Surat Huseynov

Surat Huseynov

Azerbaijani Politician
Born Feb 12, 1959

Surat or Suret Davud oglu Huseynov is an Azerbaijani colonel and ex-Prime Minister of Azerbaijan, who rose to prominence during the Nagorno-Karabakh War. His military successes led, in 1993, to his rise to Prime Minister and later prison term.

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1958 Birth Born on February 12, 1958.


1977 19 Years Old After serving in the army in 1977–1979 and later graduating from the Leninabad Technological Institute, Surat Huseynov worked as a plumber, a warehouse employee and an assistant operator at the Kirovabad Textile Factory.


1983 25 Years Old In 1983–1984 he resided in Novopavlovsk, Russia. … Read More
1986 28 Years Old In 1986 he became senior inspector of a textile factory in Yevlakh and was promoted to manager just before the war. … Read More


1990 32 Years Old At the dawn of the conflict in 1990, Huseynov formed an armed group supported by the local Soviet Ground Forces division. … Read More
1992 34 Years Old 1 More Event
In summer 1992, his detachment took part in the Azerbaijani offensive which led to the capture of Mardakert on 4 July 1992. … Read More
1993 35 Years Old 1 More Event
After the remaining Soviet turned Russian troops left Ganja on 28 May 1993, President Elchibey initiated a military operation called Tufan aimed at arresting Huseynov and disarming his detachments. … Read More
1994 36 Years Old …  On 5 October 1994, riot squads reportedly accompanied by Huseynov's units attempted a coup d'état, supported by the military, against Aliyev, which was immediately suppressed. … Read More
1997 39 Years Old Negotiations with the Russian government resulted in Huseynov's extradition to Azerbaijan on 26 March 1997, where he was charged with treason and attempted coup, among other crimes. … Read More


1999 41 Years Old On 15 February 1999, Surat Huseynov was sentenced to life in prison (highest form of punishment in Azerbaijan). In 2004, under pressure from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, President Ilham Aliyev pardoned him. … Read More
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