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Rezā Shāh Pahlavi (born Rezā Khan, was the Shah of the Imperial State of Persia from December 15, 1925, until he was forced to abdicate by the Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran on September 16, 1941. In 1925, Reza Shah deposed Ahmad Shah Qajar, the last Shah of the Qajar dynasty, and founded the Pahlavi dynasty. He established a constitutional monarchy that lasted until overthrown in 1979 during the Iranian Revolution.… Read More

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1878 Birth Born on March 15, 1878.
1879 1 Year Old She remarried in 1879 and left Rezā to the care of his uncle. … Read More


1894 16 Years Old Reza Shah's first wife, whom he married in 1894, was Maryam Khanum (died 1904). … Read More


1903 25 Years Old In 1903, he is reported to have been guard and servant to the Dutch consul general Frits Knobel. … Read More


1918 40 Years Old He was the last commanding officer of the Brigade, and the only Iranian commander in its history, succeeding to this position the Russian colonel Vsevolod Starosselsky, whom Reza Khan had helped, in 1918, take over the brigade.
1922 44 Years Old In 1922 (divorced 1923), Reza Shah married Turan (Qamar al Molk) Amir Soleimani (1904–1995), by whom he had one son: … Read More
He was also one of the last individuals to become an officer of the Neshan-e Aqdas prior to the collapse of the Qajar dynasty in 1925. In the aftermath of the Russian Revolution, Persia had become a battleground. In 1917, Britain used Iran as the springboard for an attack into Russia in an unsuccessful attempt to reverse the Revolution. … Read More
1926 48 Years Old Reza Shah's coronation took place much later, on 25 April 1926. … Read More


1928 50 Years Old 1 More Event
As his reign became more secure, Reza Shah clashed with Iran's clergy and devout Muslims on many issues. In March 1928, he violated the sanctuary of Qom's Fatima al-Masumeh Shrine to beat a cleric who had angrily admonished Reza Shah's wife for temporarily exposing her face a day earlier while on pilgrimage to Qom. … Read More
1931 53 Years Old …  The unveiling issue and the Women's Awakening are linked to the Marriage Law of 1931 and the Second Congress of Eastern Women in Tehran in 1932. … Read More
1932 54 Years Old …  In 1932 the Shah offended Britain by canceling the agreement under which the Anglo-Persian Oil Company produced and exported Iran's oil. … Read More
1937 59 Years Old …  Ali-Akbar Davar, his minister of justice, was suspected of similar charges and committed suicide in February 1937. The elimination of these ministers "deprived" Iran "of her most dynamic figures... and the burden of government fell heavily on Reza Shah" according to historian Cyrus Ghani In 1935, the Iranian ruler issued a letter to the League of Nations insisting the name Iran (the historical name of the nation dating back thousands of years) be used instead of Persia (Pars), which is the Greek name for Iran that is used in English and European languages. … Read More


His foreign policy, which had consisted essentially of playing the Soviet Union off against Great Britain, failed when those two powers joined in 1941 to fight the Germans. … Read More
1944 66 Years Old Reza Shah abdicated and the British forces quickly took him and his children to Mauritius, then to Durban, thence Johannesburg, South Africa, where according to his British captors, he died on 26 July 1944 of a heart ailment about which he had been complaining for many years. … Read More
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