Sean Young
American actor
Sean Young
Sean Young is an American actress, best known for her performance in films from the 1980s such as Blade Runner, Dune, and No Way Out.
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Can Crime Be Ethically Predicted?
NYTimes - over 1 year
More police departments are trying to predict crime through computer analysis of data, part of the growing trend of using algorithms to analyze human behavior. Advocates say this approach focuses on those most likely to commit crimes, allowing for better relationships between police and residents. But critics say the computer models perpetuate racial profiling and infringe on civil liberties with little accountability, especially when the forecasting models are built by companies that keep their methods secret. Does predictive policing work? Can it decrease crime without infringing on civil liberties? Responses: Be Cautious About Data-Driven Policing Faiza Patel, Brennan Center Use of Data Can Stop Crime by Helping Potential Victims Andrew Papachristos, networks sociologist Technology Shouldn't Replace Community Resources Kami Chavis Simmons, ...
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NYTimes article
Work furlough inmate runs from the Laumaka Work Furlough Center
Hawaii News Now - almost 2 years
Work furlough inmate Sean Young returned to the Laumaka Work Furlough Center after work on Wednesday evening. 
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Hawaii News Now article
Katy Perry Would Star In 'Beetlejuice 2' If Anyone Asks
Huffington Post - over 3 years
The more you know: Speaking to fans during a Q&A session on Wednesday, Katy Perry revealed that should "Beetlejuice 2" become an actual reality, she'd love to play Lydia, the part originated by Winona Ryder in the first film. This isn't the first time Perry and "Beetlejuice" have been associated. An intrepid video editor cut together Perry's "Teenage Dream" with footage from the "Beetlejuice" cartoon that ran between 1989 and 1991: Perry has long discussed her interest in acting. (She voices Smurfette in the "Smurfs" films, and has also hosted "Saturday Night Live.") "I am really interested in comedy, and I would really love to play Rachael in 'Blade Runner 2' if Ridley [Scott] would just call!" Perry said to the U.K. edition of Metro earlier this year. "I think I’d enjoy playing the opposite of what you expect." Sean Young played the Rachael role in the original "Blade Runner." As for "Beetlejuice 2," director Tim Burton is in talks to return to make the second film, though ...
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Huffington Post article
Katy Perry Wants To Be In 'Blade Runner,' So We Recast It With Pop Stars
MTV News - over 3 years
Katy Perry, in an interview with Metro said that she really wants to act. Specifically, she wants the role of Rachael in "Blade Runner 2," which is currently being written. "With films, I hope to win you all over with animation and then do other films," she said. "I am really interested in comedy, and I would really love to play Rachael in 'Blade Runner 2' if Ridley would just call!" Perry does have a point here. There is a strong resemblance between her and Sean Young in "Blade Runner," and that got us thinking. While we're recasting Rachael with Perry, why not fill out the rest of the cast with pop stars? This is what we came up with. Justin Timberlake as Deckard The closest thing pop music has to a Harrison Ford — the "guys wanna be/girls wanna be with" ideal — is Justin Timberlake. He even has some experience working in sci-fi, but we'll look past "In Time." Kanye West as Roy Batty Just imagine Yeezy's take on the "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe" spe ...
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MTV News article
Photography And The Phantom Sex
Huffington Post - about 4 years
Photographer Dana Hoey's previous exhibitions have focused on both young and older women, but for her upcoming show "The Phantom Sex," Hoey captures a more elusive subject. Her twelve-photograph series explores the search for the essential woman and the inevitable failure of such a quest. Using masks, molds and casts, Hoey navigates the urge to shape oneself to a certain elusive ideal. She employs an unsettling yet beautiful mashup of flesh, plastic, and mirrors as the tools women use to craft perfect visions of themselves. Using statues, self-made casts and even a death mask of "Bladerunner" star Sean Young, Hoey addresses the uncanny sensation of shaping yourself from within your own body. We spoke to the artist to find out more about her ambitious new exhibition. Scroll down for a slideshow of her new works. HP: What was one of the greatest challenges of this particular show? DH: There has been a lot written on the subject. You always see yourself as other peop ...
