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Rui En
Lu Rui En is a Singaporean singer-actress currently based in Singapore. Rui En was talent-spotted while appearing in SingTel's popular SingTel hi!Card commercial as the iconic "running girl" in 2001. She was offered a general management contract by Artiste Networks, a section of Hype Records. In 2002, Rui En debuted her acting career in Singapore with her first drama, titled No Problem!. Since 2004, she has averaged one to three dramas per year.
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Star Awards 2012: Rui En demonstrates how to tell if she is happy or upset
Channel News Asia - almost 5 years
SINGAPORE: She had a look on her face that threatened to turn water into ice, when she began her acceptance speech for winning a Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes award on Sunday.
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More Jeanette Aw in 2012, "Unriddle 2" to air in March - Channel News Asia
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Some members of the original cast, like Rui En, Chen Li Ping and Tay Ping Hui will return in "Unriddle 2". The drama will also feature some fresh faces like Elvin Ng, Romeo Tan and Zhou Ying. According to Channel 8, audiences will also get to see much
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Rui Faria, fier comme un Coq - Le blog du Football Portugais (Blog)
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Et Rui en sera. Avec son premier contrat pro en poche. « Je viens de signer pour quatre saisons, annonce-t-il à bloGolo. Ca a été facile puisque mon envie était de rester au Gil Vicente. » Voilà huit ans que le gamin de 19ans gravit les échelons avec
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Por la Selección Portugal que es dirigido por Ilídio Vale podrían aparecer Mika; Pele, Nuno Reis, Roderick, Julio Alves; N. Oliveria, Cedric, Caetano, Alex; Danilo y Mario Rui. En tanto por Guatemala jugarían en el gramado de la capital vallecaucana
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Clubes privados de China, parque infantil para ricos y poderosos - lagranepoca
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“Hace unos días, un guía de turismo extranjero me dijo con orgullo que recién había dispuesto que la familia de un multimillonario americano cenara en un palacio al interior de la Ciudad Prohibida, que no está abierto al público”, escribió Rui en su
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Grote opkomst vogelexcursie Buytenpark - (persbericht)
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Een torenvalk stond op kenmerkende wijze te bidden en grote groepen grauwe en grote Canadese ganzen waren in de rui en verbleven vooral op het water voor hun eigen veiligheid. "Wie '-s avonds door het park loopt hoort een sprinkhaanorkest
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Getting the popular vote - TODAYonline
Google News - over 5 years
But imagine the crowds when Rui En does forum theatre at Toa Payoh! Alternatively, if your budget allows - why limit yourself to Singapore when you can rope in someone from Hong Kong or Taiwan? Or Ian McKellen or Kevin Spacey?
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Win-lose situation - TODAYonline
Google News - almost 6 years
Said Best Actress Rui En, who, prior to winning, insisted that she didn't stand a chance: "It's a weird feeling. I'm really not used to it! I'm more used to the lows (in my career)!" Best Info-ed programme host Joanne Peh was similarly dazed: "It's not
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  • 2016
    Age 35
    Rui En will be acting in CLIF 4 as well in 2016 September which will broadcast on Channel 8 at 9pm.
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    In 2016,Rui En attracted the media's attention as well when she gained supposedly 7kg for her role in If Only I Could for an Auntie role.
    More Details Hide Details She has shared her views about fat shaming in the 8 days magazine and has gathered quite a number of fans for her professional acting even though she has received critics about being fat.
    She was also involved in a hit and run accident earlier in Jan 2016 in which both parties agreed to make a private settlement.
    More Details Hide Details She was let off with a S$700 fine. Rui En is the theme song singer for The Community Chest of Singapore. The song, titled "Listen to Your Heart", has been released in the form of EP in years 2003 and 2009. Despite her hectic schedule, Rui En is a regular volunteer at Beyond Social Services. She has expressed her wish to remain low-profile with regards to her volunteering as she has no wish to use this to benefit her public image.
    On 13 April 2016, Rui En was involved in a car accident when she was driving into a carpark near her home.
    More Details Hide Details Her BMW knocked over a stationary motorcycle in the carpark. On April 14 it was reported that Rui En was assisting the police with investigations into the accident She subsequently apologised and responded with an official statement regarding the accident. The owner of the motorcycle had accepted Rui En's apology through Wanbao on April 15.
  • 2015
    Age 34
    She has also participated in 2015's Blockbuster, The Dream Makers 2, as Fang Tong Lin, which garnered many fans with her cheerful and bubbly role and her skillful acting skills.
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    Channel NewsAsia has produced a three-part docudrama starring Rui En as pioneer painter Georgette Chen. The English-language series, which will also be adapted into Chinese, will air on Channel NewsAsia, MediaCorp Channel 5 and MediaCorp Channel 8 in April 2015.
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  • 2013
    Age 32
    In 2013, Rui En was appointed the spokesperson for L'Oréal Paris Youth Code, making her the first Singaporean spokesperson for the international cosmetics brand.
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    She went on to win her third acting award in the following year at the Star Awards 2013 show for her same role in Unriddle 2, earning her second 'Best Actress Award' at Star Awards.
