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Stefan Nemanja was the Grand Prince of the Serbian Grand Principality from 1166 to 1196, an heir of the Vukanović dynasty that marked the beginning of a greater Serbian realm (he is the founding father of the Nemanjić dynasty). He is remembered for his contributions to Serbian culture and history, being the founder of the powerful Serbian state that would evolve into the Serbian Empire, and the national church.… Read More

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1113 Birth Nemanja was born around the year 1113 AD in Ribnica, Zeta (in the vicinity of present-day Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro). … Read More


1162 49 Years Old …  Nemanja met Emperor Manuel in Niš in 1162, who gave him the region of Dubočica to rule over and declared him independent. … Read More


1164 51 Years Old Nemanja's Serb squadrons fought in the Imperial Army in 1164 in Srem during the wars against the Kingdom of Hungary. … Read More
1166 53 Years Old Between 1166 and 1168, Prince Nemanja rebelled against his older brother Tihomir, and deposed him and his brothers, Miroslav and Stracimir. … Read More
1171 58 Years Old 1 More Event
Stefan Nemanja built the church of Đurđevi Stupovi (Pillars of St. George) in Ras in 1171. … Read More
1172 59 Years Old 1 More Event
Grand Prince Nemanja then dispatched troops to the Morava valley in 1172, to disrupt communications and commerce between Niš and Belgrade and instigate a rebellion amongst the local Serbs at Ravno. … Read More


1180 - 1188 4 More Events
However, Barbarossa never consummated an alliance with Nemanja, instead signing a peace treaty with Byzantine representatives on 14 February 1190 in Adrianople.
1191 - 1192 2 More Events
1193 80 Years Old However, Nemanja's forces quickly pushed the Hungarians back across the border in 1193.
1195 82 Years Old In 1195, Stefan Nemanja's brother-in-law Alexios III Angelos inherited the Byzantine throne. … Read More
1196 83 Years Old 1 More Event
In 1196, after three decades of warfare and negotiations which consolidated Serbia while distinguishing it from both Western and Byzantine spheres of influence, Nemanja abdicated in favour of his middle son Stefan Nemanjić, who became the first King of Serbia. … Read More
1198 85 Years Old Together with his son Sava, Nemanja had built the Serbian Hilandar Monastery at Mount Athos from 1198-1199, and issued the "Hilandar Charter". … Read More
1199 86 Years Old Died on February 13, 1199.
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