Robert Fuller
Robert Fuller
Robert Fuller is an American former television Western actor and current rancher. In his five decades of television, he is best known for starring roles as Jess Harper and Cooper Smith on the popular 1960s western series, Laramie and Wagon Train, and for his work in the lead role, Dr. Kelly Brackett, in the popular 1970s medical drama Emergency!, opposite his best friends Julie London and her husband Bobby Troup.
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This is the eighth in the series 'Religion and Science: A Beautiful Friendship.' "The public ... demands certainties ... But there are no certainties." --H. L. Mencken When we hear the word fundamentalist, images of fanatical proselytizers, religious extremists and suicide bombers leap to mind. But I shall use the word more broadly to refer to any true believers and even to that part of ourselves that might be closed-minded about one thing or another. By generalizing in this way, we include those who reflexively dismiss anything contrary to their own views, whether religious, scientific, artistic or ideological. Such closed-mindedness is the antithesis of the modeling perspective. Though the popular stereotype is that all fundamentalists are intolerant zealots, there are people who call themselves fundamentalists who hold that their beliefs are for themselves only, and who make no effort to convert anyone else. It may be that the fixity of their beliefs handicaps them ...
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He puts together a posse, including Vin (Robert Fuller, filling in poorly for Steve McQueen), to combat the bad guys. The situation is more personal for Chris and Vin this time, as their old buddy Chico (Julien Mateos this time, taking over for Horst
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... Hills Country Club on Tuesday, downing Cazenovia Golf Club head pro Dennis Colligan 2-up in the final match. Deuel beat Robert Fuller (Seneca Falls CC), Joe Norman (Elmira CC) and Jay Turcsik (Dick's Sporting Goods) to reach the finals. enjoie . jpg
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Vikings look to rebound at U-Mary - Augustana College Vikings
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Tom Nieman will handle the play-by-play, while Robert Fuller will provide color commentary. Fuller is a former player at U-Mary and served as the head coach of the Fairbanks Grizzles of the Indoor Football League this past season
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The Am Law Daily has learned that Charlotte-based Robinson Bradshaw & Hinson partners S. Graham Robinson and Robert Fuller are advising the SEC on any possible legal ramifications that may arise from the addition of Texas A&M. Contacted via e-mail,
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Return of the Magnificent Seven -
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He's replaced by TV western-actor Robert Fuller, who just doesn't have the presence or charisma of McQueen. The rest of the Seven are equally unmemorable, with Warren Oates being the biggest star (and this was before his career took off with THE WILD
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Grizzlies take issue with Fuller's status - Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
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by Renee Thony/ FAIRBANKS—Robert Fuller, who last week announced he will not be back next season as head coach of the Fairbanks Grizzlies, also announced the Grizzlies organization is refusing to pay him $2500, money he says is
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Grizzlies' Fuller decides not to return as coach - Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
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by Renee Thony/ FAIRBANKS—Robert Fuller won't be back with the Fairbanks Grizzlies next season, making his announcement Wednesday, but it won't be as simple as the North Pole native would like to cut ties with the organization
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Maine Quashes Wall Street Negotiated Deals - Bloomberg
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“The only way the public can be assured of the lowest bid for a well-structured deal is a competitive bid,” said Robert Fuller, a former Standard & Poor's managing director in public finance who runs Capital Markets Management LLC, a municipal adviser
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Today's Birthdays - Sports Radio ESPN 1420
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Actor Robert Fuller is 78. (Born 1933) He's best known for his work on the TV series "Emergency." Elizabeth Dole is 75. (Born 1936) She is Bob Dole's wife, the former president of the American Red Cross, Secretary of Transportation, and Secretary of
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Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Robert Fuller
  • 2015
    Age 81
    Five months later, on April 6, 2015, Fuller lost Best to pneumonia.
    More Details Hide Details Fuller did not attend his funeral in North Carolina. In 1961, Fuller won the Best Actor Award in Japan and the Japanese Golden Order of Merit, presented by the Empress of Japan. Fuller was the first American ever to earn this award. In 1970, he won 5 Ottos, which are the German equivalent of the Emmy Awards. That same year, he won the Buffalo Bill award for Outstanding Western Entertainment. On Apr. 16, 1974, Fuller won the Outstanding Service Award from the Huntsville Fire Department. This award was for bringing recognition to the firefighting profession and for his support for emergency assistance personnel throughout the nation. For his contribution to the television industry, Robert Fuller has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6608 Hollywood Blvd. In 1989, he won the Golden Boot Award.
