Nigamananda Paramahansa

Nigamananda Paramahansa

Indian Saint
Born Aug 19, 1880

Swami Nigamananda Paramahansa was a satguru, a yogi and a Hindu spiritual leader well known in Eastern India. He was a Hindu guru, a Hindu philosopher associated with the shakti cult and viewed as a perfect spiritual master of tantra, gyan, yoga and prema or bhakti His followers idealized him as their worshipped and beloved thakura (ठाकुर). Nigamananda was born into a Brahmin family in the hamlet of Kutabpur in Nadia district.… Read More

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Born on August 18, 1880.


1895 14 Years Old 1 More Event
In 1895 he entered Dhaka Asanulla Engineering College.
1897 16 Years Old 1 More Event
In 1897 his father married him to a thirteen-year-old girl named Sudhansubala Devi of Halisahar.
1899 18 Years Old 1 More Event
He completed his study in 1899 and joined a service in the District Board of Dinajpur, the estate of Rani Rashmoni.


1901 20 Years Old 1 More Event
At the end of Vadra, 1901 (approximately five years after marriage) when he was serving as the supervisor of the Narayanpur Estate (Zamindari), Nalinikanta saw the shadowy image of his wife standing at the table glowering and silent while she was away at Kutabpur (Nalinikanta's village). … Read More
1902 21 Years Old 1 More Event
…  In 1902 he searched for a jnani guru. … Read More
1903 22 Years Old 1 More Event
Again Nigamananda went out to seek a guru. In 1903 he met a "yogi guru" (yoga master) - whom he called "Sumeru Dasji" (otherwise known as Koot Hoomi Lal Singh or Kuthumi). … Read More
After hard practice, in the month of Poush 1904, Nigamananda was able to master Savikalpa samadhi (the trance in which the yogi loses his body consciousness and acquires a transcendental consciousness while retaining his individual identity). … Read More
1905 24 Years Old 1 More Event
Nigamananda founded his first Yoga Ashram in 1905 (1312 BS) at Kodaldhoa in Garo Hills, which is called now "Garohill-Yogashrama" (गारोहिल योगाश्रम). … Read More


Nigamananda founded Shanti Ashram (शांति आश्रम) in 1912 at Jorhat to fulfill his three missions, to propagate Sanatana Dharma (spreading eternal religion), spreading true education and serve everybody as god incarnate. … Read More
Nigamananda installed Jagat Gurus Ashan (जगत गुरु आसन), in 1915 at Kokilamukh, Jorhat, Assam and established many ashrams and made thousands of disciples in the guru-shishya tradition. … Read More


Swami Nigamananda retired and resided in Nilachala Kutir in Puri for several years, till 1935.
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