Rob Thomas
Rob Thomas
Robert Kelly "Rob" Thomas is an American rock recording artist and songwriter. He is a close friend of Bryan Padillon, and he is also the primary songwriter and lead singer of the band Matchbox Twenty. Thomas also records and performs as a solo artist. Thomas earned three Grammy awards for co-writing and singing on the Carlos Santana triple-platinum hit "Smooth", on the album Supernatural in 1999.
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Hey, Internet, A Horse Just Danced To 'Smooth' At The Olympics
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Man, it was a hot one on Monday in Rio, where Spain’s Severo Jesus Jurado Lopez had his horse, Lorenzo, dance to Santana’s “Smooth” like it was seven inches from the midday sun. (It was 90-plus degrees, so that makes sense.) Well, I hear you whispering questions like “What event did they perform in?” The answer, my muñequita, my Spanish Harlem Mona Lisa, is grand prix freestyle in individual dressage, which is basically Olympic horse dancing, otherwise known as my reason for reason. And if you said, “This life ain’t good enough,” well, you can’t say that anymore. I would give my world to lift this internet moment up. I would change my life to better suit this horse’s mood. It was so smooth. NO WAY NO WAY. There is a dressage horse dancing to Smooth by Santana ft. Rob Thomas #Rio2016 — rebecca tran (@beckietran) August 15, 2016 “I choose the music I like,” Jurado Lopez said afterward, as if he were the ocean under the ...
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Rob Thomas Apologizes for 'Black Australian' Joke
ABC News - almost 1 year
In a mea culpa for a comment he made in Melbourne over the weekend, singer Rob Thomas took to Facebook on Sunday to apologize to anyone who took his words the wrong way.
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10 Songs By Grammy Winners That Don't Mean What You Think They Do
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Remember the days when people would sing a song about a milkshake, and they were actually talking about a milkshake? (Looking at you, Kelis.) Well, bad news, y'all. It turns out those days didn't exist. It's not that milkshakes don't deserve a song (because duh), but innuendo and alternative meanings have been in chart hits forever. In honor of the 2016 Grammys, here are 10 songs from previous winners and nominees that might not mean what you think they do: 1. The “bitch” Jay Z refers to in “99 Problems” is a dog. During a talk at the New York Public Library, Jay Z explained that the "bitch" he talks about in the second verse of "99 Problems" is actually the K9 unit that'd be looking for drugs in the car.  2. Judas Priest's "Raw Deal" is about a gay biker bar. Judas Priest lead singer Robert Halford came out as gay in 1998. During that time Halford revealed to MTV that there have been gay innuendos throughout his songs. After the fact, it' ...
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10 Songs By Grammy Winners That Don't Mean What You Think They Do
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Remember the days when people would sing a song about a milkshake, and they were actually talking about a milkshake? (Looking at you, Kelis.) Well, bad news, y'all. It turns out those days didn't exist. It's not that milkshakes don't deserve a song (because duh), but innuendo and alternative meanings have been in chart hits forever. In honor of the 2016 Grammys, here are 10 songs from previous winners and nominees that might not mean what you think they do: 1. The “bitch” Jay Z refers to in “99 Problems” is a dog. During a talk at the New York Public Library, Jay Z explained that the "bitch" he talks about in the second verse of "99 Problems" is actually the K9 unit that'd be looking for drugs in the car.  2. Judas Priest's "Raw Deal" is about a gay biker bar. Judas Priest lead singer Robert Halford came out as gay in 1998. During that time Halford revealed to MTV that there have been gay innuendos throughout his songs. After the fact, it' ...
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'iZombie' recap: Lascivious Liv in 'Fifty Shades of Grey Matter'
LATimes - about 1 year
Is it the ultimate “Veronica Mars” and “iZombie” crossover? Not exactly. Is it a blond head-to-head Veronica Mars-meets-Liv Moore sleuthing extravaganza? Technically, no. But Tuesday night’s episode of “iZombie” does bring together the two snarky-smart gals from showrunner Rob Thomas’ detective-chick...
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The CW Renews “iZombie” for Season 2; FOX Cancels “Mindy Project”
Headline Planet - almost 2 years
The dead will continue to walk at The CW. The network has officially ordered a second season of comic adaptation “iZombie.” Developed by Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright and starring Rose McIver, “iZombie” has garnered strong reviews and passionate fan support. Its viewership performance has not been spectacular–and actually slipped to a series low this week–but has been largely consistent and above the level routinely achieved by many of The CW’s original series. And while it does not retain a significant percentage of its weekly “The Flash” lead-in, it did not drop when positioned after a “Flash” re-run on April 8. By holding steady in that suboptimal circumstance, “iZombie” confirmed that it has its own core following. — While The CW delivered good news Wednesday, FOX offered some of the negative variety. It passed on issuing a fourth season to low-rated comedy “The Mindy Project.” “Mindy” fans need not yet give up hope. Sources say Universal is aiming to score a t ...
