Richard Lamm

Born Sep 12, 1935

Richard Douglas "Dick" Lamm is an American politician, Certified Public Accountant, college professor, and lawyer. He served three terms as 38th Governor of Colorado as a Democrat (1975–1987) and ran for the Reform Party's nomination for President of the United States in 1996. He is currently the Co-Director of the Institute for Public Policy Studies at the University of Denver… Read More

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1935 Birth Born on September 12, 1935.


1957 21 Years Old Lamm graduated from college in 1957, then served one year of active duty as a first lieutenant in the United States Army at Fort Carson in Colorado and Fort Eustis in Virginia until switching to reserve duty in 1958.
1958 22 Years Old From 1958-1960 Lamm lived in Salt Lake City, San Francisco, and Berkeley, holding jobs as an accountant, tax clerk and a law clerk.
1961 25 Years Old Lamm attended law school at the University of California, graduated in 1961, then moved to Denver in 1962, where he worked as an accountant and then set up a law practice. … Read More
1964 28 Years Old In 1964 he was elected to the Colorado House of Representatives as a Democrat from an affluent district near the University of Denver.


1967 31 Years Old In 1967, he drafted and succeeded in passing the nation's first liberalized abortion law. … Read More
1972 36 Years Old In 1972, as a member of the Colorado General Assembly, Lamm led the movement against Denver's hosting of the 1976 Winter Olympics. … Read More
1974 38 Years Old 1 More Event
Lamm was selected as one of Time Magazine's "200 Young Leaders of America" in 1974, and won the Christian Science Monitor "Peace 2020" essay in 1985. … Read More


1984 48 Years Old In 1984, his outspoken statements in support of physician-assisted suicide generated controversy, specifically over his use of the phrase "we have a duty to die." … Read More
1985 49 Years Old In 1985, while still in the governor's office, he tried his hand as a novelist. The resulting novel, 1988, was a story about a former Democratic governor of Texas running for U.S. President on a populist, third-party ticket, declaring himself a "progressive conservative."


1987 51 Years Old Lamm was elected Colorado governor three times. When he left office in 1987 after three terms and twelve years in the office, he was the longest-serving governor in state history (his successor, Roy Romer, matched this record).
1990 54 Years Old In 1990, state party leaders tried to get Lamm to run for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Sen. … Read More
1992 56 Years Old In 1992 he ran for the U.S. Senate but suffered his first political defeat. … Read More


…  He served three terms as 38th Governor of Colorado as a Democrat (1975 - 1987) and ran for the Reform Party's nomination for President of the United States in 1996. … Read More
2000 64 Years Old A voluminous writer, Lamm's other works include Population and the Law (1972), Some Reflections on the Balkanization of America (1978), Megatraumas: America at the Year 2000 (1980), Energy Activities in the West (1980), The Angry West: A Vulnerable Land and Its Future (1982), Campaign for Quality: An Education Agenda for the 80's (1983), Pioneers and Politicians: Ten Colorado Governors in Profile (1984), Copernican Politics (1984), The American West: A poem (1985), Immigration Time Bomb: The Fragmenting of America (1985), The Lamm Administration: A Retrospective (1986), California Conspiracy (1988), Hard Choices (1989), Crisis: The Uncompetitive Society (1989), The fall and Rise of the American Economy (1989), Indicators of Decline: An article from The Futurist (1993), The Supply Factor in Health Care Cost Containment (1993), The Ethics of Excess: An article from The Hastings Center Report (1994), Health Care Workforce Reform.: An article from State Legislatures (1994), The West at Risk (1994), Futurizing America's Institutions.: An article from The Futurist (1996), The price of Modern Medicine (1997), Mountains of Colorado (1999), Government does, indeed, ration health care: An article from State Legislatures (1999), Redrawing the Ethics Map.: An article from The Hastings Center Report (1999), Vision for a Compassionate and Affordable Health System (2001), Brave New World of Health Care (2003), The Brave New World of Health Care (2004), The Challenge of an Aging Society: The Future of U.S. Health Care (2005), Two Wands, One Nation: An Essay on Race and Community in America (2006) and Condition Critical: A New Moral Vision of Health Care (2007). … Read More
2004 68 Years Old In 2004 Lamm unsuccessfully ran for a seat on the Board of Directors of the Sierra Club. … Read More
2005 69 Years Old In 2005, a 2004 speech by Lamm titled "I Have a Plan to Destroy America," became famous after being frequently forwarded as an email; in it he criticizes multiculturalism.
2006 70 Years Old In 2006, he gave a controversial speech on the theme of his recently released book, Two Wands, One Nation, advocating that black and Hispanic Americans embrace "Japanese or Jewish values". … Read More
2011 75 Years Old During a 2011 interview, Lamm clarified that he believes "legal immigration has been good for America. … Read More
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