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Huffington Post article
Xaque Gruber: Sundance and Slamdance: An Equal Abundance of Brave New Films
Huffington Post - about 4 years
For hardcore movie lovers, like myself, there is no month quite like January. Amidst the frenzy of Hollywood's movie award season, the snowy, scenic hamlet of Park City, Utah simultaneously hosts two of the world's finest independent film festivals, Sundance (since 1981) and Slamdance (since 1995). This year both scored equal jackpots of cinematic treasure. Slamdance: Housed entirely in the Treasure Mountain Inn at the top of Main Street, Slamdance is easy to navigate with tickets and memorable movies aplenty. The Dirties This year was a banner one for the alternative fest, thanks in part to the most controversial (and arguably best) film in all of Park City: The Dirties. Hilarious, heartbreaking and haunting, The Dirties, which won the fest's Grand Jury Award Best Narrative Feature, chronicles two best friends (Matt Johnson and Owen Williams) aspiring Tarantino-esque filmmakers relentlessly tormented in the corridors of their high school by the eponymous gang of th ...
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Huffington Post article
Under attack, minority Hazaras risk death to flee
Fox News - over 4 years
As he knelt in prayer to mark one of Islam's holiest days, Ali Raza Qurban saw a childhood friend and dozens of others die in a suicide attack on their Shiite mosque. Sunni militants were again targeting minority ethnic Hazaras in this city of narrow streets and wide-open hatreds. Qurban decided it was time to leave. He found an agent who would hook him up with a smuggler in Indonesia and, for $8,000, get him to Australia. But he never made it to Australia. He disappeared on Dec. 17, 2011, aboard an overcrowded, rickety wooden boat that capsized within hours of leaving the Indonesian shore. Four months had passed since the suicide bombing at the mosque in Quetta, where the violence has spawned a vibrant human smuggling business. The smugglers operate out of small, unidentified shops. Selling promises of a safe and better life in Australia, they largely capitalize on the fear and desperation of the Hazara, a largely Shiite community that is f ...
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Fox News article
Baby Boom: Olympic Sharpshooter Is 8 Months Pregnant
Huffington Post - over 4 years
LONDON -- She's shooting for two. A Malaysian woman who is eight months pregnant will compete in 10-meter air rifle at the London Games. She found out she would be a mother just days after she found out she would be an Olympian. Nur Suryani Mohammed Taibi is due in September. Being pregnant means the 29-year-old Taibi has to get in and out of a special suit and belt for practice, but that is only one challenge: She is also drawing overwhelming attention that threatens her concentration ahead of competition Saturday. To her parents, the mom-to-be is already a champion. "Whatever happens, I'm satisfied already," her father, Mohammed Taibi, told The Associated Press in a telephone interview Friday from the family home in northern Malaysia. "I'm proud of her. I've told her: If you can compete in the Olympics, that's such an achievement already – all the more when you're pregnant," "We're her family, so we support her. We'll be praying for her," he said. ...
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Huffington Post article
Let's go ahead and cast the What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? remake
Boing Boing - over 4 years
Fantastic news coming out of Comic Con: They are remaking What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?! It's such fun news that there is no way to properly punctuate the end of the sentence! Walter Hill, who just finished directing Sylvester Stallone in the cop drama Bullet to the Head, will direct and write the screenplay, because a movie about an abusive, deranged former child star torturing her crippled sister while both wither away in obscurity is clearly the next logical step in his career. Now that the news is out of the way, let's cast this thing! (And maybe look at more pictures of Bette Davis looking out of her blessèd mind!) First, let's take a look back at the 1962 original that starred Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, two women who hated each other with the heat of one thousand suns, perhaps more. Crawford, who played the victimized sister Blanche Hudson, actually put rocks in her costume when Davis -- the titular "Baby" Jane Hudson -- was called upon to drag her body around thei ...
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Boing Boing article
Bank workers' 401(k)s fall with employers' stock
San Francisco Chronicle - over 4 years
Bank workers' 401(k)s fall with employers' stock The 2001 collapse of Enron Corp. led to warnings that tying retirement funds to an employer's stock could be more crippling when a company fails, resulting in the loss of both a nest egg as well as a source of income. Current and former Morgan Stanley employees, who receive company shares to match their 401(k) contributions, held 24 percent of retirement assets in the firm's stock before last year's decline, the highest percentage of any of the banks. JPMorgan employees, some of whom received stock in the company until last year to match retirement contributions, devoted 18 percent of their funds to the lender's shares at the end of 2010. Any amount exceeding 20 percent is deemed a concentrated position, said Jean Young, a senior research analyst at the Vanguard Center for Retirement Research, a division of Vanguard Group Inc., the biggest U.S. mutual-fund company. Morgan Stanley is facing a lawsuit from former ...
