Rupert Everett
British actor
Rupert Everett
Rupert James Hector Everett is an English actor. He first came to public attention in 1981, when he was cast in Julian Mitchell's play and subsequent film Another Country as an openly gay student at an English public school, set in the 1930s. He has since appeared in many other films including My Best Friend's Wedding, An Ideal Husband, The Next Best Thing and the Shrek sequels.
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The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Broadcast Used To Be Intensely Creepy
Huffington Post - 3 months
You’ll never watch “My Best Friend’s Wedding” the same way again. The year was 2001. Adriana Lima was 20 years old, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was 6 years old and for some reason, Rupert Everett was the host.  If it bothers you that a televised broadcast of beautiful women parading down a runway in their underwear is one of the most highly anticipated spectacles of the holiday season, wait until you see this cringeworthy, 15-year-old footage we dug up on YouTube. Folks, we’ve come a long way. Everett, giving off decidedly non-Prince Charming vibes, spends an uncomfortable 40 minutes saying things like, “The security is tight and so are the girls,” and calling attractive women “delicious crumpets.” All the blame can’t be put on Everett’s shoulders. There’s also a mirror cam, which catches the girls unknowingly as they adjust their outfits and check themselves out. Anouck Lepere, one of the models who walked in the show that year, sums it up: “Imagin ...
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The Judas Kiss at BAM
Huffington Post - 9 months
REVIEW One of the most celebrated authors of his time, Oscar Wilde spent two years in jail for "gross indecency." When given the option to flee London or go into exile in Paris, he preferred waiting for the police while dining on lobster at the discreet Cadogan Hotel. It was his lovers' father, the Marquess of Queensbury, who in response to a libel charge Wilde made against him, who set the law upon Wilde, promising to produce innumerable young male lovers in court, which sealed Wilde's fate. Though the Marquees son, affectionately called Bosie, Lord Alfred Douglas, several years younger than Wilde, saw no prison time. Rupert Everett's performance is superb, not to be missed, though a little rushed in the first act. While Mr. Everertt is a striking looking man, all angular, slim and sharp, Wilde's oval face and soft, fleshy looks don't match up. In an effort to make him corpulent, Everett padded his Wilde well and made him a bit sulking looking. I am not sure if it works, but ...
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The Dubai Film Fest Diaries 2015: What the Stars Got at the VIP Lounge
Huffington Post - about 1 year
If you think I like gifts, then you know me well. I mean, I like giving gifts as much, if not more than receiving them, and the simple act of holiday shopping makes me feel like a child again. To take that experience one step further, nothing compares to a walk through a VIP gift lounge, at a film festival or event. Truly. It's like a wondrous stroll through a magical kingdom where kind men and women offer little treats at every turn and say things like, "which color would you like that in?" and "what size are you?" This is what stars experience every time they are at a premiere or award show and you know what, it's not a bad life. I mean, imagine walking away every time with armloads of goodies, which you never had to take out your wallet to pay for? It's my idea of heaven on earth. From the best of the best, I did find a few personal favorites, and just in time for Christmas, I picked a selection for all our holiday shopping at the Dubai International Film Festival VIP Lou ...
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The Dubai Film Fest Diaries 2015: The VIP Gift Lounge, Just in Time for the Holidays
Huffington Post - about 1 year
If you think I like gifts, then you know me well. I mean, I like giving gifts as much, if not more than receiving them, and the simple act of holiday shopping makes me feel like a child again. To take that experience one step further, nothing compares to a walk through a VIP gift lounge, at a film festival or event. Truly. It's like a wondrous stroll through a magical kingdom where kind men and women offer little treats at every turn and say things like, "which color would you like that in?" and "what size are you?" And you walk away with armloads of goodies, which you never had to take out your wallet to pay for... Imagine that? From the best of the best, I have a few favorites, and just in time for Christmas, I was able to do all my holiday shopping thanks to the kind folks at the Dubai International Film Festival, hosted by the Global Communications Agency, with sponsor Shiseido and Rivoli Group. AYASO BOUTIQUE -- Abayas I don't know about you but I've always wante ...
