Robert L. Miller
Robert L. Miller
Robert L. Miller, Sr., also known as Bobby Miller, was a politician and civic leader from Campbellsville in Taylor County in central Kentucky. He was principally known for his work as the mayor of the small city of Campbellsville from 1966 to 1998.
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Charlotte sports firm promising perfection for VIPs
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For those who think of shuttle buses as slumming it, a Charlotte startup could be your ticket for entertaining clients and prospects. Especially if it’s a smaller outing aimed at leaving a lasting impression. Such is the promise of 54 Sports, formed by partners Robert Miller, Mark Surles and Brandon Woods. Surles, the CEO, and Miller, chief sales and marketing officer, have just opened an office on East Boulevard. Woods, the chief operating officer, works from an office in Pone Vedra Beach, Fla. Surles…
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After 14 years on the run from the FBI and tips from witnesses in two countries, David Lee Kemp turned himself over to authorities in southwest Oklahoma early Friday morning, local authorities said. Kemp, of Lawton, Okla., was the only inmate to elude capture after escaping with eight other inmates on March 11, 1999, while awaiting trial on two first-degree murder counts in the killings of his ex-wife and her boyfriend. Comanche County Sheriff Kenny Stradley said Kemp told police he was done running. "He said that he was just tired basically of running and it was affecting his health," Stradley told The Associated Press. Comanche County Jail records show Kemp was taken into custody at about 1:40 a.m. Friday on charges of felony first-degree murder and escaping from a county jail, a misdemeanor. The sequence of events leading up to his arrest started at a rest stop along Interstate 44, Stradley said, when Kemp kn ...
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Itica Pritica: A Collaboration by Beezy Bailey and Dave Matthews When I received a last-minute invitation to attend an intimate discussion with Dave Matthews and Beezy Bailey on their new collaborative exhibition at the Robert Miller Gallery, instead of sending in a RSVP, I responded, "You had me at Dave Matthews." Well that's not entirely true, but it is exactly what I was thinking. However, as I read beyond the headliners, I realized that Mr. Matthews was actually going to be discussing his recent collaboration which pays homage to Warhol and Rauschenberg with the famed South African artist Beezy blah blah blah. I wasn't familiar with the work of Mr. Blah, Blah, Blah, however, my blah, blah, blah quickly turned to profound respect and admiration once I googled and researched Mr. Bailey's poignant and intelligent work. So instead of a flippant RSVP, I reserved my spot with an enthusiastic -- YES. To accompany me on my 10:15 p.m. adventure (I've always been intimat ...
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At No. 8 on Monday night, artist Beezy Bailey talked about how he convinced musician Dave Matthews to collaborate with him on their latest project, now (until April 13) on display at Chelsea's Robert Miller Gallery. Two holidays ago, "I proposed that he paint with me," Bailey said of Matthews, a long-time friend from South Africa. When Matthews expressed some apprehension, Bailey was quick on the take: "I said, 'Dave, no one has ever died making a painting." "Au contraire," moderator and P.S. 1 co-founder Alanna Heiss quickly interjected. "I'm sure many died looking at bad paintings," she quipped, to audience laughter. The discussion was part of a series put together by the No. 8 Cafe Society and The Committee, organizations that produce cultural events. No. 8 doyenne Amy Sacco presided over the proceedings which -- luckily for this writer -- began about 20 minutes fashionably late. What I quickly realized was that this collaboration -- the artists' first together in ...
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Think of Richard Gere, and it's invariably not long before the theme to either 'An Officer and a Gentleman' or ' Pretty Woman' turns up in your head. But it turns out these were the two films of in 40-year career that he struggled the most to like – initially. “I wasn't innately drawn to them as projects,” he explains to me in London. “I agreed to them because I needed the money or some other reason, and then I did the work to make it something I cared about. And they turned out to be two of my most successful movies, and ones I liked the most. “I was only ambivalent from that point in the beginning. By the time I make anything, I'm enthusiastic. I can't do it otherwise. I don't walk through anything. I never have done, and I never will.” Richard Gere with Julia Roberts in 'Pretty Woman' At this point, something miraculous occurs. Beneath the silver mane of hair which makes Richard Gere now look like a twinkly grandfather, or an elegant ambassador to Europe, no lo ...
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Martin Kreloff: Before There was Basel: Miami Always Said 'Art' to Me
Huffington Post - about 4 years
"We're moving to Miami." That simple statement, spoken by my father in 1967, sent my entire life into a tailspin. In my early twenties, I was embarking on what promised to be a fascinating career as a New York artist. I had attended Parsons School of Design on scholarship and had eagerly ventured out into the competitive job market of Manhattan. Landing a job at an advertising agency, I was creating print ads for the movie studios. (My favorite tag line was for the Jane Fonda film, Cat Ballou -- "Cat Ballou ain't no Puss 'n' Boots!") The last thing I wanted was to be uprooted and banished to the cultural wasteland I imagined Florida, and Miami, to be. My mother, eager to keep the family together, convinced me that there were wonderful creative opportunities waiting for me, and that I'd be inspired by the vibrant, tropical colors of Miami. Well, you know what they say -- Mom is always right. In the early 1970s, Miami Beach was in severe decline. The once beautiful A ...