  • 2014
    Age 80
    On November 8, 2014, aged 88, Best's final appearance with Fuller was when the two (along with their wives) flew to Los Angeles, California from their homes (Best was living in North Carolina), to celebrate the 100th Birthday of their dear friend, Norman Lloyd, and reminisce over Norman's memory.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2013
    Age 79
    On July 29, 2013, Fuller celebrated his 80th birthday with his fans and wife while vacationing on a ranch in Libby, Montana.
    More Details Hide Details Fuller's longest-lasting friendship has been with James Drury, whom he met (along with the late Robert Horton, 9 years Fuller's senior), when the three were under contract to MGM in 1954. Drury put Fuller in touch with Jock Mahoney, who in turn contacted Dick Jones. When their contracts were over, both Drury and Fuller moved to Universal. They each starred in their own Western series. In 1959, Fuller co-starred opposite another old friend, John Smith, in Laramie (before joining the cast of Wagon Train after Laramie's cancellation), while Drury starred in The Virginian for 9 seasons. Fuller appeared in the same series later in its run, in two episodes in which Drury did not appear. Drury was a fan of Fuller's and Julie London's Emergency! series, a show that lasted 8 1/2 years. In an interview with another of Fuller's best friends, Drury said, "I had known Bobby Troup very well. We've done several shows together. But I never really knew Julie, except just to meet her. Bobby course became lifelong friends with her, and so forth, but I never spent any time on the road with her, but I think Bobby Fuller did... Fuller... didn't really want to do a modern show. He wanted to do another Western, but Jack Webb talked him into it or insisted that he do it, and he was very happy, course because it was a great success and he had a wonderful time with Julie London and Bobby Troup."
    On June 12, 2013, aged 86, and very healthy at the time, Best reunited with Fuller, Drury, Johnny Crawford and Henry Darrow at the Memphis Film Festival in Olive Branch, Mississippi, where massive die hard Western fans could asked questions before attending a sock hop dance.
    More Details Hide Details
    In a June 2013 interview with Tom Blixa of WTVN, Fuller said of his Emergency! medical partner and secondary series lead Julie London that she had what he called a "potty-mouth."
    More Details Hide Details He added, "She should've been a sailor. I'm telling you, I loved Julie. I've known Julie for years and one of the things that made me happy about doing Emergency! was working with Julie and Bobby because they were friends of mine. I've known them for years. Before that, Julie did Laramie with me and I loved her. I loved her singing and I loved his playing. But to Julie, to get away with anything and when it came out of her mouth, it sounded like candy and we loved it. She was wild." While struggling as an actor, Clu Gulager met Fuller on the fourth episode of Laramie, in which Gulager played the role of a private who showed up at the Sherman Ranch Relay Station beaten and half-starved looking for help from Jess Harper, who was his brother-in-law. The friendship took off from there and a lifelong connection began. Gulager was also reunited with Fuller on 2 more episodes of Wagon Train and 1 episode of The Virginian, where Gulager was credited as a star, but like Drury, Gulager did not appear in the episode.
  • 2012
    Age 78
    In September 2012, Fuller, along with several other western celebrities, attended the first annual Spirit of the Cowboy Western festival held at Chestnut Square in McKinney, Texas.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2010
    Age 76
    On October 9, 2010, Fuller, James Drury, and Don Reynolds, participated in the Wild West Toy Show, sponsored by Bob Terry in Azle near Fort Worth, Texas.
    More Details Hide Details The event promotes horse riding and the purchase and exchange of Western merchandising.
    On March 10, 2010, Fuller presented James Drury with the "Cowboy Spirit Award" at the Festival of the West.
    More Details Hide Details He also paid tribute to John Smith who died fifteen years earlier on January 25, 1995, of cirrhosis of the liver and heart problems. In the tribute, he recounted many details about Smith's life, especially their on and off screen chemistry during their days on Laramie. Smith had also attended the Festival of the West for two seasons, before his declining health rendered it impossible for him to appear.
