Razadarit or Rajadhirat was the ninth king of Hanthawaddy Pegu from 1384 to 1422, and is considered one of the greatest kings in Burmese history. He successfully reunified all three Mon-speaking regions of southern Burma (Myanmar), and fended off major assaults by the Burmese-speaking northern Kingdom of Ava (Innwa) in the Forty Years' War (1385–1424).… Read More

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Learn about the memorable moments in the evolution of Razadarit.


1368 Birth Razadarit was born Binnya Nwe to King Binnya U and his queen Mwe Daw on 28 January 1368 at Donwun (near Martaban). ("Binnya" was the highest title of royalty in Mon language.) (In the mid-1360s, Binnya U faced multiple rebellions that forced him out of Martaban some time between 1364 and 1369, and was camped out at Donwun, a town north of Martaban for a time.
1369 1 Year Old By 1369, he had relocated his capital to Pegu. … Read More


1383 15 Years Old In early 1383, Binnya Nwe, not yet 16, eloped with his half-sister Talamidaw and fled to Dagon (Yangon). … Read More
1384 16 Years Old He ascended the throne with the reign name of Razadarit (Pali: Rajadhiraj; King of Kings) on 4 January 1384 (Monday, 12th waxing of Tabodwe 745 ME). … Read More
1385 17 Years Old In 1385, as Razadarit prepared to march to the delta, Laukpya sought assistance from King Swa Saw Ke of Ava with the promise of submission to Ava. … Read More
1386 18 Years Old In 1386, Razadarit again stopped another invasion by Swa.


1388 20 Years Old Despite this success, Razadarit realized that he needed to reunify all three regions of Lower Burma if he were to fight Ava on equal terms in the long run. In 1388/89, Razadarit and his top general Lagun Ein in a series of military campaigns did just that. … Read More
1390 22 Years Old Having overrun all three regions of Lower Burma, Razadarit looked to extend his rule northwards. In 1390, he attacked and conquered Myanaung, the northernmost town in the delta still under the control of Ava. … Read More
1391 23 Years Old In 1391, Razadarit and Swa reached a truce that gave Hanthawaddy control of Myanaung. … Read More


1404 36 Years Old …  Taking advantage of the confusion, Razadarit broke the truce in November 1404 (Natdaw 756 ME), and invaded up country with a massive flotilla (4000 boats of every description, including transports for elephants and horses). … Read More
1405 37 Years Old Minkhaung raised Razadarit's daughter to be a queen. Incensed, Razadarit had to wait until the end of the rainy season the following year before he was ready to attack Ava again. In late 1405, he sailed up the Irrawaddy river burning the granaries and boats along the way. … Read More
1406 38 Years Old However, Razadarit had to lift the siege when, in January 1406, Minkhaung's forces arrived from up-country. … Read More
1407 39 Years Old …  Incensed, Minkhaung invaded the Hanthawaddy country in May 1407, at the start of the rainy season, against the advice of his ministers. … Read More


1412 44 Years Old …  In December 1412, while Minyekyawswa was fighting against the Shan state of Theinni in the north, Razadarit led his flotilla up the Irrawaddy. … Read More
1413 45 Years Old But he did send a force to Arakan and removed the Ava-installed puppet king in 1413.
1414 46 Years Old The years 1414–1416 proved to be Razadarit's toughest years of his reign. … Read More
1417 49 Years Old Fortunately for Razadarit, Minyekyawswa was mortally wounded in battle at Dala, and was captured by Hanthawaddy troops in March 1417. (The Mon chronicles say Minyekyawswa died of his wounds but the Burmese chronicles say he was executed. … Read More


1421 53 Years Old 1 More Event
…  The king died of injuries received in hunting a wild elephant in 1421 at age 53. … Read More
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