Russell Crowe
Australian actor
Russell Crowe
Russell Ira Crowe is a New Zealand-born Australian actor, film producer, and musician.
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What Happened To The Ingénue?
Huffington Post - about 2 months
You can be highbrow. You can be lowbrow. But can you ever just be brow? Welcome to Middlebrow, a weekly examination of pop culture. Last week, when film icon Debbie Reynolds died at 84, her New York Times obituary headline dubbed her a “Wholesome Ingénue in 1950s Films.” Quickly, lookups for the etymologically French term soared, according to Merriam- Webster. As those curious readers likely found, the Times was being slightly redundant in its description of the one-time starlet. The term “ingénue” itself ― which usually describes a wide-eyed, innocent young woman, a stage or film role depicting such a young woman, or an actress typecast as playing these roles ― denotes wholesomeness, sexual purity and naiveté, and sweetness.  When Reynolds broke into Hollywood as a teenager, she starred as girl-next-door sweethearts opposite the male matinée idols of the day in films like “Singing in the Rain” and “Bundle of Joy.” She filled a classic role at the time, guileless lead or f ...
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The Cinema Year That Was: Zaki's Flick Picks 2016
Huffington Post - about 2 months
Read on to see my personal picks for my favorite cinematic experiences for the calendar year that's now closing. There were some very strong offerings this year, and there are plenty of flicks that just missed the cut, but here's what I ended up putting in my top ten: 10 - Weiner This fascinating documentary uses the fall-rise-fall arc of disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner to make some very pointed observations about our media culture and its intermingling of our politics. Given Weiner's tangential role in the closing days of this past election, with his sex scandal arguably becoming one more of the asterisks next to Donald Trump's election, this film has taken on an entirely different context in the closing months of the year than it did at the start. All of that makes it even more required viewing for students of both politics and media. (Click here for my interview with the filmmakers behind Weiner.) 9 - Star Trek Beyond "Better to die saving lives than to liv ...
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How To Love Trump
Huffington Post - 2 months
For a majority of Americans, feeling traumatized and terrified are reasonable responses to the words "President-elect Trump." But even if his inauguration marks the demise of the star-spangled mythos we grew up on, being catatonic is no way to spend the next four years, especially if we're lucky enough to survive, oh, a nuclear war. But acceptance of Trump -- acceptance is the last of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross's five stages of dealing with death -- is hardly chicken soup for our souls. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, Trump: that can't be the best we can do. Why not love? Those thousands at Trump's rallies, those millions who voted for him: many of them do seem to love him. Well, maybe the rest of us can, too! Impossible? Recall what the Queen of Hearts told Alice when she said it was impossible to believe the Queen was 101: Believing impossible things takes practice. "When I was your age," she said, "I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as man ...
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The World Mourns Leonard Cohen -- A Loss It Didn't Need Right Now
Huffington Post - 4 months
Prince, David Bowie, Gene Wilder ― 2016 has been full of tough losses.  And Thursday’s announcement of singer, songwriter and poet Leonard Cohen’s death came as yet another crushing blow, particularly for those still reeling from Tuesday’s U.S. presidential election. Following the news, beautiful tributes to Cohen began pouring in. Many, from Patton Oswalt to Johnny Knoxville, wondered when 2016 would give the world a break.   Leonard Cohen dying is so goddamned symbolic right now. You just don't let up, do you 2016? — Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt) November 11, 2016 RIP Leonard Cohen. Ugh. It feels pointed, this death. It's making us remember songs like Come Healing which is a good one for these days — Sarah Silverman (@SarahKSilverman) November 11, 2016 R.I.P. the great Leonard Cohen.❤️❤️#canwebedonewith2016 — Johnny Knoxville (@realjknoxville) November 11, 2016 As of the week could get ...
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RZA rejects Azealia Bank's version of the altercation in Russell Crowe's hotel suite
LATimes - 4 months
Wow, remind us not to talk trash about RZA.  The rapper and music producer washed his hands of Azealia Banks on Thursday, rejecting her version of what went down Saturday night between her and Russell Crowe and announcing that despite her recent claim to the contrary,  no record deal had been signed. ...