  • 2009
    Age 75
    Fuller's stepfather, Robert Simpson, Sr., died in 2009.
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  • 2002
    Age 68
    In 2002, one year after Fuller remarried, Cord served as his best man.
    More Details Hide Details Then Fuller attended Cord's wedding to Susannah Moller, where Fuller served as best man. Two years later, Fuller moved with his wife to Texas, becoming Cord's neighbors. Already an immensely popular character actor and movie star of several Westerns, Fuller met James Best, on the sixth episode of Laramie. Best played a worried young man coming back to camp who demanded the knowledgeable Jess Harper help save a young man dying of a snake bite. The two had a great connection and since the writers loved him from his first appearance, Best would later do two additional guest spots on Laramie with Fuller, long before landing a starring role in the popular Western satire, The Dukes of Hazzard, in the 1980s and later, two movies, in 1997 and 2000. Being the traveling man that he was, 'Jimmie' would travel to festivals and run into 'Bobby' many times.
  • 1998
    Age 64
    From October 9 to October 11, 1998, Fuller was again reunited with the rest of the surviving Emergency! cast, at the Emergency!
    More Details Hide Details Convention '98, which took place at the Burbank Airport Hilton in Burbank, California. All of the main actors attended except for Julie London, who had suffered a stroke in 1995; she died in 2000. Troup attended just four months before his own death. Fuller and the rest of the stars and crew answered fans's questions and reminisced about their times together during which their cast-mates got along so well.
  • 1976
    Age 42
    In the sixth season of Emergency! in 1976 and 1977, Fuller's appearances were reduced because he had grown unhappy with the direction the show was taking.
    More Details Hide Details At the same time, he was looking for Westerns. In 1977, after a six-season run, Emergency! was put on hiatus, despite good ratings, and eventually canceled in 1979, after eight and a half seasons and 134 episodes. In 1986, the entire Emergency! cast (with the exception of series star, Julie London) appeared on ABC's Good Morning America. In the 1980s and 1990s, Fuller played supporting roles in more than 20 television shows, including The Love Boat, The Fall Guy (in two episodes which reunited him with Lee Majors, who met Fuller on The Big Valley), Murder, She Wrote (which reunited him with Eddie Albert, who guest-starred with Fuller on Laramie), Matt Houston, Tour of Duty, The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., JAG, and Diagnosis: Murder, in an episode which reunited his ex-Emergency! co-star, Randolph Mantooth (Malibu Fire). That episode talked about the Malibu Fires that were used as a reference in Emergency! Toward the end of his acting career, he had a recurring role as Jess's supposed great-great-grandson Wade Harper, before and on the last episode of Walker, Texas Ranger with Chuck Norris and Clarence Gilyard. He also acted as another character, on the same series (in the second part of the episode "Last of a Breed") that made Norris's character, a Texas Ranger, after being a bounty hunter, before being cast as Wade.
  • 1971
    Age 37
    After producer Jack Webb saw Fuller in the 1971 movie The Hard Ride, he insisted Fuller star in his new NBC medical drama, Emergency!
    More Details Hide Details Webb had already signed his own ex-wife, 1950s/1960s singer and B-movie actress Julie London, as Nurse Dixie McCall alongside her by-then real-life husband, Bobby Troup, as Dr. Joe Early. Fuller was reluctant to play a doctor, especially in a series with a contemporary urban setting, but the persistent Webb gave him the opportunity to accept the role of Dr. Kelly Brackett, Chief of Emergency Medicine at the fictitious Rampart General Hospital. Fuller said, in the 2009 interview with On Screen and Beyond also cited above, that he had twice, politely, rejected the role of Brackett. Webb then reminded Fuller, much less politely, that Western shows had been repeatedly cancelled over the previous five years and that the genre was on the decline. Fuller's, Troup's, and London's co-stars on Emergency! were previously unknown actors, Randolph Mantooth as John Roderick "Johnny" Gage and Kevin Tighe as Roy DeSoto, both playing paramedics. The other cast members got along very well with both Fuller and London. During its first season, as a mid-season replacement in the 1971–1972 season and despite the especially fierce and vigorous competition of CBS's All in the Family, Emergency! became a hit, and NBC renewed the show for the 1972-1973 season. It remained on the air for the next five years.
