Sara Dylan

Actress + Model
Born Oct 28, 1939

Sara Dylan, born Shirley Marlin Noznisky (or Novoletsky) and later known as Sara Lownds, was the first wife of singer-songwriter Bob Dylan and mother of singer Jakob Dylan. She was married to Bob Dylan from November 1965 until June 1977.

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1939 Birth Born on October 25, 1939.


1956 16 Years Old He was shot dead by a drunken fellow East European immigrant on November 18, 1956. … Read More
1959 19 Years Old 1 More Event
…  In 1959, Noznisky was wed to magazine photographer Hans Lownds, during which time she was known as Sara Lownds.


Sara started going out on her own, driving around town in an MG sports car Hans had given her, and gravitated to the youthful scene in Greenwich Village. Sometime in early 1964, she met Bob Dylan. … Read More
In September 1965, Dylan commenced his first "electric" tour of the United States, backed by the Hawks.
1966 26 Years Old Sara Dylan is said to have inspired several songs by Dylan, and two have been directly linked to her. "Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands," the only song on the fourth side of the 1966 album Blonde on Blonde, was described by critic Robert Shelton as "virtually a wedding song for the former Sara Shirley N. Lownds." … Read More


1973 33 Years Old In 1973, Bob and Sara Dylan sold their Woodstock home and purchased a modest property on the Point Dume peninsula, north of Malibu, California. … Read More
1974 34 Years Old In April 1974, Dylan began to take art classes with artist Norman Raeben in New York. … Read More
The 1975 album Blood on the Tracks has been cited by many as Bob's account of their disintegrating marriage; their son Jakob Dylan has notably said that the lyrics of the album are "my parents talking." The pair finally divorced in June 1977. … Read More
1977 37 Years Old Heylin has quoted Steven Soles saying that, in 1977, Dylan came over unannounced to his apartment and played him ten or twelve songs that were "very dark, very intense" dealing with his bitterness over the divorce. … Read More


1983 43 Years Old By some reports Dylan and Sara remained friends after the acrimony of the divorce subsided, and Clinton Heylin writes that the photo of Dylan on a hillside in Jerusalem, which appeared on the inner sleeve of the 1983 album Infidels, was taken by Sara.


2005 65 Years Old Discussing his parents' marriage, Jakob Dylan said in 2005: "My father said it himself in an interview many years ago: 'Husband and wife failed, but mother and father didn't.' … Read More
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