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Azealia Banks accuses Russell Crowe of assault, racial slur; witnesses reportedly disagree
LATimes - 4 months
Azealia Banks has kicked off her new working relationship with Wu-Tang Clan rapper/producer and film director RZA with a bang: She’s accusing Russell Crowe of attacking her and dropping the N-bomb while hauling her out of a Saturday night gathering at his Beverly Hills Hotel suite, where she was...
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LATimes article
Azealia Banks Files Police Report Against Russell Crowe After Hotel Fight - E! Online
Google News - 4 months
E! Online Azealia Banks Files Police Report Against Russell Crowe After Hotel Fight E! Online Azealia Banks and Russell Crowe's feud won't be settled over social media—the real authorities are involved now. The 25-year-old rapper has filed a police report against the Oscar-winning actor following what allegedly transpired at a Beverly Hills ... Azealia Banks files police report claiming Russell Crowe attackNew York Daily News Azealia Banks Says She Has 'Receipts' After Alleged Russell Crowe Incident, Addresses Zayn Malik CommentsBillboard Azealia Banks Files Police Report Against Russell Crowe After Alleged Hotel FightBustle International Business Times -Entertainment Tonight -W Magazine -Just Jared all 170 news articles »
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Russell Crowe and Matt Damon to honor Ridley Scott at American Cinematheque gala
LATimes - 5 months
A bevy of Hollywood stars will be on hand to honor director Ridley Scott on Oct. 14 when the legendary director becomes the 30th recipient of the American Cinematheque Award.  Actors from some of Scott’s most storied films will share tributes to the director, including Sigourney Weaver (“Alien”)...
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Russell Crowe and Matt Damon to honor Ridley Scott at American Cinematheque gala
LATimes - 5 months
A bevy of Hollywood stars will be on hand to honor director Ridley Scott on Oct. 14 when the legendary director becomes the 30th recipient of the American Cinematheque Award.  Actors from some of Scott’s most storied films will share tributes to the director, including Sigourney Weaver (“Alien”)...
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Celebrities Pay Tribute To Gene Wilder With Touching Notes On Social Media
Huffington Post - 6 months
Following the news of Gene Wilder’s death, celebrities came together online Monday to remember the late star.  Harry Connick Jr., Mel Brooks and Tony Goldwyn, among many others, took to Twitter to share touching notes about the screen icon, best known for his role as Willy Wonka in 1971’s “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory” and his work in Mel Brooks comedies like “Blazing Saddles.”  Gene Wilder-One of the truly great talents of our time. He blessed every film we did with his magic & he blessed me with his friendship. — Mel Brooks (@MelBrooks) August 29, 2016 so sad to learn of the passing of my good friend, gene wilder... such an incredible man... i'll miss you ❤️ — Harry Connick Jr (@HarryConnickJR) August 29, 2016 Young Frankenstein, Silver Streak, Willy Wonka, Blazing Saddles, Stir Crazy: Gene Wilder, you were my youth! RIP ❤️ — James Gunn (@JamesGunn) August 29, 2016 Gene W ...
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Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Russell Crowe
  • 2015
    Age 50
    In 2015 it was reported that Crowe applied for Australian citizenship in 2006 and again in 2013 but was rejected because he failed to fulfill the residency requirements.
    More Details Hide Details However, Australia's Immigration Department said it had no record of any such application by Crowe.
  • 2014
    Age 49
    In 2014, he played a gangster in the film adaptation of Mark Helprin's 1983 novel Winter's Tale, and the title role in the Darren Arnofsky film Noah.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2013
    Age 48
    Crowe was a guest presenter at the 2013 Dally M Awards and presented the prestigious Dally M Medal to winner Cooper Cronk.