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Education Week - over 4 years
With the resignation of former Florida Commissioner of Education Gerard Robinson after just one controversial year, the state board of education embarked on a search for his replacement. The Florida department announced on Sept. 25 that the board is extending the previous deadline of Sept. 27 for applications to be the next commissioner. The new deadline to apply is nearly two months later, Nov. 30, and then the board plans to vote to name Robinson's replacement on Dec. 12. The news release I linked to doesn't state the reason for extending the deadline. But the "Naked Politics" blog for the Miami Herald reported that the initial list of 16 applicants was considered "lackluster by many observers." In addition, the blog item from Tia Mitchell said Gov. Rick Scott, a Republican, who appoints the state board members, met with board Chairman Gary Chartrand (who was appointed chairman earlier this month) to discuss the search. So Florida officials have bought themselves more ...
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Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Robert L. Miller
  • 2011
    Age 83
    Died on February 11, 2011.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2002
    Age 74
    On May 17, 2002, Miller married Jeania Judd, who had three children from a previous marriage.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1998
    Age 70
    The Central Kentucky News-Journal, a twice-weekly publication, reported in a 1998 interview as Miller left office that Miller had always stressed the need to treat all persons the same: "Someone's problem is important to them, so I've got to make it important to me.
    More Details Hide Details
    After more than three decades in the nonpartisan position of mayor, Miller, a Republican, was defeated on November 2, 1998, by Realtor Paul E. Osborne of Osborne-Humphress Realty Company, a Democrat.
    More Details Hide Details On Miller's death, Osborne described his former opponent as "a visionary who donated countless hours of his time to make the community better. I would say that most of Campbellsville's growth was because of his leadership." Osborne credits Miller with the development of the water line to the city from Green River Lake, the expansion of Campbellsville City Park, addition of a new municipal swimming pool, and the establishment of a professional, rather than volunteer, fire department. Osborne recalls that Miller worked all day at Tennessee Gas and then came to City Hall, where he remained as long as needed visiting with constituents and handling municipal business. According to Osborne, Miller "never heard of a problem he didn't like. He tried to solve all of them."
  • 1986
    Age 58
    Miller did not become a full-time mayor until 1986, when he retired from Tennessee Gas.
    More Details Hide Details Barry Bertram, the retired Commonwealth's Attorney from Campbellsville, noted that he and Miller had been friends for more than a half century: "You hardly ever run across anyone who didn't like Bob. He was the epitome of the public servant... he loved his job as mayor, and he loved people. He was a genuine person with fine Christian principles." Frank Metzmeier, a retired dentist and Campbellsville City Council member, described Miller as "one of the more outstanding members of our community. His commitment has never been surpassed... He looked beyond individual needs to the community as a whole." Metzmeier recalls that during the late 1970s and early 1980s, when Campbellsville experienced years of consecutive heavy rains, that Miller was often found "in the middle of the night helping to sweep basements" of his constituents. Robert Miller, Jr. (born 1949), said that his father got along well with people because he respected them: "He didn't like to tell people 'no' if he could help it.... He was the kind of person who could make the most of his time. He loved Campbellsville as much as anyone could. Some may love it just as much, but no one could love it more." Since his retirement, Miller had regularly played golf and helped to develop Windsor Gardens and Bluegrass Estates. In his last four years, Miller was afflicted with Alzheimer's disease.
  • 1966
    Age 38
    He was principally known for his work as the mayor of the small city of Campbellsville from 1966 to 1998.
    More Details Hide Details Miller was born in Taylor County to the late Martin K. Miller and the former Birdie Mae Baumgardner. He was a veteran of the United States Navy during the latter portion of World War II. He was a licensed land surveyor and a retired employee of Tennessee Gas Transmission Company, based in Gabe in Green County, Kentucky. Miller was a member of the First United Methodist Church of Campbellsville and a trustee of Methodist-affiliated Lindsey Wilson College in Columbia in Adair County. He was active in Gideons International, a religious group which distributes Bibles to schools, hotel rooms, and other public places. Miller was a benefactor of the Boy Scouts of America, which awarded him its Silver Beaver Award.
  • 1947
    Age 19
    On August 31, 1947, Miller married Bernice Chapman (July 28, 1931 – December 1, 2000).
    More Details Hide Details The couple had a son and two daughters, eight grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren.
  • 1927
    Born on July 24, 1927.
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