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HUFFPOST HILL - Tabloid Editors Prepare Chris Christie 'Just Desserts' Front Pages
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A foundation was formed to establish Barack Obama's presidential library, though our offer to endow the Kenyan anti-colonial theory section has fallen on deaf ears. A Missouri lawmaker wants to make the high five his state's official greeting, but we're still waiting for the Mark McGwire/Jose Canseco Bash Brothers arm pump to be recognized by the authorities. And a congressional candidate thinks Hillary Clinton is the antichrist. Huma Abedin must've been her own personal false flag operation. HUFFPOST HILL for Friday, January 31st, 2014: CHRISTIE KNEW OF LANE CLOSURES: GUY WHO CLOSED LANES - Star-Ledger: "The attorney representing David Wildstein, a former official at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, said today that Gov. Chris Christie knew of the closure of lanes from Fort Lee on to the George Washington Bridge when they occurred in September. 'Evidence exists as well tying Mr. Christie to having knowledge of the lane closures, during the period when the lanes were close ...
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Rob Thomas Brings 'iZombie' Procedural To The CW
Huffington Post - about 3 years
It was a big day for The CW, which officially gave the green light to two potential spin-off pilots. While fans have known about "The Flash" pilot -- originally a backdoor pilot in "Arrow," now a stand-alone project -- and the proposed "Supernatural" backdoor pilot, the network has now confirmed it is definitely ordering both. It even announced a name for the "Supernatural" spinoff. Also on the plate is one of the oddest comic book properties in the last decade, with "Veronica Mars" creator Rob Thomas attached to adapt it. "iZombie" is described as a supernatural procedural, chronicling a young zombie woman who's able to maintain her humanity by eating brains. To do this without all the killing usually associated with those among the walking dead, she takes a job in the coroner's office. The only problem: she gains the memories of the person whose brain she just ate. With this knowledge, she helps solve homicide cases. Fans of the comic know things only get stranger, but it's unclear ...
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'Veronica Mars' Spin-Off in the Works
Rolling Stone - about 3 years
The upcoming Veronica Mars reboot is getting even bigger with the fan-funded movie now getting an accompanying digital series spin-off Variety reports With the deal just inked details are scarce – though we know the project will be headed by series creator Rob Thomas and CW Digital – and it's...
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'Veronica Mars' Streaming On Amazon Prime In Advance Of Movie
Huffington Post - about 3 years
If you were still on the fence about signing up for Amazon Prime, and "Alpha House" and "Betas" weren't doing it for you, here's some news that might get your attention. Deadline reports that the premium streaming service has inked an exclusive deal for the entire "Veronica Mars" television series. That gives fans more than two months to burn through all three seasons of the cult favorite series before its theatrical continuation premieres on March 14. The "Veronica Mars" film was famously crowdfunded via a Kickstarter campaign that saw it reach its $2 million goal in only 10 hours. By the time the full 31 days had passed, creator Rob Thomas had raised $5.7 million, making the film the number one funded project in the film category. Amazon Prime runs $79/year, but offers a 30-day free trail for new subscribers. If you're feeling particularly binge-y, you can try and tackle all 63 episodes of the original series before you owe the service anything. All three seasons of "Veronica Mar ...
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'Veronica Mars' Will Premiere At SXSW; Jon Favreau's 'Chef' Set For Opening Night
Huffington Post - about 3 years
South by Southwest Film Festival organizers announced Thursday that "Veronica Mars" will have its world premiere at the Austin, Texas event in March, just before its theatrical debut on March 14. In addition to "Veronica Mars," Jon Favreau's star-studded indie comedy, "Chef," will open the 2014 SXSW Film Festival. Favreau's first film since 2011's "Cowboys and Aliens" stars Scarlett Johansson, Sofia Vergara, Robert Downey Jr., Dustin Hoffman and Favreau in the title role. "Jon Favreau’s wonderfully entertaining return to independent filmmaking works beautifully as our 2014 Opening Night Film, with his sharp and funny take on the world of food, artistry, and family in the age of social media,“ Janet Pierson, head of SXSW Film, said in a statement. "We’re equally excited to share a few more highly anticipated projects and premieres with you in advance of our full slate, as well as reveal some terrific new discoveries." SXSW Film will announce its lineup of films on Jan. 30. The fest ...