  • 1966
    Age 32
    In 1966, Fuller starred in the Western film Incident at Phantom Hill.
    More Details Hide Details That same year, he protrayed the ill-fated western military Captain William Judd Fetterman in the episode "Massacre at Fort Phil Kearney," near Fort Phil Kearny in Wyoming, one of NBC's Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre. His co-stars included Richard Egan, Phyllis Avery, Robert Pine, and Carroll O'Connor.
  • 1962
    Age 28
    Formerly, Fuller was married for 22 years to Patricia Lee Lyon, on December 20, 1962, with whom he has three children: Rob, Christine and Patrick.
    More Details Hide Details The two divorced in 1984 and his ex-wife died a decade after the divorce. Since March 18, 1990, Fuller, along with James Drury, has been on the celebrity panel of the annual Festival of the West, a public/private party where die-hard fans can ask questions about his roles on Laramie, Wagon Train, and other Westerns. He also tells the story about his being a cowboy. Included at his party are country-Western dancing, lunch, and dinner.
  • 1961
    Age 27
    The two, who are the same age, had met in 1961 on the Laramie set when Cord made his television acting debut.
    More Details Hide Details Fuller's former Emergency! co-star and long-time friend, Randolph Mantooth, said in an interview with Tom Blixa of WTVN that he would no longer keep in touch with Fuller because of the relocation.
  • 1959
    Age 25
    At about the same time, Fuller landed the co-starring role of Jess Harper on Laramie, which ran from 1959 to 1963, and Fuller was cast opposite another of his best friends, John Smith.
    More Details Hide Details Being the unknown, struggling actor that he was, Fuller was asked to do a screen test for the character of Slim Sherman, and John Smith had originally been cast as Jess Harper. Fuller insisted that he would be better cast as Harper, and after the screen test, he won the role of Jess, while Smith got the part of Slim. Laramie was eventually aired in more than 70 countries. On the set of Laramie, he met a young rising star, Julie London, who was 7 years Fuller's senior. While off-camera, he met an established singer-songwriter, Bobby Troup, who was 15 years Fuller's senior. The two men would be best friends until Troup's death in 1999, almost two years before the death of London in 2000, who had become his wife. When Laramie ended its run, Fuller jumped to another western, Wagon Train, alongside John McIntire, a veteran film actor, a two-time guest-star on Laramie, and a future star of The Virginian, Frank McGrath, and Terry Wilson. According to an August 17, 2009 interview for On Screen and Beyond, Fuller noted that he was not brought into the show to replace Robert Horton (an actor whom Fuller had known since 1954, when he and James Drury were all under contract at MGM and became friends for 62 years until Horton's death, in March 2016) in the role of the wagon train scout.
    In 1959, Patrick Kelly called Fuller to his office to offer him an opportunity to co-star opposite Academy Award-winner Ray Milland, in the CBS detective series, Markham.
    More Details Hide Details Fuller quickly turned down the role because he wanted to appear in westerns. He was David Dortort's second choice for the role of Lorne Greene's youngest cocky, impish son, Joseph "Little Joe" Cartwright, on NBC's Bonanza, but he lost the role to another young and then unknown actor--Michael Landon, whose career was made by that role.
    In the summer of 1959, Fuller guest-starred as young outlaw, Buck Harmon, in the episode "The Friend" on the ABC/Warner Brothers western series, Lawman.
    More Details Hide Details In the story line, Harmon is estranged from his minister father, played by Robert F. Simon. When the outlaw gang comes into Laramie, Buck switches sides to help his old friend, Deputy Johnny McKay (Peter Brown). In the shootout, Harmon is gunned down, but his father is spared.
    On February 24, 1959, Fuller guest-starred in the episode "Blind Is the Killer," in NBC's Cimarron City television series.
