Roza Shanina

Roza Shanina

Soviet Sniper

Roza Georgiyevna ShaninaTemplate:Efn was a Soviet sniper during World War II, credited with 54 confirmed kills, including 12 snipers during the Battle of Vilnius. Praised for her shooting accuracy, Shanina was capable of taking precise bolt action shots on moving enemy targets. She fired in quick succession, effectively eliminating two enemies by double shots. Shanina volunteered to serve as a marksman on the front line.… Read More

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1924 Birth Roza Shanina was born on 3 April 1924 in the Russian village of Yedma (Arkhangelsk Oblast) to Anna Alexeyevna Shanina, a kolkhoz milkmaid, and Georgiy (Yegor) Mikhailovich Shanin, a logger who had been disabled by a wound received during World War I. … Read More


1938 14 Years Old In 1938, Shanina became a member of the Soviet youth movement Komsomol.
Two years later, Soviet secondary education institutes introduced tuition fees, and the scholarship fund was cut. Shanina received little financial support from home and on 11 September 1941, she took a job in kindergarten No. 2 (lately known as Beryozka) in Arkhangelsk, with which she was offered a free apartment. … Read More
1942 18 Years Old In February 1942, Soviet women between the ages of 16 and 45 became eligible for the military draft, but Shanina was not drafted that month as the local military commissariat wanted to pinion her out of war's way. … Read More
1943 19 Years Old On 22 June 1943, while still living in the dormitory, Shanina was accepted into the Vsevobuch program for universal military training.


In 1944, a Canadian newspaper described Shanina as "the unseen terror of East Prussia". … Read More
On 8 January 1945 Nikolai Krylov formally allowed Shanina to participate in front-line combat, albeit with great reluctance: previously Shanina was denied that permission by the commander of the 184th Rifle Division and the military council of the 5th Army as well. … Read More
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