    More Details Hide Details Russell was present at the 2014 NRL Grand Final when the Rabbitohs won the NRL premiership for the first time in 43 years. Crowe watches and plays cricket, and captained the 'Australian' Team containing Steve Waugh against an English side in the 'Hollywood Ashes' Cricket Match. On 17 July 2009 Crowe took to the commentary box for the British sports channel, Sky Sports, as the 'third man' during the second Test of the 2009 Ashes series, between England and Australia. He is friends with Lloyd Carr, the former coach of the University of Michigan Wolverines American football team, and Carr used Crowe's movie Cinderella Man to motivate his 2006 team following a 7–5 season the previous year. Upon hearing of this, Crowe called Carr and invited him to Australia to address his Rugby league team, the South Sydney Rabbitohs, which Carr did the following summer. In September 2007, after Carr came under fire following the Wolverines' 0–2 start, Crowe travelled to Ann Arbor, Michigan for the Wolverines' 15 September game against Notre Dame to show his support for Carr. He addressed the team before the game and watched from the sidelines as the Wolverines defeated the Irish 38–0. Crowe is also a fan of the National Football League. On 22 October 2007, Crowe appeared in the booth of a Monday night game between the Indianapolis Colts and the Jacksonville Jaguars.
    He also publicly endorsed Julia Gillard, whom he called "Leader through tough times", in the Australian Labor Party leadership spill, June 2013, although he is unable to vote in Australia as he is not an Australian citizen.
    More Details Hide Details Gillard lost the Labor leadership to Kevin Rudd, who subsequently lost the Australian federal election, 2013.
    In June 2013, Crowe signed to make his directional debut with an historical drama film The Water Diviner, which he also starred in.
    More Details Hide Details
    After a year off acting, Crowe played Jackknife in The Man with the Iron Fists, opposite RZA. He took on the role of Inspector Javert in the musical film of Les Misérables (2012), and portrayed Superman's biological father, Jor-El, in the Christopher Nolan produced Superman film, Man of Steel, released in the summer of 2013.
    More Details Hide Details
    At the Rabbitohs Annual General Meeting on 3 March 2013, Chairman Nick Pappas claimed Crowe "would not be selling his shareholding in the short-to-medium term and at this stage has no intention of selling at all".
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2012
    Age 47
    In November 2012 the South Sydney Rabbitohs confirmed that Russell Crowe was selling his 37.5% stake in the club.
    More Details Hide Details
    Crowe publicly endorsed Barack Obama, whom he called "the light and the future", in the United States presidential election, 2012, and urged Americans to vote for him.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2011
    Age 46
    In May 2011, Crowe helped arrange to have Fox broadcast the 2011 State of Origin series live for the first time in the United States, in addition to the NRL Grand Final.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2010
    Age 45
    In 2010, the NRL was investigating Crowe's business relationships with a number of media and entertainment companies including Channel Nine, Channel Seven, ANZ Stadium, and V8 Supercars in relation to the South Sydney Rabbitohs' salary cap.
    More Details Hide Details In 2011, Souths also announced a corporate partnership with the bookmaking conglomerate Luxbet. Previously, Crowe had been prominent in trying to prevent gambling being associated with the Rabbitohs.
  • 2009
    Age 44
    Also in 2009 Crowe persuaded young England international forward Sam Burgess to sign with the Rabbitohs over other clubs that were competing for his signature, after inviting Burgess and his mother to the set of Robin Hood, which he was filming in Britain at the time.
    More Details Hide Details Crowe's influence helped to persuade noted player Greg Inglis to renege on his deal to join the Brisbane Broncos and sign for the Rabbitohs for 2011.
    Crowe wrote a letter of apology to a Sydney newspaper following the sacking of South Sydney's coach Jason Taylor and one of their players David Fa'alogo after a drunken altercation between the two at the end of the 2009 NRL season.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2008
    Age 43
    Crowe helped to organise a rugby league game that took place at the University of North Florida, in Jacksonville, Florida, between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the European Super League champions Leeds Rhinos on 26 January 2008 (Australia Day).
    More Details Hide Details Crowe told ITV Local Yorkshire the game was not a marketing exercise.
  • 2006
    Age 41
    On 5 November 2006, Crowe appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to announce that Firepower International was sponsoring the South Sydney Rabbitohs for $3 million over three years.
    More Details Hide Details During a Tonight Show with Jay Leno appearance, Crowe showed viewers a Rabbitoh playing jersey with Firepower's name emblazoned on it.
