Ronnie Scribner

Ronnie Scribner

Born Jul 23, 1966

Ronnie Scribner is an American actor. A professional child actor and model since the age of 11, Scribner is best known for his iconic role as the child vampire, Ralphie Glick in the 1979 CBS mini-series Salem's Lot.

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1966 Birth Ronnie Scribner was born Ronald Adam Scribner on July 23, 1966, to parents Penny and Lawrence Scribner. … Read More
1977 10 Years Old Scribner began his acting career at the age of 11 when he landed his first television role as a recurring character on the 1977/1978 season of General Hospital.


1978 11 Years Old 1 More Event
On September 16, 1978, he appeared in his first starring role on ABC's popular Saturday morning anthology series The ABC Weekend Special. … Read More
On January 15, 1979, Scribner made his first guest-starring appearance on the NBC series Little House on the Prairie. … Read More
On March 15, 1980, Scribner had a guest-starring role on the popular ABC series The Love Boat. … Read More
On March 20, 1981, Scribner had a co-starring role in the Disney feature film Amy. … Read More
In April 1982, Tiger Beat described Scribner when introducing him to their teen readers - "Soft brown hair, sparkling eyes of blue, a touch of freckles that gives him that appealing boy-next-door look and a smile to make your heart spin - that's Ronnie Scribner."
1985 18 Years Old Following his final appearance on Little House, Scribner's acting career began to taper off. In 1985, he was reportedly set to co-star in the feature film The Falcon and the Snowman, but his role was subsequently cut from the final edit and interest from the teen magazines eventually waned.


1989 22 Years Old After leaving show business, Scribner finished high school, and in 1989 enrolled at the University of California, where he graduated in 1993.
1993 26 Years Old In 1993, Scribner's haunting window scene was parodied in one of the special "Treehouse of Horror" episodes of The Simpsons. … Read More


1999 32 Years Old In the subsequent years, Scribner worked as a financial analyst and mortgage broker, and in 1999, he married Jessica Garza.


2011 44 Years Old As of 2011, Scribner was working as a consumer credit manager and was living in the Denver, Colorado, area with his wife Jessica and their three children.
2012 45 Years Old In 2012, Fangoria writer Lee Gambin described the enduring iconography of Scribner's role as "a beautiful play on the Peter Pan mythology where the children of darkness never grow up, staying young forever by feeding on the blood of mortals," and lauded Scribner's scenes as "among the most captivatingly sinister sequences ever put to film." … Read More
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