    More Details Hide Details This appearance propelled him into a lead role seven months later in Laramie, one of the comparatively few network programs set in Wyoming. Fuller appeared as Joe Cole, a young gunfighter seeking a reputation, who found his target in Cimarron City Mayor Matt Rockford, played by George Montgomery. Cole temporarily blinded Rockford with glass from a broken whisky bottle. The two were ultimately reconciled after each had a chance to prove his courage. John Smith, Fuller's co-star on Laramie, was a regular in Cimarron City, and the two appeared together briefly in this episode, which also featured Dennis McCarthy as Dr. "Doc" Hodges, who successfully treated Rockford's eyes.
    In 1959, he portrayed a character accused of arson in Broderick Crawford's syndicated series, Highway Patrol.
    More Details Hide Details He also made appearances in ABC's The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp and Mickey Spillane's syndicated Mike Hammer. He made a cameo appearance in the film Maverick.
  • 1957
    Age 23
    Also in 1957, Fuller starred in the science fiction film The Brain from Planet Arous.
    More Details Hide Details Fuller became an immensely popular character actor, guest-starring in dozens of television programs including Buckskin, The Big Valley, Official Detective, The Californians, The Restless Gun, The Lawless Years (in the role of "Cutie Jaffe" on May 7, 1959), U.S. Marshal, Panic! M Squad, The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin, and the Lux Playhouse. He also appeared in the series Strange Intruder as a villain who dies in the third episode.
    In 1957, Fuller was cast in his first major film role in Teenage Thunder.
    More Details Hide Details He said of it: I always wanted to be in show business and with the help of my best buddy, Chuck Courtney, who was an actor then, he helped get me my first starring role in a movie called Teenage Thunder. It was a break for me and since Chuck had the pull at the time to get the director, Paul Helmick, use me for the bad guy and not another actor that he really wanted.
  • 1956
    Age 22
    In the 1956 episode "The Comeback" in the religion anthology series, Crossroads, Fuller played the part of a former soldier.
    More Details Hide Details In the story line, Don DeFore, as the Reverend C. E. "Stoney" Jackson, offers spiritual insight to assist Lou Brissie (Chuck Connors) who is recovering from wounds sustained in World War II to enable him to return to professional baseball. Grant Withers appeared as Coach Whitey Martin and Crossroads regular Robert Carson appeared as a coach.
    Fuller's first speaking role was in Friendly Persuasion in 1956, where he worked with his future Laramie co-star John Smith and another close friend, Doug McClure.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1955
    Age 21
    He served a tour of duty in Korea and returned to the United States in 1955.
    More Details Hide Details Though he had been considering giving up acting, Fuller, at the suggestion of his best friend, Chuck Courtney, attended Richard Boone's acting classes. Boone suggested that Fuller study under the tutelage of Sanford Meisner at New York City's Neighborhood Playhouse.
  • 1953
    Age 19
    In 1953, he again had another minor part in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, which starred Marilyn Monroe.
    More Details Hide Details Fuller's career then went on hold for service in the United States Army.
  • 1952
    Age 18
    Fuller's first small role was as an extra in the 1952 film Above and Beyond.
    More Details Hide Details This part led to much extra work on many projects, one of which was in I Love Melvin.
  • 1950
    Age 16
    In 1950, at the age of 16, he traveled with his family to Hollywood, California, where his first job was as a stunt man.
    More Details Hide Details He also worked at Grauman's Chinese Theatre, beginning as a doorman and working his way up to Assistant Manager by age 18. At the urging of friends, the up-to-then Simpson Jr. joined the Screen Actors Guild, embarked on a career in acting, and changed his name from Robert Simpson Jr. to Robert Fuller, the name by which he would be known at his most prominent.
  • 1948
    Age 14
    He dropped out in 1948, at the age of 14, due to the fact that he disliked school and was doing poorly there.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1933
    Fuller was born as Leonard Leroy Lee on July 29, 1933, in Troy, New York, the only child of Betty Simpson, a dance instructor.
    More Details Hide Details Prior to his birth, Betty married Robert Simpson, Sr., a Naval Academy officer. The family moved to Key West, Florida, where, already known by the nickname of “Buddy,” he took the name Robert Simpson Jr. The early highlights of his life were acting and dancing. His parents owned a dancing school in Florida. His family also moved to Chicago, Illinois, where they lived for 1 year, before moving back to Florida. Simpson Jr., as he was then still formally known, attended the Miami Military School for fifth and sixth grade, and Key West High School for ninth grade.
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