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Kickstarter-backed 'Veronica Mars' movie will hit theaters in March 2014
Yahoo News - about 3 years
Fans of the cancelled neo-noir drama Veronica Mars can now mark their calendars. After running a successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year that hit $5.7 million, series creator Rob Thomas confirmed with Entertainment Weekly today that the film followup will land in theaters on March 14th, 2014.
Article Link:
Yahoo News article
Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Rob Thomas
  • 2015
    Age 43
    Thomas released the first single from The Great Unknown, "Trust You", on May 25, 2015.
    More Details Hide Details The Great Unknown was released on August 21, 2015. He spent two years touring it prior. "Hold On Forever" was announced as the album's second single on September 28. Thomas claims that he is sometimes mistaken for television writer Rob Thomas, and vice versa. A conversation between the two men on this subject led to Thomas agreeing to perform a musical number as himself on the TV show iZombie, penned by his namesake. The Thomases are committed animal lovers and supporters of animal charities. Thomas and his wife have established the P Sidewalk Angels Foundation, a non-profit organization created to help needy people in and around America's big cities by partnering with various charities to assist people who cannot afford medical care, and animals that have been abandoned or abused.
    Thomas performed several new album tracks in early 2015: "Hold On Forever", "Great Unknown", and "Heaven Help Me".
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2010
    Age 38
    In June 2010, Thomas was the guest on Daryl Hall's monthly internet concert series "Live from Daryl's House".
    More Details Hide Details They performed the Matchbox 20 hits "3 AM" and "Disease", as well as Thomas's solo songs "Someday" and "Ever the Same". They also performed Hall and Oates' hits, "She's Gone" and "Kiss on My List", and the Marvin Gaye classic "I Heard It Through the Grapevine". In addition to his music career, Thomas also made a guest appearance playing himself and with Sinbad on the fourth season of the show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. He is also a frequent guest on Real Time with Bill Maher.
    In March 2010, Thomas announced plans to release a four-song digital-only EP entitled the Someday EP.
    More Details Hide Details Featuring three new songs, the EP was released to iTunes on March 30, 2010, and all other digital retailers April 6, 2010.
  • 2009
    Age 37
    Politically, Thomas considers himself a "fairly liberal guy". He is a strong supporter of gay rights and wrote a piece in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage on a blog at The Huffington Post in 2009.
    More Details Hide Details He closed the article by writing, "Each of us has a short ride on this earth and as long as we stay in our lane, and don't affect someone else's ride, we should be allowed to drive as we see fit." Headlining Co-headlining Thomas appeared in the American sitcom It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia in its fourth season which he played himself as a deranged patient of a rehabilitation center. He also served as an advisor for Cee-Lo Green's team during the third season of the NBC reality competition series The Voice. He played himself in the season two finale of iZombie.
    Thomas promoted the album with his 2009/2010 tour, Cradlesong Tour.
    More Details Hide Details
    On June 9, 2009, Thomas released "Give Me the Meltdown" to the US iTunes Store.
    More Details Hide Details Similarly, "Someday" was released on June 16. On June 22, Cradlesong was made available for streaming only on the we7 website, one week ahead of its UK release date.
    On May 21, 2009, Thomas performed "Her Diamonds" on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
    More Details Hide Details
    On March 11, 2009, Rob Thomas created his own Twitter account and announced via the social application that "Her Diamonds" would be the lead single from Cradlesong.
    More Details Hide Details Thomas has also stated via Twitter that Cradlesong had been mastered and featured fourteen tracks culled from the twenty-four songs recorded during the album sessions. All twenty-four tracks were fully mixed and mastered, leaving plenty of material left over for B-sides, iTunes, or EPs.
    On March 2, 2009, Clark Collis of Entertainment Weekly interviewed Thomas, where he confirmed he had since shelved his initial efforts to evoke The Rhythm of the Saints, and claimed the album was scheduled for a June 30 release.
    More Details Hide Details Having played half the forthcoming album to Entertainment Weekly, it was reported that many of the lyrics on Cradlesong were about troubled relationships, and three more song titles were revealed: "Meltdown" (described as "INXS-esque power pop" that stood out as "a possible first single"), "Fire on the Mountain" (an "epic, tribal drum-driven" track inspired by Dave Eggers' book What Is the What) and "Getting Late" (suggested as the "set's likely closer" and what Thomas described as "a little ditty about death.").
    On February 25, 2009, it was announced via Fox News that Thomas would be releasing his second solo record Cradlesong in May 2009.