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'My Best Friend's Wedding' Remake Series In The Works For ABC
Huffington Post - over 1 year
Julia Roberts' 1997 romantic comedy "My Best Friend's Wedding" had it all: unrequited love, Rupert Everett as Roberts' GBF, a musical number, and an ending that rejects Hollywood convention. Someone over at ABC must be feeling nostalgic because The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that the network has ordered a script from the movie's original writer Ron Bass and Jessica Amento to be produced as a single-camera half-hour comedy. This modern update won't necessarily be a reboot. per se. and will instead serve as a sequel. The series picks up where we last left Roberts' character Julianne Potter, a restaurant critic with a rocky romantic track record, who lives in New York City with her friend and sometimes fiancé George. In case you need a refresher course, here's movie's closing scene. Note Roberts' stunning dress, which we need in every color.  "My Best Friend's Wedding" has not only proved to be popular among American audiences, but has also developed a consid ...
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Exclusive Interview: Rupert Everett on how he’d spend V.E. Day – A Royal Night Out - almost 2 years
What would you have done on V.E. Day – a night to celebrate the end of the Second World War, to revel The post Exclusive Interview: Rupert Everett on how he’d spend V.E. Day – A Royal Night Out appeared first on HeyUGuys.
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Film Review: Justin And The Knights Of Valour
Burnley Express - over 3 years
A clumsy yet kind-hearted boy on the cusp of adulthood discovers heroism comes from within, during Manuel Sicilia’s computer-animated adventure. Justin And The Knights Of Valour is a stirring tale of derring-do set in an olde worlde kingdom steeped in myth and magic that was once ravaged by dragons. A predominantly British voice cast adds lustre to the simplistic screenplay, co-written by Matthew Jacobs and Sicilia, including over-the-top comic turns from David Walliams as a demented wizard and Rupert Everett as a painfully vain evil henchman, who is a slave to sartorial daring. The setting is reminiscent of the splendid 2010 animation How To Train Your Dragon but Sicilia’s picture lacks that film’s heart and soul. A flame-throwing toothless crocodile is hurled merrily into the sweet and inoffensive mix as the narrative ambles at a gentle pace, building to the inevitable moment when fears are cast aside and gallantry struts forward to win the day. The eponymous hero is Justin (vo ...
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George Heymont: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!
Huffington Post - over 3 years
For those lucky enough to be inside the Castro Theatre on Sunday, June 19, 1994, the final screening of the 18th Frameline LGBT Film Festival was very much a night to remember. Written and directed by Stephan Elliott (and starring Hugo Weaving, Guy Pearce, and Terence Stamp), The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert earned a foot-stomping, 20-minute ovation which rocked the Australian filmmaker's world. As he explained from the stage, this was one of the first public screenings of his spectacularly rowdy drag spectacle. Elliott may not have been aware of why San Francisco's audience was so enthusiastic that night. As most people know, his film has an abundance of flashy costumes, gay humor, disco hits, and a solid story line. But for a community that, over the past decade, had been decimated by disease, death, and depression, Priscilla performed a very special kind of magic -- making an audience of 1,400 feel as if they had been resurrected and given a new reason to ...
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Mark Vigorito: Why Neil Patrick Harris Is Just the Worst
Huffington Post - over 3 years
I don't spend very much time thinking about celebrities, really. I don't read People or Us Weekly. Even in a waiting room, I'm more likely to pick up a news magazine or, heck, even Better Homes and Gardens (though I need to be clear that neither my home nor my garden is what anyone would describe as "better"). The only time I look at People is when my alternatives are Sports Illustrated and Field and Stream. Really, though, in the years since I got a smartphone, I'm more likely to be looking at that than at a magazine. Usually the only times I read about celebrities are when they have committed a crime and ended up in the regular news, or when they have said something about gay people. When the latter is the case, the rainbow unicorn flashes in the sky like the bat signal, and I need to know what they've said. "Gay people on television!" still makes me run for the TiVo remote. My brushes with fame are few and far between. When I was in college, Audra McDonald and I knock ...
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Trent Hauser: Who Are the New Terrorists?
Huffington Post - over 3 years
By Trent Hauser (as told to Paul Scheer) Greetings, I'm Special Agent Trent Hauser, NTSF:SD:SUV:: (National Terrorism Strike Force: San Diego: Sport Utility Vehicle::) Now normally I don't read HuffPost... I prefer getting my social and political news sent via American Bald Eagle from Glenn Beck's compound high atop the Colorado Rockies. (Which, btw, is the biggest and best mountain range in the entire world and if you hear anyone tell you differently they are liars with a leftist agenda.) Anyway I digress. It's summer, which means that fall is right around the corner and of course that means it's "Back to Terrorism" season. So today I'm going to give you some high-priority intel on the latest terrorists that have been invading our country at an alarming rate. These people are the new terrorists that are threatening our livelihood at every turn. If you encounter them please shoot them on sight or, if you're a coward, call your local authorities. Fake Nerd Girls These ...
