Snowtown murders


The Snowtown murders – also known as the Bodies-in-Barrels murders – were a series of homicides in South Australia between August 1992 and May 1999. The name "Snowtown murders" refers to the town where the bodies were found; only one of the eleven victims was killed there, and none of the victims or the perpetrators were from Snowtown.… Read More

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1966 Birth Born in 1966.


1991 25 Years Old 1 More Event
Bunting moved to a house in Salisbury North, South Australia in 1991, and there he befriended his neighbours Mark Haydon, Robert Wagner and his girlfriend Vanessa Laney.
1995 29 Years Old Initially, the body of Clinton Trezise was found at Lower Light near Adelaide in 1995, although no connection to Bunting was made at this time. Similarly the death of Thomas Trevilyan in 1997 was initially treated as a suicide. … Read More


1999 33 Years Old Police later arrested and charged Bunting, Wagner, Vlassakis, and Elizabeth's husband, Mark Haydon on 21 May 1999 for the murders. … Read More
2003 37 Years Old The trial of Bunting and Wagner lasted almost twelve months, the longest in the history of South Australia. In December 2003, Bunting was convicted of committing eleven murders, and Wagner of ten murders, of which he had confessed to only three. … Read More
2004 38 Years Old In 2004, Haydon was convicted on five counts of assisting with the murders (of which he admitted to two). … Read More


2007 41 Years Old The final count against Bunting and Wagner—that of murdering Suzanne Allen—was dropped on 7 May 2007, when a jury had been unable to reach a verdict. … Read More
2011 45 Years Old 1 More Event
The notoriety of the murders led to a short-term economic boost from tourists visiting Snowtown, but created a lasting stigma. The Age reported in 2011 that the town of Snowtown would be "forever stigmatised" due to its relationship to the murders. … Read More
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