Tim Couch
All-American college football player, professional football player, quarterback
Tim Couch
Timothy Scott Couch is a former American college and professional football player who was a quarterback in the National Football League (NFL) for five seasons. He played college football for the University of Kentucky and earned All-American honors. He was selected first overall by the Cleveland Browns in the 1999 NFL Draft, and he threw for over 11,000 passing yards during his NFL career.
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It seemed like quite the gamble when the Cleveland Browns took quarterback Brandon Weeden 22nd overall in last week's NFL draft. Despite all the positive things about Weeden's game, questions still remained—about his durability and age (he'll be 29 a month into the upcoming season), as well as his ability to translate his skills from a spread offense to Cleveland's complex West Coast system. However, one look at the quarterbacks the Browns have relied on since reforming as a team in 1999 shows that of any of them, Weeden has the greatest chance to be successful. The quarterbacks of note—Colt McCoy, Brady Quinn, Derek Anderson and Tim Couch—never had the kind of college numbers Weeden has put up in the last two years. Now, of course, college success doesn't belie success in the NFL. Kellen Moore will likely never be a starter in the league, despite what he did in school, and Tim Tebow, well, he's Tim Tebow. But Weeden's college performance at least provides more than just a modicum ...
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Horse Whisperings - Broncos Draftermath and Running Forward
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With the Draft over, the next two months will be rather quiet. The Denver Broncos return to work this morning to continue their Organized Team Activities (OTAs) while we speculate which prospects will improve our team, who to keep an eye on in Training Camp and who is likely to be the surprise player this year. The tentative dates for the Broncos' offseason schedule at the team's Dove Valley headquarters gprs something like this: Through May 10: Voluntary conditioning and meetings, Monday through Friday from approximately 8 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. each day. May 11-13: Rookie minicamp. This is for all drafted and undrafted rookies, plus members of the practice squad. This will be the Orientation for the new kids, how to get around the Paul D. Bowlen Complex at Dove Valley. Where to eat and where their meetings are held. A visit to the equipment manager and receiving their Playbooks. May 21-23: New Quarterback Peyton Manning will have his first org ...
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I have a confession to make. I woke up Sunday morning with a hangover. Not too many draughts. Too much draft. Three long days of upsides, 40 times, arm lengths, hand sizes and comments about hip-flipping, shed-and-stacking and position flexibility can take a toll on a guy. I can’t imagine how Browns general manager Tom Heckert feels after four months of it. But like any good party, the draft needs to be analyzed when it’s over — even if the recovery isn’t complete. Early birds This isn’t breaking news, but the Browns’ draft is all about the first-round picks. They added necessary depth on both lines on the second and third days and, you never know, one of the unknown late-round picks could turn into an All-Pro. But if the Browns are going to go from laughingstock to legitimate, No. 3 pick Trent Richardson and No. 22 Brandon Weeden will be the reason. Richardson has the chance to be the best running back in the league. He was a dominant player on the best college team in the natio ...
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The Cleveland Browns Offense, What we Have and what the Team Draft Strategy Should Be
isports web - almost 5 years
If you’re a Cleveland Browns fan, the best time of the year is the offseason. At least then, the Browns are not losing games. The hope and promise of a better tomorrow is just around the corner. Ever since 1999 when the Browns made the return back to the NFL, there have only been two winning seasons 9-7 in 2002 and 10-6 in 2007and one playoff berth in 2002. Mike Holmgrem and Tom Heckert, better known as H&H have made a few things clear about the how they will build the team, and that is through the draft.  No big time free agents have come in under their tenure. No success has come under their tenure either. Everyone gets a pass for last year in my book. There was a new Head Coach in Pat Shurmur, a first time head coach that decided he would be the offensive coordinator and the head coach, that worked out miserably. Shurmer has added offensive coordinator and former Head Coach of the Minnesota Vikings Brad Childress. This should give Shurmer a chance to focus on coaching the en ...
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Comment on Should Vikings Draft WR Blackmon or OT Kalil? by James
Lost Lettermen - almost 5 years
“After all, Cleveland’s Joe Thomas, Jacksonville’s Eugene Monroe, Tennessee’s Michael Roos and Miami’s Jake Long are four of the best offensive tackles in the NFL, and how are their offenses doing?” This might be the least intelligent point you could make in arguing against Kalil. None of those four teams has a decent QUARTERBACK to protect, but they help keep those buckets of slop they trot our there upright long enough to make what plays they can. When you get that young, franchise signal caller, you protect him, period. Unless, of course, you want teh next David Carr or Tim Couch. Yeah, spend millions of dollars on a guy and then don’t give him or your team a chance to succeed. That makes sense. Comparing Blackmon to Calvin is also ridiculous. He’s nowhere near the same class as Calvin or Fitz. I’m not saying Blackmon is a bad player, but had he come out last year he’d have been the third receiver taken, not a top-3 pick.