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Jim David: God Save the Gracious Queen!
Huffington Post - over 3 years
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the reigning constitutional monarch of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of the Commonwealth realms; Supreme Governor of the Church of England; head of the Commonwealth of Nations; mother of Charles, Prince of Wales; grandmother of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Prince Harry of Wales; former mother-in-law of Diana, Princess of Wales; daughter of King George VI; great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria; and heir to Queen Elizabeth I, King Henry VIII, Mary Queen of Scots and God knows who else, has given her "royal assent" that puts marriage equality into law in England and Wales. The. Queen. Of. England. Has. Just. Approved. Marriage. Equality. Once more, ladies and gentlemen: The Queen of England has just approved marriage equality. I'd say this qualifies as one of the biggest, if not the biggest, in a series of very big deals. It was a big deal when the Netherlands became the first country to legalize marri ...
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Huffington Post article
Olivier Awards Nominations Announced
New York Times - ArtsBeat Blogs - almost 4 years
Helen Mirren, Rupert Everett and Kristen Scott Thomas were among those nominated for Britain’s top theater honor.
Article Link:
New York Times - ArtsBeat Blogs article
First Nighter: In London With Oscar Wilde, Harold Pinter, Charles Dickens and Former Movie Star William Haines
The Huffington Post - almost 4 years
London-- Rupert Everett has just won an award for playing Oscar Wilde in David Hare's melancholy play, The Judas Kiss, at the Duke of York's, and it's not difficult to reckon why. The playwright concentrates on the periods of time leading up to Wilde's two-year imprisonment for gross indecency and away from it. Hare deftly shows Wilde devoting himself to the hot-headed Lord Alfred Douglas (greatly accomplished young Freddie Fox), known as Bosie. More...
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The Huffington Post article
Surprising Wins At London Theater Prize
Huffington Post - about 4 years
LONDON -- Director Danny Boyle's Olympics opening ceremony has been named theater event of the year at London's Whatsonstage awards. Boyle's spectacular panorama of British history and culture beat an eclectic list that included the "Globe to Globe" Shakespeare season and Susan Boyle musical "I Dreamed a Dream." "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time" was named best new play at Sunday's awards, and "The Bodyguard" best new musical. A Chichester Festival production of "Sweeney Todd" won five prizes including best actor and actress in a musical for Michael Ball and Imelda Staunton. Rupert Everett was named best actor in a play for his Oscar Wilde in "The Judas Kiss," and Sheridan Smith was best actress for the title role in "Hedda Gabler." Actor-comedian Stephen Fry said he was "simply astonished" to be named best supporting actor for playing Malvolio in Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night," his first stage appearance in 17 years. Fry walked out of ...
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WATCH: Rupert Everett's Controversial Advice For Gay Actors
Huffington Post - about 4 years
Rupert Everett re-iterated his stance on what he describes as Hollywood's unwillingness to fully accept openly gay actors and typecasting them in stereotypical roles in a new interview with BBC's HARDTalk. "Straight men get every opportunity to play gay parts that they want and then win tons of awards for doing so," Everett said. "But the other way doesn’t really work out." He further went on his crusade, cautioning young gay actors to not come out if they want to make it in America. "The mainstream actor has had to become straighter and straighter and straight," he said. Once again, the "My Best Friend's Wedding" actor's remarks seem poised to cause controversy. Last fall, he reportedly received death threats after he told the Sunday Times that "children need a father and a mother" and that he couldn't "think of anything worse than being brought up by two gay dads." You can catch the full interview with Everett across BBC's news channels, airing on differ ...
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Huffington Post article
Wayne Dhesi: Are Two Dads Better Than None?
Huffington Post - over 4 years
In The Sunday Times Magazine last month, gay film actor Rupert Everett said he "can't think of anything worse than being brought up by two gay dads." Everett wasn't misquoted, and he even went on TV to defend his views, saying: I'm not against anybody doing anything. I think the reason that's great about living in England is we can do more or less what we want. ... I'm not one of those people who wants to say, "Oh, no, you can't do that. We've got to pull the clocks back." Just I personally feel like that. ... I have lots of gay friends with children. I have lots of gay friends who have got married. I've been to lots of gay weddings, but I'm not big into marriage, straight or gay, to be honest. I'm very out of kilter with the rest of the world, I realize, but you know, I'm just an individual. Everett's opinion is shared by many people around the world, and for many reasons I feel that it's an ignorant position and quite offensive to gay parents and the children of gay pa ...