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San Francisco Chronicle article
'Blade Runner' Cast: Where Are They Now?
Deadline Hollywood - over 4 years
Can you imagine Dustin Hoffman as the hard-boiled, romantic, replicant-hunting sleuth hero of "Blade Runner"? It's true, the "Tootsie" star was one of many leading men up for the role of Rick Deckard; it was only a recommendation from Steven Spielberg, who had just shot "Raiders of the Lost Ark," that persuaded Ridley Scott that "Star Wars" second banana Harrison Ford could carry a movie. Three decades later, Ford has gone from untried leading man to cinema icon. His co-stars (including Sean Young, Daryl Hannah, and Edward James Olmos) went from obscurity to stardom -- and sometimes, back again to obscurity. The movie itself, which was a box-office disappointment upon its release 30 years ago this month (on June 25, 1982), went on to become the most influential science-fiction movie this side of "Star Wars." About seven different versions have been released since then, making sure that we never forgotten about Deckard's dark quest to find humanity within himself -- even as we may ...
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Deadline Hollywood article
Malaysians protest for election reform broken up by police
Cleveland - almost 5 years
By EILEEN NG  and SEAN YOONG Associated Press KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA  - Police unleashed tear gas and chemical-laced water Saturday at thousands of demonstrators who staged one of Malaysia's largest street rallies in years, demanding fair rules for national elections expected...
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Cleveland article
Judo youngsters get tips from British champion and Olympian
News Guardian - almost 5 years
STUDENTS from Battlehill and Seghill judo clubs were privileged to attend a judo course and grading hosted by the British Judo’s technical officer Chloe Cowen. Chloe is a 5th Dan and a British and Commonwealth Judo champion, five-time European medal winner and former Olympian. The course was held at Churchill Community College with assistance from Malcolm Young, 4th Dan, Kev Corden, 2nd Dan, Steve Smith, 1st Dan and Damien Anderson, 1st Dan. Students were also examined during the day and the following promotions awarded – senior grades: Thomas Dugdale, 1st Kyu brown belt, Porl Harvey, 2nd Kyu blue belt. Junior grades: Robert Stuart, 18th mon, Kieran Tweedy, 14th mon, Tonicha Brown, 13th mon, Alannah Harvey, 12th mon, Chris Sayers, 7th mon, Reece Moody, 3rd mon, Mathew Blank, 2nd mon. Primary grades: Sean Young and Callum McKenzie, Kano 4, Owen Moody and Jason Smith, Kano 2, Ryan Norris, Leighton Alexander and Chloe Harris, Kano 1. The two clubs train at Wallsend and Seghill on We ...
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News Guardian article
Roger Corman's Attack of the 50-Foot Cheerleader in 3D Promises to Be Epix
Dread Central - almost 5 years
Roger Corman graced Syfy with a Sharktopus. For his foray into producing for the Epix network, the “King of the B’s” is busting out Attack of the 50-Foot Cheerleader (in 3D no less) and has assembled quite a cast for a movie about a giant cheerleader on a rampage. Shockingly, Roger Corman did not produce the 1950’s cult classic Attack of the 50-Foot Woman or its 1990’s remake starring Daryl Hannah. He also had nothing to do with 1995’s Attack of the 60-Foot Centerfold; that was Fred Olen Ray’s homage. Now, at the ripe old age of 86 (and still kicking), Corman is finally getting a piece of the giant woman on the attack action with Attack of the 50-Foot Cheerleader. Synopsis: Aspiring college cheerleader Cassie Stratford consumes an experimental drug that grants her beauty and enough athletic ability to make the cheer squad. However, the drug has an unforeseen side effect - Cassie starts to grow and grow and grow. The titular 50-foot cheerleader will be played by Miss Georgia Teen ...