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  • 2012
    Age 31
    Fondly recognised for her female cop roles, Rui En was awarded the 'Best Actress in Leading Role' at the Asian Television Awards 2012, for her role as a tough cop in popular crime drama Unriddle 2.
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  • 2011
    Age 30
    She won the Best Actress in 2011 & 2013.
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    Rui En was nominated for Best Actress in 2011 - 2016.
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    Rui En claimed the highly competitive 'Most Favourite Female Character' award with her role as the likeable Yang Xiaodong (Happy Family) in Star Awards 2011.
    More Details Hide Details Results were solely determined by online votes and Rui En led in the top position since Day One. However, she lost out in the 'Favourite On-screen Couple (Drama)' category with a top three final position. In 2007, Rui En caused an uproar in the virtual community when she surprisingly missed out on a nomination in the Best Actress Category in Star Awards 2007 for her breakthrough role as Assistant Superintendent An Xiao Qian in Metamorphosis. An online petition was initiated with hundreds of signatures submitted, prompting MediaCorp Singapore's media team to interview recognised actor Chen Han Wei and Ivy Lee for their takes on this issue. Subsequent reporting were published on online news, and leading Chinese local newspaper, Lianhe Zaobao.
    In 2011, the Actors and Actresses were grouped collectively to compete in the 'Most Popular Local TV Actor' category in Singapore Entertainment Awards 2011 for the second consecutive year.
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    In Star Awards 2011, Rui En finally picked up her first acting nomination.
    More Details Hide Details Widely tipped as the forerunner by the media, Rui En went on to win the coveted title. Rui En acknowledges "there have been more lows than highs" in her career and in her acceptance speech, she said "despite those who said I won't succeed with my personality and image, it shows with hard work you can do it." Since 2005, Rui En has garnered ten consecutive 'Top Ten Most Popular Female Artiste' trophies in the Star Awards, a high-profile annual award ceremony organised by MediaCorp Singapore to recognise the best and the most popular in the Singapore Acting Industry.
    In an interview with I-Weekly, Rui En was singled out by veteran actor Zhu Houren as the most deserving contender to claim the coveted Best Actress recognition in Star Awards 2011.
    More Details Hide Details He was impressed by Rui En as Yang Xiaodong in Happy Family, describing it as 'natural' and 'just right' (an industry's term to describe perfect handling of the role, according to him). Known for his daring speeches, he claimed that Rui En should win the award next year unless the judges are incapable of appreciating fine acting. He also expressed his wish to collaborate with Rui En in future.
    She is tipped to be a strong contender for Best Actress in Star Awards 2011.
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    Before winning her first Best Actress award in 2011, Rui En was already acknowledged as one of the finest local actresses of her generation, receiving compliments from award-winning and veteran actors such as: Adrian Pang, Chen Hanwei, Chen Li Ping, Chen Shucheng & Zhu Houren etc..
    More Details Hide Details Veteran actor Chen Shucheng named her in the company of acclaimed local actresses Huang Biren and Ivy Lee, all of whom, he said, could cry "beautifully" and reflect the demands of the scenes' context. The Straits Times complimented Rui En for giving worthy performance in With You and executive producer Paul Yuen has also likened her to a younger Sheren Tang, well-known Hong Kong actress whose acting is critically acclaimed regionally. With three dramas, Rui En has been labelled as one of the 10 Faces to watch in 2010 by MediaCorp's Buzz.
    She first won the 'Best Actress Award' at the Singapore Star Awards 2011 with her role as a young widow in With You, the highest-rated Singapore drama in year 2010.
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    Widely recognised for her acting, Rui En has won Best Actress related awards every year in 2011 through 2013.
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  • 2010
    Age 29
    In Star Awards 2010, Rui En's role as Zhang Luoyun (My School Daze emerge as the 'Top 10 Favourite Female Characters' while her other role, Lin Jiaqi (The Dream Catchers), emerge as the 'Top 5 Favourite Female Characters'.
    More Details Hide Details Voting spanned across six weeks and more than a hundred entries were nominated.
    Rui En was voted as the Most Popular Local TV Actress in Singapore Entertainment Awards 2010 organised by Singapore Press Holdings.
    More Details Hide Details Voting spanned across 4 weeks.
    Rui En and Elvin Ng also emerge tops as the 'Favourite On-Screen Partners' in the Star Awards 2010.
    More Details Hide Details They won with their performance as Lin Jiaqi and Sato in The Dream Catchers.
  • 2009
    Age 28
    In an informal survey conducted by MediaCorp's Branding and Promotion Vice-President Paul Chan, Rui En and Elvin Ng were voted as the Best On-Screen Couple in 2009.
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    In the year 2009's televised countdown event organised by Channel 8, Rui En won one of the eight 'Top 8 Likable Female Lead Characters' awards with her only production that year as Zhang Yu Hang in By My Side.
    More Details Hide Details In February 2009 coveted title of Babe of the Year in the annual Flame Awards organised by The New Paper.
  • 2008
    Age 27
    In March 2008, Rui En was involved in a high-profile rejection of the role as an ambitious businesswoman struggling with mental illness in The Defining Moment, which subsequently went to Fann Wong instead.