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Huffington Post article
Rupert Everett 'laughed too much'
Belfast Telegraph - over 4 years
Rupert Everett says he could have done more to stop himself being "pigeonholed" in Hollywood. Related Stories Suvari: I'm a big fan of Clarke Bernal joins McConaughey movie? Ben Whishaw to update James Bond Ben Whishaw to update James Bond Perlman joins Savage Mutts cast
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Belfast Telegraph article
Kergan Edwards-Stout: Open Letter To Rupert Everett: Come Meet Our Kids
Huffington Post - over 4 years
Dear Rupert, I've been a fan of yours since 1984, when I first saw your wonderful film debut in Another Country. At the time I was a young gay man and had recently come out to my parents. I was attempting to find identifiable versions of myself in the larger LGBT world and was using cinema, literature, and the arts as a starting place. You, as your character was depicted in that film, represented an ideal gay man to me, which I had yet to see, in either real life or reel life. Your character was everything I aspired to be. You were smart, droll, handsome, and seemingly secure with your sexuality. (Plus you got to snog the ever-adorable Cary Elwes, which scored points in my book.) Call it youthful naïveté, but at that time I assumed that you yourself were much the same as your character, given that you continued to live your life off-screen as an out gay man. But being out doesn't necessarily mean one is secure, does it, Rupert? Being out doesn't necessarily mean ...
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Huffington Post article
Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Rupert Everett
  • 2016
    Age 56
    Everett won the WhatsOnStage Award for Best Actor in a Play, and was nominated for the Olivier Award for Best Actor. In 2016 the production, still starring Everett and with Charlie Rowe as Bosie, ran in North America for seven weeks in Toronto and five weeks at BAM in New York City.
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  • 2015
    Age 55
    In 2015 it was announced that he would play the part of Philippe Achille, Marquis de Feron, the corrupt Governor of Paris, Head of the Red Guard and illegitimate brother to Louis XIII in the third series of the BBC One drama The Musketeers.
    More Details Hide Details In addition to his two memoirs and the screenplay for the Wilde biopic, Everett has written several books, such as The Hairdressers of St. Tropez. In November 2010, Everett stated: "... I'm busy writing a TV series called 'Boy Band,' about a boy band, and the second part of my autobiography, titled 'Goodwood, Pinewood, Hollywood and Bollywood' " Everett is openly gay. Between 2006 and 2010, he lived in New York City, U.S., but returned to London, because of his father's poor health. In 2008, Everett purchased a home in the West London district of Belgravia. Everett is a patron of the British Monarchist Society and Foundation. In 2006, as a homeowner in the central London area of Bloomsbury, Everett actively supported a campaign to prevent the establishment of a local Starbucks branch, and referred to the global chain as a "cancer". Everett protested alongside one thousand other residents and the group compiled a signed petition.
  • 2014
    Age 54
    Everett continued his participation in the sex work legislation debate in 2014, writing a long form piece for The Guardian and appearing on the BBC One programme This Week.
    More Details Hide Details Everett's January Guardian article was published in the wake of police human trafficking raids in the Soho area of London and he wrote: There is a land grab going on in Soho under the banner of morality. That night... 200 of our boys in blue raided more than 20 models' flats, arresting 30 girls and confiscating their earnings... They broke down doors, intimidated girls into accepting cautions (ie criminal records) and served civil-eviction papers that, unless you were a lawyer, you would not know had hidden in their depths (20-odd pages) the time and date you were to appear in court if you wanted to appeal. All this in the name of human trafficking... But while even the police say that more than 90% of prostitutes work of their own accord, trafficking has become one of the new "it" words in the bankrupt moral vernacular, craftily used by puritans, property developers and rogue feminists to combat the sex trade in general. Sections 52 and 53 of the Sexual Offences Act... shelter under the anti-trafficking umbrella. These laws are created to protect women. In reality, they are putting working girls on to the street and into great danger.