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Dread Central article
Sci Fi Thriller Inspires Katy Perry's Futurepunk Pinup Style
Crabby Golightly - almost 5 years
POPPIN' Credit: TeenVogue Sci Fi Thriller Inspires Katy Perry's Futurepunk Pinup Style By Linda Seccaspina I'M NOT A LOVER OF KATY PERRY'S CERULEAN BLUE HAIR, BUT IN May's issue of Teen Vogue, the pop princess makes sense of it all by naming her style icons. Peruse the eclectic list that includes Judy Jetson, TV's Wonder Woman,Agyness Deyn, Chloë Sevigny, Daphne Guinness and Natalie Wood and you understand why blue hair has become her latest fashion passion. Perry tells the magazine why she has tried to retain her 'pinup girl' style for so long: “Like, I'm still doing the pinup thing, but now when I do it, I want to be the pinup of the future, like Rachael in Blade Runner. But I've always been quirky -- it probably started when I was nine years old, and my father used to wake me up at 7 every Saturday morning to take me to garage sales. I couldn't afford the clothes that the other girls at school were wearing, so instead I looked for things that were unique ...
Article Link:
Crabby Golightly article
Sean Young cleared in Oscar-night slapping incident
Zap 2 it - almost 5 years
"Our prosecutors declined to file charges...due to insufficient evidence," says a spokesperson for the L.A. City Attorney's office.
Article Link:
Zap 2 it article
Actress Sean Young won't face charges in Oscars altercation
LATimes - almost 5 years
Actress <a class="fplink fp-249439" href="/Sean+Young+1">Sean Young</a>, who was arrested at an Academy Awards party, will not face charges, according to the L.A. city attorney's office. Young was involved in a "physical altercation" and taken into custody by the person she was fighting with, police said. A security guard at the Governors Ball made the arrest. John Franklin, a spokesman for the city attorney, cited insufficient evidence in the decision not to charge Young. Young has demanded an apology and on Facebook said she suffered a bruised arm during the altercation with security. "I just want everyone to know that I was sober, extremely well-behaved when a very stupid security guard went postal on me," Young wrote. She was booked on suspicion of misdemeanor battery and released on $20,000 bail. Young was among 10 people arrested during and after Sunday's Academy Awards ceremony, officials said. Most of the arrests, which included misdemeanors and felonies ...
Article Link:
LATimes article
Sean Young&rsquo;s arrest at Academy Awards party will be reviewed by L.A. prosecutors
LATimes - almost 5 years
The Los Angeles city attorney's office is planning to review any criminal accusations related to actress <a class="fplink fp-249439" href="/Sean+Young+1"><a class="fplink fp-249439" href="/Sean+Young+1">Sean Young</a></a>'s arrest Sunday after the Academy Awards. Young was involved in a "physical altercation" and taken into custody by the person she was fighting with, police said. Police sources said it was a security guard at the Governors Ball who made the arrest. Police continue to investigate and Los Angeles prosecutors said they will review anything they receive from police. “We anticipate it will be sent to our office for review,” said Frank Mateljan, spokesman for the Los Angeles city attorney’s office. “But we have not received any paperwork as of today.” Young has demanded an apology and on Facebook said she suffered a bruised arm during the altercation with security. "I just want everyone to know that I was sober, extremely well-behaved when a very stupid securi ...
Article Link:
LATimes article
Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Sean Young
  • 2013
    Age 53
    On June 9, 2013, Young performed in a benefit skating event at the Ice Theater of New York.
    More Details Hide Details She competed in a Celebrity Skating competition against Michael Buckley, YouTube personality, and Tim Morehouse, US Olympic Fencing silver medalist.
    In October 2013, Young played the role of Dr. Lucien in Star Trek: Renegades, a fan project to create a pilot for a new Star Trek series (released in August 2015) where several former Star Trek actors appeared, including Tim Russ (who also directed the pilot) as well as Walter Koenig, Garrett Wang and J. G. Hertzler.
    More Details Hide Details
    She was subsequently cast in a film about Nikola Tesla, slated for release in 2013, titled Fragments From Olympus—The Vision of Nikola Tesla (unreleased as of February, 2016).
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2011
    Age 51
    In October 2011, Young appeared on the CBS television show Late Show with David Letterman.
    More Details Hide Details During the interview, she described how she was now looking for movie work after raising her two sons, and produced a short video clip promoting her job search which Letterman played.
  • 2010
    Age 50
    In 2010, she was cast on the first season of the ABC show Skating with the Stars as a celebrity contestant who skated with professional skater Denis Petukhov.
    More Details Hide Details But she was the first celebrity to be eliminated.