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Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Tim Couch
  • 2010
    Age 32
    His rookie records for pass attempts (399), pass completions (223), passing yards (2,447), and QB rating (73.2) were broken by Colt McCoy in 2010 and Brandon Weeden in 2012.
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  • 2007
    Age 29
    Although he was released by Jacksonville during the 2007 preseason and was not signed by any other teams, the NFL banned Couch for six games during the 2007 season for violating its drug policy.
    More Details Hide Details Couch is married to Playboy Playmate Heather Kozar and Couch lives in Lexington, Kentucky. Couch currently works for Fox Sports South as an analyst on the weekly show SEC Gridiron Live. He also serves as the color analyst for the SEC Regional Network football package, typically found on Fox Sports Net affiliates in most SEC territories. Current affiliates include Sun Sports, Fox Sports South, Fox Sports Southwest Plus, Fox Sports Houston, Fox Sports Midwest Plus, Fox Sports North Plus, and Fox Sports San Diego.
    On July 29, 2007 Couch agreed to a two-year contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars.
    More Details Hide Details Couch was brought in to compete for the 3rd string quarterback position with Quinn Gray and Lester Ricard. He played in one preseason game against the Miami Dolphins and was 2-of-4 for 11 yards. On August 18, Couch failed to make the 3rd string and was released. The next week, the Jaguars released former starter Byron Leftwich and Lester Ricard, leaving them without a 3rd string quarterback. On August 28, 2007, Yahoo! Sports reported that Couch, while attempting to recover from a second shoulder surgery, took anabolic steroids and human growth hormone as part of his daily regimen, both banned by the NFL. Despite Couch's statements that he never took any illegal steroids, he admitted being administered HGH for about a week. Yahoo! Sports reported it had obtained documents from an anonymous source with Couch's name printed across the top that called for extensive use of drugs banned by the league. Yahoo! Sports also claimed to have received documents showing steroid prescriptions had been filled in Couch's name at a pharmacy in New York. Couch initially said he had no reservations about working with someone who endorsed the use of drugs banned by the NFL "because if I'm not doing it, I'm not really concerned. … It's no big deal to me." However, during Couch's attempted come-back with the Jaguars he put on 35 pounds of muscle and dropped his body fat to 4%.
    ESPN reported on Friday, July 20, 2007, that Tim Couch had contacted all 32 NFL teams to see if any teams were interested in him for the 2007-2008 season.
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  • 2006
    Age 28
    Couch ended up missing the entire 2006 season due to another shoulder surgery, late June 2006.
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    Couch participated in tryouts with the Tennessee Titans in January 2006.
    More Details Hide Details He also had workouts with the Miami Dolphins, Pittsburgh Steelers and the Houston Texans. All three teams stated that despite good workouts, they were not interested in pursuing him.
    The Bengals did not pursue Couch, although Jon Kitna was not re-signed after his contract expired in early 2006.
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  • 2005
    Age 27
    After undergoing shoulder surgery in February 2005, Couch auditioned for the Chicago Bears midway through the 2005 season and the Cincinnati Bengals in December 2005.
    More Details Hide Details The Bears observed that his arm was not back to NFL shape during their workout and did not sign him.
  • 2004
    Age 26
    After the Browns released Couch in 2004, Couch signed as a free agent with the Green Bay Packers.
    More Details Hide Details Couch went on to have a disappointing training camp, and was booed off the field by the Lambeau crowd during his limited preseason appearances. Couch struggled with a rotator cuff injury, that would eventually require surgery, and was sidelined for the entire year. Couch was released by the Packers during their final cutdown to 53 players prior to the season. Couch filed a grievance with the NFL Players Union against the Packers because they failed to attempt an injury settlement prior to his release.
  • 1999
    Age 21
    He was the Browns' leading passer from 1999-2002.
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    Hail Mary passes Couch had several notable moments for the Browns, including two "Hail Mary" passes. In 1999 against the New Orleans Saints, his last-second TD pass to Kevin Johnson gave the Browns their first win.
    More Details Hide Details Three seasons later, in Jacksonville he tossed a game-winning pass on the last play of the game to Quincy Morgan. Couch holds the distinction of being the only quarterback in NFL history to throw two game-winning passes of 50 yards or more with 0:00 left on the clock. Magical 2002 season The Browns' 2002 campaign was a special one. Although the 2001 Browns raised eyebrows with their defense, having recorded 43 sacks and a league-best 33 interceptions, the offense was once again moribund. The run game was pitiful and the offensive line was porous. At the start of the 2002 preseason, star linebacker Jamir Miller went down with a career-ending Achilles tendon injury. However, the reincarnated "Kardiac Kids", led by Couch, won 9 games, including five in the final two minutes and seven by 10 points or less, and made a wildcard playoff spot. Those thrillers included a 31-28 overtime win over Tennessee in which Couch threw for 326 yards and 3 TDs, a last minute TD and two-point conversion passes from Couch to Dennis Northcutt against the Jets, the "Hail Mary" against the Jaguars, and a final-minute TD drive against Baltimore where Couch threw a 1-yard strike to tight end Mark Campbell after being pinned inside his own 5-yard line with timeouts and 1:30 left in regulation.