    On 19 March 2006, the voting members of the South Sydney club voted (in a 75.8% majority) to allow Crowe and businessman Peter Holmes à Court to purchase 75% of the organisation, leaving 25% ownership with the members.
    More Details Hide Details It cost them A$3 million, and they received four of eight seats on the board of directors. A six part television miniseries entitled South Side Story depicting the takeover aired in Australia in 2007.
  • 2005
    Age 40
    In 2005, he made the Rabbitohs the first club team in Australia to be sponsored by a film, when he negotiated a deal to advertise his film Cinderella Man on their jerseys.
    More Details Hide Details
    In June 2005, Crowe was arrested and charged with Second-Degree Assault by New York City police after he threw a telephone at the concierge of the Mercer Hotel who refused to help him place a call when the system did not work from his room; he was charged with Fourth-Degree Criminal Possession of a Weapon (the telephone).
    More Details Hide Details The concierge was treated for a facial laceration. After his arrest, Crowe underwent a perp walk, a procedure customary in New York City, exposing the handcuffed suspect to the news media to take pictures. This procedure was under discussion as potentially violating Article 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Crowe later described the incident as "possibly the most shameful situation that I've ever gotten myself in ". Crowe pleaded guilty and was conditionally discharged. Before the trial, he settled a lawsuit filed by the concierge, Nestor Estrada. Terms of the settlement were not disclosed, but amounts in the six-figure range have been reported. The telephone incident had a generally negative impact on Crowe's public image, an example of negative public relations in the mass media, although Crowe had made a point of befriending Australian journalists in an effort to influence his image. A professional public image as "The Gladiator" had to compete alongside one as "the telephone throwing actor". For example, the South Park episode, "The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer" revolves around a lampooning of his aggressive tendencies. Crowe commented on the ongoing media perpetuation in November 2010, five years into the process, during an interview with American television talk show host and journalist Charlie Rose: "it affected me psychologically" "it indelibly changed me."
    On 9 March 2005, Crowe revealed to GQ magazine that Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents had approached him prior to the 73rd Academy Awards in March 2001, and told him that the terrorist group al-Qaeda wanted to kidnap him.
    More Details Hide Details Crowe told the magazine that it was the first time he had ever heard of al-Qaeda and was quoted as saying: "You get this late-night call from the FBI when you arrive in Los Angeles, and they're, like, absolutely full-on. 'We've got to talk to you now before you do anything. We have to have a discussion with you, Mr. Crowe.'" Crowe recalled that: "It was something to do with some recording picked up by a French policewoman, I think, in either Libya or Algiers it was about taking iconographic Americans out of the picture as a sort of cultural destabilisation plan." Between 1999 and 2005, Crowe was involved in four altercations which gave him a reputation for having a bad temper. In 1999, Crowe was involved in a scuffle at the Plantation Hotel in Coffs Harbour, Australia, which was caught on security video. Two men were acquitted of using the video in an attempt to blackmail Crowe.
    Russell Crowe & The Ordinary Fear of God set out to break the new band in by performing a successful sold out series of dates of Australia in 2005, and then in 2006, returned to the US to promote their new release My Hand, My Heart with another sold-out US Tour and major press, radio and television appearances.
    More Details Hide Details In March 2010, Russell Crowe & The Ordinary Fear of God's version of the John Williamson song "Winter Green" was included on a new compilation album The Absolute Best of John Williamson: 40 Years True Blue, commemorating the singer-songwriter's milestone of 40 years in the Australian music industry. As of May 2011, there are plans to release a new Russell Crowe & The Ordinary Fear of God recording (co-written with Alan Doyle) and for a US tour which would be the first live dates in the US since 2006. On 2 August 2011, the third collaboration between Crowe and Doyle was released on iTunes as The Crowe/Doyle Songbook Vol III, featuring nine original songs followed by their acoustic demo counterparts (for a total of 18 tracks). Danielle Spencer does guest vocals on most tracks. The release coincided with a pair of live performances at the LSPU Hall in St. John's, Newfoundland. The digital album was released as download versions only on, iTunes, spotify. The album has since charted at No. 72 on the Canadian Albums Chart. On 26 September 2011, Crowe appeared on-stage at Rogers Arena in Vancouver in the middle of Keith Urban's concert. He sang a cover of Folsom Prison Blues, before joining the rest of the band in a rendition of "The Joker". On 18 August 2012, Crowe appeared along with Doyle at the Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavík, Iceland as part of the city's Menningarnótt program.
