
    More Details Hide Details He returned to the role for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and both Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 and Part 2.
    The Constant Gardener was released in 2005, with Fiennes in the central role.
    More Details Hide Details The film is set in Kenya, dealing in part with real people in the slums of Kibera and Loiyangalani. The situation affected the cast and crew to such an extent that they set up the Constant Gardener Trust to provide basic education for children of these villages. Fiennes is a patron of the charity. He is also a patron of the Shakespeare Schools Festival, a charity that enables school children across the UK to perform Shakespeare in professional theatres.
  • 1999
    Age 36
    In 1999, Fiennes had the title role in Onegin, a film which he also helped produce.
    More Details Hide Details His sister Martha Fiennes directed, and brother Magnus composed the score.
  • 1996
    Age 33
    In 1996 he was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor for the epic World War II romance The English Patient, in which he starred with Kristin Scott-Thomas.
    More Details Hide Details Fiennes' film work has encompassed a variety of genres, including thrillers (Spider), an animated Biblical epic (The Prince of Egypt), camp nostalgia (The Avengers), romantic comedy (Maid in Manhattan), and historical drama (Sunshine).
  • 1994
    Age 31
    In 1994, he portrayed American academic Charles Van Doren in Quiz Show.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1993
    Age 30
    Fiennes met English actress Alex Kingston while they were both students at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. After dating for ten years, they married in 1993 and divorced in 1997 following his affair with Francesca Annis.
    More Details Hide Details
    1993 was his "breakout year".
    More Details Hide Details He had a major role in the controversial Peter Greenaway film The Baby of Mâcon with Julia Ormond, which was poorly received. Later that year he became known internationally for portraying the amoral Nazi concentration camp commandant Amon Göth in Steven Spielberg's Schindler's List. For this he was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. He did not win the Oscar, but did win the Best Supporting Actor BAFTA Award for the role. His portrayal of Göth also earned him a spot on the American Film Institute's list of Top 50 Film Villains. Fiennes gained weight to represent Göth, but shed it afterwards. Fiennes later stated that playing the role had a profoundly disturbing effect on him. In a subsequent interview, Fiennes recalled, Evil is cumulative. It happens. People believe that they've got to do a job, they've got to take on an ideology, that they've got a life to lead; they've got to survive, a job to do, it's every day inch by inch, little compromises, little ways of telling yourself this is how you should lead your life and suddenly then these things can happen. I mean, I could make a judgment myself privately, this is a terrible, evil, horrific man. But the job was to portray the man, the human being. There’s a sort of banality, that everydayness, that I think was important.
  • 1990
    Age 27
    Fiennes first worked on screen in 1990 and then made his film debut in 1992 as Heathcliff in Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights opposite Juliette Binoche.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1983
    Age 20
    Fiennes trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art between 1983 and 1985.
    More Details Hide Details He began his career at the Open Air Theatre, Regent's Park and also at the National Theatre before achieving prominence at the Royal Shakespeare Company.
  • 1973
    Age 10
    The Fiennes family moved to Ireland in 1973, living in West Cork and County Kilkenny for some years.
    More Details Hide Details Fiennes was educated at St Kieran's College for one year, followed by Newtown School, a Quaker independent school in County Waterford. They moved to Salisbury in England, where Fiennes finished his schooling at Bishop Wordsworth's School. He went on to pursue painting at Chelsea College of Art before deciding that acting was his true passion.
  • 1962
    Fiennes was born in Ipswich, on 22 December 1962.
    More Details Hide Details He is the eldest child of Mark Fiennes (1933–2004), a farmer and photographer, and Jennifer Lash (1938–1993), a writer. He has English, Irish, and Scottish ancestry. His surname is of Norman origin. His grandfathers were industrialist Sir Maurice Fiennes (1907–1994) and Brigadier Henry Alleyne Lash (1901–1975). His great-great-uncle was Edward Pomeroy Colley, a Civil Engineer and first class passenger who died in the sinking of. Fiennes is an eighth cousin of Charles, Prince of Wales, and a third cousin of adventurer Ranulph Fiennes and author William Fiennes. He is the eldest of six children. His siblings are actor Joseph Fiennes; Martha Fiennes, a director (in her film Onegin, he played the title role); Magnus Fiennes, a composer; Sophie Fiennes, a filmmaker; and Jacob Fiennes, a conservationist. His foster brother, Michael Emery, is an archaeologist. His nephew Hero Fiennes-Tiffin played Tom Riddle, young Lord Voldemort, in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.
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