    Young appeared on The Young and the Restless in June 2010 as Canadian barmaid Meggie McClain, alongside good friend Eric Braeden.
    More Details Hide Details She returned to the show on July 14 in a recurring role, which lasted through February 2011.
  • 2008
    Age 48
    In 2008, Young competed in the television program Gone Country 2, which included a competition in a celebrity demolition derby at the Henry County Fairgrounds in Paris, Tennessee.
    More Details Hide Details Young went on to win the celebrity derby heat and then went on to compete against 21 professional demolition derby drivers. Young finished in fourth place.
  • 2007
    Age 47
    In late 2007, Young finished work on two films, The Man Who Came Back and Haunted Echoes.
    More Details Hide Details
    She also had a small role on the CW's One Tree Hill in 2007.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2005
    Age 45
    In 2005, she spent four months in Russia filming the miniseries Esenin, in which she impersonated dancer Isadora Duncan.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1997
    Age 37
    In 1997, however, Young reprised her role as Rachael in the 1997 Blade Runner video game.
    More Details Hide Details Her face was scanned and reproduced in 3D, one of the first times such technology was used in a game. Since 2001, Young has appeared in a variety of independent films and made guest appearances on television, including roles in Poor White Trash, Mockingbird Don't Sing, Sugar & Spice, Boston Public, and Reno 911!
  • 1994
    Age 34
    She played a supporting role in the 1994 comedy Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.
    More Details Hide Details During most of the 1990s, she resided in Sedona, Arizona, and her career cooled.
  • 1991
    Age 31
    In 1991, she was awarded the Worst Actress and the Worst Supporting Actress Razzies for her roles in A Kiss Before Dying.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1990
    Age 30
    In 1990, Young married Robert Lujan, with whom she has two sons, Rio Kelly and Quinn Lee. The couple divorced in 2002 and remarried in 2011.
    More Details Hide Details In January 2008, Young checked herself into rehabilitation for alcohol abuse. A later stay in rehab occurred 2011, which was depicted on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, as were Lujan's visits to her.
    Young was cast as Tess Trueheart in the 1990 movie Dick Tracy.
    More Details Hide Details However, she was dismissed in favor of Glenne Headly for not appearing maternal in the role. Young later claimed her dismissal was punishment for her having rebuffed Warren Beatty's advances, a claim Beatty denies.
  • 1989
    Age 29
    Young was next cast as Vicki Vale in Tim Burton's 1989 film Batman, but during rehearsals, she broke her arm after falling off a horse and was replaced by Kim Basinger.
    More Details Hide Details In an unsuccessful attempt to win the role of Catwoman (which was originally offered to Annette Bening but ultimately went to Michelle Pfeiffer after Bening became pregnant) in the sequel Batman Returns, Young constructed a homemade Catwoman costume and attempted to confront Burton and actor Michael Keaton during production.
  • 1988
    Age 28
    In 1988, Young appeared in The Boost with James Woods.
    More Details Hide Details Woods later sued her for harassing him and his then-fiancée, alleging that, in addition to other disruptive behavior, Young left a disfigured doll on his doorstep. Young denied the allegations and claimed that Woods filed the lawsuit out of spite. Young stated, "It was a crush being turned down, that's all. So sue me! And he Woods did." The suit was settled out of court in 1989. Young was awarded $227,000 to cover her legal costs.
  • 1987
    Age 27
    One of her most prominent roles was as the lover of a ruthless Washington politician (Gene Hackman) in 1987's No Way Out, alongside Kevin Costner.
    More Details Hide Details Other notable credits include Dune, Fatal Instinct, and Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend.
  • 1986
    Age 26
    On television in 1986, Young played the female lead opposite Lenny Von Dohlen in Under the Biltmore Clock, based on F. Scott Fitzgerald's story Myra Meets His Family.
    More Details Hide Details The following year, she had a small role in the film Wall Street as the wife of Michael Douglas's character, Gordon Gekko. Her role was originally intended to be larger, but was significantly reduced due to clashes with Oliver Stone.
  • 1980
    Age 20
    Young began her film career in 1980 in the film Jane Austen in Manhattan, followed by a role in the 1981 film Stripes.
    More Details Hide Details She then played the female lead, Rachael, alongside Harrison Ford in the classic science fiction film Blade Runner (1982).
  • 1959
    Born on November 20, 1959.
    More Details Hide Details
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