Thomas Prence

Thomas Prence

Politician + Founder + Governor
Born 1599
Hometown Lechlade
Died Mar 29, 1673
Death Place Plymouth, Massach...
Nationality England

Thomas Prence was a co-founder of Eastham, Massachusetts, a political leader in both the Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay colonies, and governor of Plymouth.

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Thomas Prence
Thomas Prence



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1600 Birth Thomas Prence was born in the area of Lechlade, Gloucestershire about 1600 to Thomas Prence/Prince and Elizabeth Todlerby, but per Banks, this may not have been the original home of the family. … Read More


1621 21 Years Old Thomas Prence came to Plymouth on the ship "Fortune" in November 1621 as a single man and from about the time of his arrival seems to have played an important role in the affairs of the colony.
1623 23 Years Old In the 1623 division of land, Thomas Prence is named as holder of one aker (acre) of land.
1627 27 Years Old In 1627, he was a member of the Plymouth Undertakers, who were the most important men in the colony at that time. … Read More


1632 - 1633 2 More Events
1634 34 Years Old In 1634 he became Plymouth Governor, and from then on he was either Governor or Assistant Governor of Plymouth for the rest of his life. … Read More
1637 37 Years Old In 1637 he showed wisdom when he negotiated with the Massachusetts men who unjustly demanded much of land on the Connecticut River that Plymouth had purchased from the Indians.
1638 38 Years Old In 1638 Prence presided over the court as governor when the decision was made to execute the white men who had murdered an Indian.


1643 43 Years Old On the 1643 Able to Bear Arms List, Mr. Thomas Prence is listed with those men of Plymouth. … Read More


1657 57 Years Old After Governor Bradford’s death in 1657, Prence became the most important person in Plymouth colony and remained so until his death in 1673. … Read More


1661 61 Years Old In 1661 he presided over the court during Plymouth’s first witchcraft trial and it was reported that he handled the situation in a reasonable way.
1665 65 Years Old In 1665, in payment for having Governor Prence, in his official capacity, reside in Plymouth, the court ordered that he be paid 50£ during his term as governor, with a house provided for him in Plymouth’s Plain Dealing area. … Read More
1666 66 Years Old On 5 March 1666/67, the General Court, presided over by Gov. Thomas Prence, fined Arthur Howland, Jr. 5 £, apparently because he did not like him proposing to his daughter - for making a “motion of marriage to her, and prosecuting the same contrary to her parents likeing, and without theire consent, and directly contrary to theire mind and will.” He was also ordered to find sureties for his future good behavior and “hee desist from the use of any means for the meanes to obtaine or retaine her affections as aforsaid.” … Read More
1667 67 Years Old 1 More Event
On July 2, 1667 Arthur Howland, Jr. did solemnly state that he would never again apply himself to Mistress Elizabeth Prence in reference to marriage.
1672 72 Years Old His will was dated March 13, 1672/73, proved June 5, 1673. … Read More
1673 73 Years Old 1 More Event
But all that changed after the death of Prence in 1673. … Read More
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