  • 2013
    Age 53
    Everett explained in November 2013:
    More Details Hide Details The book made me feel mystical at a very early age, there's a line in it which I didn't really understand and I still don't when the happy prince says to the swallow, ‘there is no mystery as great as suffering'. I certainly didn’t understand what it meant and I'm sure my mother reading it to me hadn't got a clue what it meant, but that was interesting and mysterious and a deep thought.
    In early 2013, Everett began working on a film portraying the final period of Wilde's life, stating in the media that he has had a fascination with the playwright since he was a child, as his mother read him Wilde's children's story The Happy Prince before he slept.
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    Both during and after the filming of the documentary, Everett contributed to the discourse on prostitution legislation in the UK: In October 2013, Everett signed an open letter by the English Collective of Prostitutes and Queer Strike—alongside groups and organizations such as the Association of Trade Union Councils, Sex Worker Open University, Left Front Art – Radical Progressive Queers, Queer Resistance and Queers Against the Cuts—to oppose the adoption of the "Swedish model", whereby only the clients of sex workers, but not the sex workers themselves, are criminalised.
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    During 2013, Everett, a former sex worker, worked on the production of a documentary on sex work for Channel 4 that includes the issue of criminalisation.
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  • 2012
    Age 52
    Everett then starred as Oscar Wilde in The Judas Kiss, a stage play which was revived at London's Hampstead Theatre beginning 6 September 2012, co-starring Freddie Fox as Bosie, and directed by Neil Armfield.
    More Details Hide Details The play ran at the Hampstead through 13 October 2012, toured the UK and Dublin, and then transferred to the West End at the Duke of York's Theatre on 9 January 2013 in a limited run through 6 April 2013.
    In 2012 Everett starred in the television adaptation of Parade's End with Benedict Cumberbatch.
    More Details Hide Details The five-part drama was adapted by Sir Tom Stoppard from the novels of Ford Madox Ford, and Everett appears as the brother of protagonist Christopher Tietjens.
  • 2010
    Age 50
    Released in late 2010, the comedy film Wild Target featured Everett as an art-loving gangster, and also starred Bill Nighy and Emily Blunt.
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    In July 2010, Everett was featured in the popular family history programme Who Do You Think You Are?
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    During the summer of 2010, Everett performed as Professor Henry Higgins, with English actress Honeysuckle Weeks and Stephanie Cole, in a revival of Pygmalion at the Chichester Festival Theatre.
    More Details Hide Details He reprised the role in May 2011 at the Garrick Theatre in London's West End, starring alongside Diana Rigg and Kara Tointon.
  • 2009
    Age 49
    Everett then returned to his acting roots, appearing in several theatre productions: his Broadway debut in 2009 at the Shubert Theatre received positive critical reviews; he performed in a Noël Coward play, Blithe Spirit, starring alongside Angela Lansbury, Christine Ebersole and Jayne Atkinson, under the direction of Michael Blakemore. and he was expected to tour several Italian cities during the 2008–09 winter season in another Coward play, Private Lives (performed in Italian, which he speaks fluently)—playing Elyot to Italian actress Asia Argento's Amanda—but the production was cancelled.
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    Also in 2009, Everett presented two Channel 4 documentaries: one on the travels of Lord Byron, the Romantic poet, broadcast in July 2009, and another on British explorer Sir Richard Burton.
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    In 2009, Everett told British newspaper The Observer that he wished he had never revealed his sexuality, as he feels that it hurt his career and advised younger actors against such candour:
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  • 2008
    Age 48
    Everett explained in 2008: "I've been interested in him for years.
    More Details Hide Details So many contradictions. Such a riveting, showbusiness character. The godfather of the sexual revolution."
    Everett's documentary on Sir Richard Burton, in which he retraces the travels of Burton through countries such as India and Egypt, aired on the BBC in 2008.
    More Details Hide Details In the documentary, titled The Victorian Sex Explorer, Everett explores the life of a man who investigated a male brothel frequented by British soldiers in Bombay in disguise; introduced The Qoran, The 1001 Arabian Nights and the Kama Sutra in their first English translations; travelled to the city of Mecca, kissed the Holy Stone of Qabbah, in disguise as an Arab; and was able to converse in more than 20 languages.
  • 2007
    Age 47
    In May 2007, he delivered one of the eulogies at the funeral of fashion director Isabella Blow, his friend since they were teenagers.