    More Details Hide Details It was mentioned, in addition, that there were "at least four hot singles awaiting radio play, including 'Her Diamonds' and 'Someday'." On the same day, Thomas announced on his official website that he had been "back and forth to Los Angeles quite a bit, mixing the new record." However, he denied the album would be released in May, mentioning it "looks like it won't be coming until the last week of June or the first week of July."
  • 2008
    Age 36
    On September 15, 2008, Thomas told his second solo album was tentatively called Cradle Songs.
    More Details Hide Details Thomas characterized the album as "the usual mish-mosh of styles, but hopefully just holding true to a bunch of good songs." The article also mentioned that the record would nonetheless feature several tracks that "take a more global, rhythmic direction after working with South American and African percussionists." Thomas explained one such experiment: We started off with the idea of doing a newer version of (Paul Simon's) The Rhythm of the Saints, and that kinda carried us a long way through. It gave us a whole new bed to work with, like 'How do I get my pop sensibility around this and work it into that?' It was a lot of fun. But you go through different phases when you're writing; it took a different turn, and I just followed it, too.
  • 2007
    Age 35
    In 2007, Thomas and his band Matchbox Twenty released another album entitled Exile on Mainstream.
    More Details Hide Details The album was a two-disc set with one disc featuring the band's greatest hits to date and the second disc featuring six new songs. The album released three singles: "How Far We've Come", "All Your Reasons", and "These Hard Times".
    Thomas was featured on the June 14, 2007 episode of the long-running PBS series Soundstage.
    More Details Hide Details
    In January 2007, Thomas released a single entitled "Little Wonders" from the soundtrack to the Disney animated feature, Meet the Robinsons. "Little Wonders" reached #5 on the Mediabase Hot Adult Contemporary chart.
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  • 2006
    Age 34
    In September 2006, Thomas's solo effort received more exposure when ABC started using the song "Streetcorner Symphony" in promotional ads for its popular Thursday night lineup.
    More Details Hide Details This song was subsequently released as a single.
    In the summer of 2006, Thomas toured with Jewel and Toby Lightman.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2005
    Age 33
    On October 5, 2005, he started his first solo tour, the Something to Be Tour.
    More Details Hide Details
    He also appeared on the September 10, 2005 MTV Katrina Relief Concert.
    More Details Hide Details
    As a solo act, Thomas has made several significant appearances. On July 2, 2005, Thomas appeared at the Live 8 concert in Philadelphia, singing a solo set and "Higher Ground" with Stevie Wonder.
    More Details Hide Details
    On April 19, 2005, after ten years with Matchbox Twenty, Thomas began his solo career with the release of Something to Be which shot to #1 on the album chart. His first single from the album, "Lonely No More", reached number six on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart. The single debuted in the top 10 of the Australian ARIA singles chart on the week of April 4, 2005.
    More Details Hide Details The second single, "This Is How a Heart Breaks", went gold in the USA and hit the top 50 in Australia. The third single, "Ever the Same", became a top five Adult Contemporary hit.
  • 1999
    Age 27
    Thomas was also featured on Santana's three-time Grammy award winning 1999 smash hit "Smooth".
    More Details Hide Details
    Thomas earned three Grammy Awards for co-writing and singing on the Santana triple-platinum hit "Smooth", on the album Supernatural in 1999.
    More Details Hide Details He has also lent his songwriting talents to such artists as Willie Nelson, Mick Jagger, Marc Anthony, Pat Green, Taylor Hicks, Travis Tritt and Daughtry. Since 1996, his band has released a string of hit singles to radio including "Push", "3AM", "Real World", "Back 2 Good", "Bent", "If You're Gone", "Mad Season", "Disease", "Unwell", "Bright Lights", "How Far We've Come", and "She's So Mean". In 2004, the Songwriters Hall of Fame awarded Thomas its first Hal David Starlight Award, recognizing young songwriters who have already had a lasting influence in the music industry.
  • 1993
    Age 21
    In 1993, Rob Thomas formed the band Tabitha's Secret, which eventually turned into the band Matchbox Twenty.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1972
    Age 0
    He was born Robert Kelly Thomas in Landstuhl, West Germany, at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, an army hospital, to his American parents on Valentine's Day, 1972.
    More Details Hide Details Thomas's parents moved back to the U.S. when he was six months old. They divorced when Thomas was two years old. He and his sister were raised by his mother in Orlando, Florida, and with their grandparents in Turbeville, South Carolina. When he was 12, his mother was diagnosed with cancer. He attributes the song "3AM" to this time. She later made a full recovery. He dropped out of Lake Brantley High School in Altamonte Springs, Florida in the twelfth grade, at the age of 17. He has since earned his GED.
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