    Couch's college success culminated in his selection as the number one overall selection in the NFL draft by the Cleveland Browns, who were returning to the NFL as an expansion team in 1999 following the original team's 1996 relocation to Baltimore.
    More Details Hide Details Couch took over for Ty Detmer as the team's starting quarterback in the second game of his rookie season. The Browns front office had high expectations for Couch. Spokesperson John Schober was quoted in 2003 as saying the former Kentucky All-American would win at least six playoff games. He spent five seasons as a starting quarterback for Cleveland, eventually facing competition from journeyman backup Kelly Holcomb during his final two seasons. Couch's tenure in Cleveland ranged from leading the team to a playoff appearance, to boos and inconsistent play, which was partially a result of being constantly plagued by injuries. Couch's tenure with the team often included playing behind an offensive line hampered by injury. He missed the final nine games of the 2000 season with a broken thumb. The high point of Couch's career came in 2002, when he threw for 2,842 yards and 18 touchdowns in leading the upstart Browns to a 9-7 record and a playoff appearance. However, he suffered a broken leg in the final game of the regular season and was forced to watch as Holcomb threw for over 400 yards in a loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Wild Card round of the playoffs. This was the beginning of a quarterback controversy in Cleveland that would not be resolved until a year later when head coach Butch Davis tapped Holcomb as his starter. By the end of the 2003 season, after exhausting both quarterbacks with the rotation, it became clear that Davis, struggling with a 5-11 football team, would never give Couch the opportunity to start again.
    He was selected first overall by the reactivated Cleveland Browns in the 1999 NFL Draft.
    More Details Hide Details Couch threw for over 11,000 passing yards during his NFL career and helped the Browns qualify for the postseason for the first time since their return to the NFL as an expansion team, but he was unable to duplicate his college success, and his playing career ended after five injury-plagued seasons. Couch was born in Hyden, Kentucky. As a prep quarterback at Leslie County High School in Leslie County, he set a number of national high school records: most pass completions (872), passing yardage (12,104), touchdown passes (132), and passing percentage for a season (75.1).
  • 1998
    Age 20
    His 1998 records of 4,151 offensive yards in a season, 377.4 offensive yards per game and 4,275 passing yards, stood as Southeastern Conference records for years after his departure.
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    Couch still holds the NCAA record for completion percentage in one game (minimum of 40 completions) at 83.0% vs. Vanderbilt (44 of 53) in 1998 and for completions per game (36.4, 400 in 11 games) that same season.
    More Details Hide Details He also left Kentucky holding NCAA records for most completions in a season (400 in 1998), most completions in a two-year period (793 in 1997-1998), most completions per game in a two-year period (34.7, 1997–1998) and career completion percentage (67.1%).
    Following his junior season in 1998, Couch announced he would leave Kentucky to enter the NFL draft early.
    More Details Hide Details Couch's career totals at Kentucky included completing 795 of 1,184 passes (.671 completion rate) for 8,435 yards (including 4,275 passing yards during the 1998 season alone) and 74 touchdowns (including a 97-yard touchdown pass to Craig Yeast against Florida on September 26, 1998).
    During the 1998 season, Couch led Kentucky to seven wins (including a win on the road at No. 21 LSU) and a spot in the Outback Bowl (in which Couch completed 30 of 48 passes for 336 yards and 2 touchdowns, though Kentucky lost to Penn State 26-14).
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  • 1997
    Age 19
    In 1997, Couch set several school records as the previously anemic Kentucky offense topped national offensive rankings and finished 5-6 on the season, including a win over No. 20 Alabama.
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  • 1996
    Age 18
    During his 1996 freshman year under head coach Bill Curry, he split time as the starting quarterback with Billy Jack Haskins.
    More Details Hide Details Curry was fired after a 1-6 start that season, and replacement Hal Mumme announced early that Couch would be the starter in his new pass-oriented air raid offense.
    Couch attended the University of Kentucky, where he played for the Kentucky Wildcats football team from 1996 to 1998.
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  • 1995
    Age 17
    After his senior season in 1995, he was the recipient of Kentucky's "Mr. Football" award.
    More Details Hide Details ESPN ranked Couch as the sixth-best high school athlete ever. Couch also starred on the Leslie County High School basketball varsity team. He scored 35 points per game as a junior, which was the highest average in the state. Couch finished his high school career with 3,023 points.
  • 1977
    Born on July 31, 1977.
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