    In early 2005, 30 Odd Foot of Grunts as a group had "dissolved/evolved" with Crowe feeling his future music would take a new direction.
    More Details Hide Details He began a collaboration with Alan Doyle of the Canadian band Great Big Sea, and with it a new band emerged: The Ordinary Fear of God which also involved some members of the previous TOFOG line-up. A new single, Raewyn, was released in April 2005 and an album entitled My Hand, My Heart which was released and is available for download on iTunes. The album includes a tribute song to actor Richard Harris, who became Crowe's friend during the making of Gladiator.
    In 2005, he re-teamed with A Beautiful Mind director Ron Howard for Cinderella Man.
    More Details Hide Details In 2006, he re-teamed with Gladiator director Ridley Scott for A Good Year, the first of two consecutive collaborations (the second being American Gangster co-starring again with Denzel Washington, released in late 2007). While the light romantic comedy of A Good Year was not greatly received, Crowe seemed pleased with the film, telling STV in an interview that he thought it would be enjoyed by fans of his other films. In recent years, Crowe's box office standing has declined. The Hollywood stock market (HSX) share Russell Crowe (RCROW), issued in 1997, however maintains constant accretion. Crowe appeared in Robin Hood, a film based on the Robin Hood legend, directed by Ridley Scott and released on 14 May 2010. Crowe starred in the 2010 Paul Haggis film The Next Three Days, an adaptation of the 2008 French film Pour Elle.
  • 2002
    Age 37
    Crowe won the best actor award for A Beautiful Mind at the 2002 BAFTA award ceremony, as well as the Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award for the same performance.
    More Details Hide Details Although nominated for an Academy Award, he lost to Denzel Washington. All three films were also nominated for best picture, and both Gladiator and A Beautiful Mind won the award. Within the six-year stretch from 1997 to 2003, he also starred in two other best picture nominees, L.A. Confidential and Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World.
  • 2001
    Age 36
    Crowe and Spencer reconciled in 2001, and married in April 2003, at Crowe's cattle property in Nana Glen, New South Wales.
    More Details Hide Details
    Crowe was awarded the (Australian) Centenary Medal in 2001 for "service to Australian society and Australian film production."
    More Details Hide Details Crowe received three consecutive best actor Oscar nominations, for The Insider, Gladiator and A Beautiful Mind.
  • 2000
    Age 35
    In 2000, Crowe was romantically involved with his co-star Meg Ryan while on the set of their film Proof of Life.
    More Details Hide Details In October 2012, it was reported that Crowe and Spencer had separated. Crowe resides in Australia. In 2011, Crowe and his family moved to a house in Sydney's Rose Bay. Crowe also owns a house in the North Queensland city of Townsville, purchased in May 2008. In the beginning of 2009, despite not having Australian citizenship, Crowe appeared in a series of special edition postage stamps called "Legends of the Screen", featuring Australian actors. He, Geoffrey Rush, Cate Blanchett and Nicole Kidman each appear twice in the series, once as themselves and once as their Academy Award-winning character. Crowe stated in November 2007 that he would like to be baptised as a Christian and felt that he had put it off for too long. "I do believe there are more important things than what is in the mind of a man", he said. "There is something much bigger that drives us all. I'm willing to take that leap of faith."
    He went on to become a three-time Oscar nominee, winning the Academy Award as Best Actor in 2000 for Gladiator.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1995
    Age 30
    The band released The Photograph Kills EP in 1995, as well as three full-length records, Gaslight (1998), Bastard Life or Clarity (2001) and Other Ways of Speaking (2003).