    More Details Hide Details She was reported to have rejected the role due to a rape scene in the script. Rui En is known to be firm on her stance against intimate, revealing or kissing scenes and has been criticised by some as unprofessional. She is reported to have been blacklisted by some producers after this role-rejection incident, but her supporters have vowed unwavering support. In April 2009, despite an informal viewers' survey labelling Rui En as a strong contender for the Best Actress Award in the annual Star Awards, Rui En again missed out on a nomination for her role as AIDS patient-then-volunteer Zhang Yu Hang in By My Side. Her poor public relations skill was thought to be a contributing reason to why she has never garnered any nomination in the acting categories despite being generally acknowledged as one of the finer local actresses of her generation. However, she picked up her fourth consecutive Top Ten Most Popular Female Artiste trophy, despite not being present at the Star Awards 2009 due to overseas work commitments.
    In March 2008, Rui En dethroned Fann Wong (previously a 5 time consecutive winner) in the annual popularity contest – Students' Idols Voting (Acting Category – Local/International), organised by now defunct newspaper, Friday Weekly, to claim the much coveted first runner-up position.
    More Details Hide Details The winner of the category went to Jay Chou.
  • 2007
    Age 26
    Following the success of her leading role as An Xiaoqian in Singapore's Best Drama of the year 2007 – Metamorphosis, Rui En gained a large fan following in Singapore.
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    In 2007, Rui En was presented with the Nanyang Outstanding Young Alumni Award by her alma mater Nanyang Technological University in the annual affair but was unable to attend the ceremony personally.
    More Details Hide Details In December 2001 Rui En did a confessional interview with The Monday Interview titled 'Inside the Outsider', first published on The Straits Times. She confessed that she used to smoke and drink socially, and how she grew up feeling weird as the only child in her broken family. Her parents subsequently divorced when she was seventeen. The article struck a chord with the masses, especially those who grew up in similar environments. When asked of her rationale for such a heart-to-heart interview, she was quoted to say, "I am hoping that kids who read this might realise that no matter how bad your family situation is, you have a choice not to be a victim". The article was subsequently translated into a Mandarin version and published on Shin Min Daily News; other publications such as The New Paper and Elle Singapore edition, have also taken reference to the article.
  • 2005
    Age 24
    Rui En landed her first leading role in 2005, with A Promise for Tomorrow as the bubbly 'Fang Fang'.
    More Details Hide Details In the following year, she was identified as one of the most promising young actresses in the Singapore Entertainment Industry by local entertainment magazine I-Weekly and was hence labelled as one of the '7 Princesses'. Often dubbed and referred to as the 'Cool Princess' for her nonconforming attitude, she has openly expressed her desire to be recognised and remembered for her performances rather than with the title. Admittedly, Rui En has improved on her acting compared with leading actresses in the local acting industry.
  • 2003
    Age 22
    Rui En was nominated as the Best Local Singer in the Singapore Hits Awards 2003 and was selected alongside Taufik Batisah to perform both the English and Mandarin versions of the 2005 National Day Parade's theme song – "Reach Out for the Skies".
    More Details Hide Details After a six years' break, Rui En released her second Chinese album in late 2008 under Hype Records, titled United Nations. This album was only released locally in Singapore, and all the lyrics were penned by Rui En herself. Since then, she resumed the use of her original name, 瑞恩. In April 2009, Rui En was invited to perform at Singapore Day 2009 at London's Hampton Court Palace, a yearly event organised by the Overseas Singaporean Unit in the Prime Minister's Office to engage overseas Singaporeans.
  • 2002
    Age 21
    Rui En ventured into Taiwan in 2002 under the Chinese name of 芮恩.
    More Details Hide Details She made her first appearance as the female lead in label mate Jay Chou's music video for "Secret Code" and went on to co-endorse Panasonic GD68 with him. Rui En subsequently released her debut regional Chinese album, Rui ∑n vol. 01, in the same year under the co-production of Hype Records and Alfa Music. Fans of Jay Chou were reported to have borne a grudge at Rui En for the help he rendered to her, warning Rui En to not get too close to Jay Chou. There was however, another group of fans who gave Rui En full support on Jay Chou's account. Jay Chou composed the first hit of her debut album, Rui ∑n vol. 01, titled "White Feather".
    In late 2002, Rui En launched her music career in Taiwan, with album Rui ∑n vol. 01, under the record company Alfa Music.
    More Details Hide Details Rui En released her second album in Singapore under Hype Records, titled United Nations, in late 2008. Notably after 2007, Rui En gained a significant pool of fans, earning her the title of Singapore's 'Most Popular Local TV Actor' in 2010 to 2011.
    In 2002, Rui En debuted her acting career in Singapore with her first drama, titled No Problem!
    More Details Hide Details Since 2004, she has averaged one to three dramas per year.
  • 2001
    Age 20
    Rui En was talent-spotted after appearing in a SingTel's popular SingTel hi!Card commercial as the iconic "running girl" in 2001.
    More Details Hide Details She was offered a general management contract by Artiste Networks, a section of Hype Records.
  • 1981
    Age 0
    Born on January 29, 1981.
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