Roger Delano Hinkins

Roger Delano Hinkins

Orator + Founder + Assistant
Born Sep 24, 1934

Roger Delano Hinkins, known and published as John-Roger, is an American author, public speaker, and founder of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA), as well as several other New Age spiritual and self-help organizations.

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1934 Birth Hinkins was born on September 24, 1934, and raised in the small mining town of Rains, Utah. … Read More


1948 13 Years Old …  According to Hinkins, he was passed the "keys" by the previous receptor of the Consciousness, Sawan Singh, the late Radhasoami Satsang Beas master who died in 1948, while he was on the "inner spiritual planes". … Read More


1958 23 Years Old Upon graduation from high school, Hinkins attended the University of Utah, where he would go on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology in 1958 and a Secondary Teaching credential in 1960. … Read More
1963 28 Years Old Hinkins relates having had a near-death experience while undergoing surgery for a kidney stone in late 1963, after which he fell into a nine-day coma. … Read More


1968 33 Years Old In 1968, five years after his coma, Hinkins began to hold seminars as an independent spiritual teacher in homes of friends in Santa Barbara and Thousand Oaks.
1971 36 Years Old The demand for his seminars grew and spread, until in 1971, Hinkins resigned from his secular job as a high school English teacher and formally incorporated the Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness. … Read More


1976 41 Years Old In 1976, he founded Koh-e-nor University, later renamed the University of Santa Monica (USM), a private, unaccredited institution offering master's degrees in Spiritual Psychology and Consciousness, Health & Healing, and a doctoral degree in Spiritual Psychology. … Read More
1977 42 Years Old In 1977 Hinkins founded the Peace Theological Seminary & College of Philosophy (PTS) as an educational non-profit organization for MSIA students to undertake undergraduate workshops, courses and retreats, and also postgraduate programs. … Read More
1978 43 Years Old In 1978 Hinkins created the Insight organization with friend and fellow MSIA Minister Russell Bishop. … Read More
1979 44 Years Old In 1979, Hinkins founded the Heartfelt Foundation, a volunteer-driven, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to serving and assisting people in any form of need.
1982 47 Years Old In 1982, Hinkins founded the Institute for Individual and World Peace (IIWP), a volunteer-driven 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to studying, identifying, and presenting the processes that lead to peace. … Read More
1983 48 Years Old Religion academic and writer David C. Lane claims that in the fall of 1983, after he called Hinkins, who at that time he considered to be a friend, to get his response to the allegations of plagiarism, sexual manipulation, and charlatanism that had been raised by other friends, he was subjected to a series of threats, including several made against his life and the lives of his friends/informants. … Read More


1994 59 Years Old In 1994, Peter McWilliams, a former high-level member of MSIA, published Life 102: What to Do When Your Guru Sues You, which charged that Hinkins had repeatedly abused his power as a guru. … Read More
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