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**File Photo**. * TATUM O'NEAL SEEKING 'PAINKILLER SUPERVISION'. A representative for embattled actress TATUM O'NEAL has clarified reports she's checked into a drug rehab centre - the star is actually seeking supervision for painkiller use following back surgery. Rumours surfaced on Wednesday morning (29Feb12) suggesting the Oscar winner was seeking professional treatment after suffering a setback in her long battle with sobriety. A source told RadarOnline.com, "Tatum made the decision to voluntarily check into rehab after having a relapse about a month ago when she began using cocaine again.". But a spokesperson for the Paper Moon star has since cleared up the claims, revealing the actress is taking precautionary measures to ensure she doesn't get hooked on prescription drugs she has been given post-surgery. The rep tells Eonline.com, "Tatum O'Neal has had back issues, had back surgery and went to a place that could supervise her use of prescribed painkillers until the pain had subsided. She will always seek supervision when taking prescription medication that has addictive potential.". The 48-year-old daughter of actor Ryan O'Neal has a long history of substance abuse, but insisted she had kicked her habit for good following a 2008 arrest for cocaine possession, for which she was ordered to complete two sessions in a drug treatment programme. (MT/WNWE/KL). USA - 29.02.12. Tatum O'Neal appears on CNN's 'Piers Morgan Tonight' to discuss her emotionally challenging relationship with her father Ryan O'Neal and promotes their new OWN docu-series 'Ryan and Tatum: The O'Neals'. (Orinally aired on June 17). USA - 24.06.11. Supplied by WENN.com. WENN does not claim any ownership including but not limited to Copyright or License in the attached material. Any downloading fees charged by WENN are for WENN's services only, and do not, nor are they intended to, convey to the user any ownership of Copyright or License in the material. By publishing this material you expressly agree to indemnify and to hold WENN and its directors, shareholders and employees harmless from any loss, claims, damages, demands, expenses (including legal fees), or any causes of action or allegation against WENN arising out of or connected in any way with publication of the material.
**File Photo**. * TATUM O'NEAL SEEKING 'PAINKILLER SUPERVISION'. A representative for embattled actress TATUM O... Read More
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