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Sir Ronald Aylmer Fisher FRS was an English statistician, evolutionary biologist, eugenicist and geneticist. Among other things, Fisher is well known for his contributions to statistics by creating Fisher's exact test and Fisher's equation. Anders Hald called him "a genius who almost single-handedly created the foundations for modern statistical science" while Richard Dawkins named him "the greatest biologist since Darwin".… Read More

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1890 Birth Born on February 17, 1890.


1909 19 Years Old 1 More Event
In 1909, he won a scholarship to Gonville and Caius College at the Cambridge University. … Read More


1911 21 Years Old Joan Box, Fisher's biographer and daughter says that Fisher had resolved this problem in 1911.
1912 22 Years Old Between 1912 and 1922 Fisher recommended, analyzed (with flawed attempts at proofs) and vastly popularized Maximum likelihood.
1919 29 Years Old In 1919 he was offered a position at the Galton Laboratory in University College London led by Karl Pearson, but instead accepted a temporary job at Rothamsted Research in Harpenden to investigate the possibility of analysing the vast amount of data accumulated since 1842 from the "Classical Field Experiments" where he analysed the data recorded over many years and published Studies in Crop Variation in 1921.


1921 31 Years Old His first application of the analysis of variance was published in 1921. … Read More
1925 35 Years Old In 1925 he published Statistical Methods for Research Workers, one of the 20th century's most influential books on statistical methods. … Read More
1928 38 Years Old In 1928 Joseph Oscar Irwin began a three-year stint at Rothamsted and became one of the first people to master Fisher's innovations.
1929 39 Years Old Fisher was elected to the Royal Society in 1929. … Read More


1933 - 1935 3 More Events
1936 46 Years Old In 1936 he introduced the Iris flower data set as an example of discriminant analysis.
1937 47 Years Old In his 1937 paper The wave of advance of advantageous genes he proposed Fisher's equation in the context of population dynamics to describe the spatial spread of an advantageous allele and explored its travelling wave solutions. … Read More
1938 48 Years Old In 1938 the Fisher–Yates shuffle was described by Fisher and Frank Yates in their book Statistical tables for biological, agricultural and medical research. … Read More


1943 53 Years Old In 1943, along with A.S. Corbett and C.B. Williams he published a paper on Relative species abundance where he developed the logseries to fit two different abundance data sets In the same year he took the Balfour Chair of Genetics where the Italian researcher Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza was recruited in 1948, establishing a one-man unit of bacterial genetics.
1947 57 Years Old In 1947, Fisher used a Pearson's chi-squared test to analyze Mendel's data and concluded that Mendel's results with the predicted ratios were far too perfect, suggesting that adjustments (intentional or unconscious) had been made to the data to make the observations fit the hypothesis. … Read More
1949 59 Years Old In the same year, Fisher cofounded the journal Heredity with Cyril Darlington and in 1949 he published The Theory of Inbreeding.


1950 60 Years Old 1 More Event
In 1950 he published "Gene Frequencies in a Cline Determined by Selection and Diffusion" on the wave of advance of advantageous genes and on clines of gene frequency, being notable as the first application of a computer, the EDSAC, to biology. … Read More
1953 63 Years Old He gave the 1953 Croonian lecture on population genetics.
1954 64 Years Old Debabrata Basu, the Indian statistician, met Fisher in the winter of 1954–1955; he wrote in 1988, "With his reference set argument, Sir Ronald was trying to find a via media between the two poles of Statistics – Berkeley and Bayes. … Read More
1955 65 Years Old In a 1955 broadcast on Science and Christianity, he said: … Read More
1957 67 Years Old …  In 1957, a retired Fisher emigrated to Australia where he spent time as a senior research fellow at the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) in Adelaide, where he died in 1962, with his remains interred within St Peter's Cathedral.
1962 72 Years Old Died on July 29, 1962.
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