    More Details Hide Details He stated as part of his speech: “Have you gotten what you wanted, Issie? Life was a relationship that you rejected.” During this time he also voiced the nefarious, but handsome mama's boy Prince Charming in the first two Shrek sequels.
  • 2006
    Age 46
    In 2006 Everett published a memoir, Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins, in which he reveals his six-year affair with British television presenter Paula Yates.
    More Details Hide Details Although he is sometimes described as bisexual, as opposed to homosexual, he described his heterosexual affairs during a radio show with Jonathan Ross as the result of adventurousness: "I was basically adventurous, I think I wanted to try everything". Since the revelation of his sexuality, Everett has participated in public activities (leading the 2007 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras), played a double role in the film St. Trinian's, and has appeared on TV several times (as a contestant in the special Comic Relief Does The Apprentice; as a presenter for Live Earth; and as a guest host on the Channel 4 show The Friday Night Project, among others). He has also garnered media attention for his shocking comments and remarks during interviews that have caused public outrage.
  • 1995
    Age 35
    In 1995 he released a second novel, The Hairdressers of St. Tropez.
    More Details Hide Details His career was revitalised by his award-winning performance in My Best Friend's Wedding (1997), playing Julia Roberts's character's gay friend, followed by Madonna's character's best friend in The Next Best Thing (1999). (Everett was a backup vocalist on her cover of "American Pie", which is on the film's soundtrack). Around the same time, he starred as the villainous Sanford Scolex/Dr. Claw in Disney's Inspector Gadget (also 1999) with Matthew Broderick. For the 21st century, Everett has decided to write again. He has been a Vanity Fair contributing editor, has written for The Guardian and wrote a film screenplay on playwright Oscar Wilde's final years, for which he sought funding.
  • 1989
    Age 29
    In 1989, Everett moved to Paris, writing a novel, Hello, Darling, Are You Working?, and coming out as gay, a disclosure which he has said may well have damaged his career.
    More Details Hide Details Returning to the public eye in The Comfort of Strangers (1990), several films of variable success followed. The Italian comics character Dylan Dog, created by Tiziano Sclavi, is graphically inspired by him. Everett, in turn, later appeared in an adaptation based on Sclavi's novel, Dellamorte Dellamore.
  • 1981
    Age 21
    Everett's break came in 1981 at the Greenwich Theatre and later West End production of Another Country, playing a gay schoolboy opposite Kenneth Branagh.
    More Details Hide Details His first film was the Academy Award-winning short A Shocking Accident (1982), directed by James Scott and based on a Graham Greene story. This was followed by a film version of Another Country in 1984 with Cary Elwes and Colin Firth. Following on with Dance With a Stranger (1985), Everett began to develop a promising film career until he co-starred with Bob Dylan in the huge flop Hearts of Fire (1987). Around the same time, Everett recorded and released an album of pop songs entitled Generation of Loneliness. Despite being managed by the largely successful pop svengali Simon Napier-Bell (who had steered Wham! to prominence), the public didn't take to his change in direction. The shift was short-lived, and he only returned to pop indirectly by providing backing vocals for his friend Madonna many years later, on her cover of "American Pie" and on the track "They Can't Take That Away from Me" on Robbie Williams' Swing When You're Winning in 2001.
    He first came to public attention in 1981, when he was cast in Julian Mitchell's play and subsequent film Another Country (1984) as an openly gay pupil at an English public school in the 1930s; the role earned him his first BAFTA Award nomination.
    More Details Hide Details He went on to receive a second BAFTA Award nomination and his first Golden Globe Award nomination for his role in My Best Friend's Wedding (1997), followed by a second Golden Globe nomination for An Ideal Husband (1999). Everett has performed in many other prominent films, including The Madness of King George (1994), Shakespeare in Love (1998), Inspector Gadget (1999), A Midsummer Night's Dream (1999), The Next Best Thing (2000), The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005), Stardust (2007) and the Shrek sequels. He co-starred with Eva Green in Tim Burton's film Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (2016). Everett was born in Burnham Deepdale, Norfolk, to Major Anthony Michael Everett (1921–2009), who worked in business and served in the British Army, and wife Sara (née Maclean). He has a brother, Simon Anthony Cunningham Everett (born 1956). His maternal grandfather, Vice Admiral Sir Hector Charles Donald Maclean, was a nephew of Scottish military man Hector Lachlan Stewart MacLean, who received the Victoria Cross.
  • 1959
    Born on May 29, 1959.
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