    More Details Hide Details In 2000, TOFOG performed shows in London, Los Angeles and the now famous run of shows at Stubbs in Austin, Texas which became a live DVD that was released in 2001, called Texas. In 2001, the band came to the US for major press, radio and TV appearances for the Bastard Life or Clarity release and returned to Stubbs in Austin, Texas to kick off a sold out US tour with dates in Austin, Boulder, Chicago, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York City and the last show at the famous Stone Pony in Asbury Park, New Jersey.
    He co-starred with Denzel Washington in Virtuosity (the duo later appearing together in American Gangster) and with Sharon Stone in The Quick and the Dead in 1995.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1993
    Age 28
    After initial success in Australia, Crowe first starred in a Canadian production in 1993, For the Moment, before concentrating on American films.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1992
    Age 27
    Also in 1992, Crowe starred in Romper Stomper, an Australian film which followed the exploits and downfall of a racist skinhead group in blue-collar suburban Melbourne, directed by Geoffrey Wright.
    More Details Hide Details For the role, Crowe won an Australian Film Institute (AFI) award for Best Actor, following up from his Best Supporting Actor award for Proof in 1991.
    In 1992, Crowe starred in the first episode of the second series of Police Rescue.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1989
    Age 24
    Crowe began an on-again, off-again relationship with Australian singer Danielle Spencer in 1989, when they co-starred in the 1990 film The Crossing.
    More Details Hide Details
    He was also cast again by Daniel Abineri in the role of Johnny, in the stage musical Bad Boy Johnny and the Prophets of Doom in 1989.
    More Details Hide Details After appearing in the TV series Neighbours and Living with the Law, Crowe was cast by Faith Martin in his first film, The Crossing (1990), a small-town love triangle directed by George Ogilvie. Before production started, a film-student protégé of Ogilvie, Steve Wallace, hired Crowe for the film Blood Oath (1990) (aka Prisoners of the Sun), which was released a month earlier than The Crossing, although actually filmed later.
  • 1988
    Age 23
    In the 1988 Australian production of Blood Brothers, Crowe played the role of Mickey.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1987
    Age 22
    In 1987, Crowe spent six months busking when he could not find other work.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1986
    Age 21
    He said, 'You already do the things you go there to learn and you've been doing it for most of your life, so there's nothing to teach you but bad habits.'" From 1986 to 1988, he was given his first professional role by director Daniel Abineri, in a production of The Rocky Horror Show.
    More Details Hide Details He played the role of Eddie/Dr Scott. He repeated this performance in a further Australian production of the show, which also toured New Zealand.
  • 1984
    Age 19
    He managed an Auckland music venue called "The Venue" in 1984.
    More Details Hide Details When he was 18, he was featured in A Very Special Person, a promotional video for the theology/ministry course at Avondale College, a Seventh-day Adventist tertiary education provider in New South Wales. Crowe returned to Australia at age 21, intending to apply to the National Institute of Dramatic Art. "I was working in a theatre show, and talked to a guy who was then the head of technical support at NIDA", Crowe has recalled. "I asked him what he thought about me spending three years at NIDA. He told me it'd be a waste of time.
  • 1964
    Crowe was born on 7 April 1964 in the Wellington, New Zealand suburb of Strathmore Park, the son of Jocelyn Yvonne (née Wemyss) and John Alexander Crowe, both of whom were film set caterers; his father also managed a hotel.
    More Details Hide Details Crowe's maternal grandfather, Stan Wemyss, was a cinematographer who was named an MBE for filming footage of World War II. Crowe's paternal grandfather, John Doubleday Crowe, was from Wrexham, Wales, while one of Crowe's maternal great-grandmothers was Māori. Crowe also has English, German, Irish, Italian, Norwegian, Scottish, Swedish, and Welsh ancestry. He is a cousin of former New Zealand cricket captains Martin Crowe and Jeff Crowe, and nephew of Dave Crowe. Russell has built a cricket field named for his uncle. When Crowe was four years old, his family moved to Sydney, Australia, where his parents pursued a career in set catering. The producer of the Australian TV series Spyforce was his mother's godfather, and Crowe (at age five or six) was hired for a line of dialogue in one episode, opposite series star Jack Thompson (in 1994 Thompson played the father of Crowe's character in The Sum of Us). Crowe also appeared briefly in the serial The Young Doctors.
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