Tré Cool
American musician
Tré Cool
Tré Cool is a German-born American drummer for the rock band Green Day. He replaced the band's former drummer John Kiffmeyer in 1990. He has also played in Samiam, The Lookouts, and the Green Day side projects The Network and Foxboro Hot Tubs.
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Green Day at The Greek Theater in Berkeley, California on April 16, 2013 by Natalie Nesser "It's been a long time since I've been able to say this. Berkeley, California!" shouted Billie Joe Armstrong to his screaming hometown crowd at The Greek Theater on April 16th, blowing kisses to the audience as a green-haired Tre Cool ran up to the drums, bassist Mike Dirnt took command of the spot to his left, and a stoic Jason White stood to his right... and the energy only escalated from there. Opening with the tour theme song "99 Revolutions" from Green Day's latest trilogy album iTRE!, all I could think was Holy Fuck! The light show. The heart-pumping energy. The band members' inability to age. It all came together in one perfect moment to remind us all, despite events of the last six months, a golden oldies seniors tour this was not. As a legacy band, Green Day pulled off a rare and amazing feat: they really can have it both ways, simply because they've earned it. As if ...
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Stickup Kid with Chris Dugan at JingleTown Recording Studio It's like a fortress. That was my first impression as I approached JingleTown Recording Studio on this dead-end street in Oakland, California. A deceptively dilapidated building surrounded by high walls obscured by vegetation and overgrowth, and a security gate scarcely revealing the parking lot full of vintage cars and motorcycles, amid a working-class residential neighborhood, I was sure I was in the wrong place, or, at the very least, a big-ass rottweiler was coming around the corner eager to turn me into lunch. Owned by Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool of the band Green Day, and operated primarily by Grammy Award-winning audio engineer Chris Dugan, what I found on the inside was a state-of-the-art facility newly opened to the public in November 2012. Stoned out on decongestants and barely recovered from a bout with the flu, and still deaf in one ear from the subsequent sinus infection, I'm not exagge ...
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Ryan faced a skeptical crowd of retirees who booed his promises to repeal the health-care law and chided his plans for revamping Medicare. Earlier, Obama was warmly received.
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Green Day music takes the Gammage stage in “American Idiot” - almost 5 years
From the original music of Green Day comes a two-time Tony Award-winning punk rock musical, “American Idiot.” Set in suburbia, USA, “American Idiot” chronicles the lives of three rebellious and well-intentioned youths who are fed up with the current tirade of government bureaucrats. Performed at the ASU Gammage, the story itself is a simplification of frustrated, yet far from naïve young men who take out their vexations by committing themselves to deeds that transcend what people would expect. Johnny (Van Hughes) leaves suburbia, succumbs to the lure of heroin and becomes infatuated with a girl referred to as “Whats-her-name” (Gabrielle McClinton)- creatively portrayed as both a character and the closing number of the show. Tunny (Scott J. Campbell) enlists in the army after the rough realization that not even the urban life is enthralling enough to pacify him. He is wounded leading him to the hospital where he meets an “Extraordinary Girl” (Nicci Claspell) with whom he floats ar ...
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Green Day to induct Guns N' Roses into Rock Hall
Blue Ridge Now - almost 5 years
CLEVELAND (AP) — Green Day will welcome fellow hard rockers Guns N' Roses into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Rock Hall spokesman Todd Mesek said Monday that Green Day members Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool will induct Guns N' Roses at Saturday's ceremony at Cleveland's Public Hall. Mesek says it's not yet known if the original Guns N' Roses lineup will reunite and perform. Mesek say he believes frontman Axl Rose, guitarist Slash and other band members plan to attend. The group split in 1996. Guns N' Roses stormed onto the music scene in the mid-1980s, awakening an industry then dominated by pop and dance music. This year's Hall of Fame class includes the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beastie Boys, Donovan, Laura Nyro and The Small Faces/The Faces
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Guns N' Roses to enter rock Hall of Fame
KXLY - almost 5 years
One great rock band, Green Day, will fling the doors open for another seminal group next weekend at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The honorees? None other than fellow music icons Guns N' Roses. Rolling Stone reports that Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool will deliver the legendary band's induction speech at the April 14 ceremony in Cleveland. They'll join previously announced presenters Chris Rock (for the Red Hot Chili Peppers), Chuck D (for The Beastie Boys), John Mellencamp (for Donovan) and ZZ Top (for Freddie King). Longtime GNR keyboardist Dizzy Reed told Billboard recently that while all of the original Guns N' Roses members - including Axl Rose - were expected to attend, he wasn't sure if an official reunion or performance would happen. "I don't know exactly what's going to go down," he admitted back in February. "It's one of those things I'm sure will all come together and be really cool. I'm just going to go in with a good attitude and a clear he ...
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Green Day frontman booted from plane in Oakland for saggy pants - San Jose Mercury News
Google News - over 5 years
On guitar is Mike Dirnt (Michael Pritchard) and on Drums is Tre Cool (Frank Wright). (Jim Gensheimer/San Jose Mercury News) Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong was booted off a Southwest Airlines flight Thursday night in Oakland for wearing his
Article Link:
Google News article
Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Tré Cool
  • 2014
    Age 41
    He played them during the last Australian shows in 2014.
    More Details Hide Details SJC Custom Kit with HoundsTooth over Marine Finish. Cymbals-Zildjian SJC Custom Kit with Custom Bunny/TC Shield Wrap Cymbals-Zildjian
  • 2013
    Age 40
    Tré has been seen using the updated A Zildjian cymbals that came out early 2013.
    More Details Hide Details
    Purista also joined Tré Cool on Green Day's 99 Revolutions Tour in 2013 and the couple were filmed enjoying a day off in Sweden at a theme park on June 28, 2013. Tré was engaged to 28 year old former Miss Supercross and paddock girl Sara Rose Lipert in January 2014, and they were married on October 11, 2014.
    More Details Hide Details Tré Cool sang and played guitar on the tracks "Dominated Love Slave" and "All by Myself", from Kerplunk and Dookie, respectively, both of which he wrote and composed (on "Dominated Love Slave", guitarist and vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong played drums). He wrote and sang the subtrack "Rock and Roll Girlfriend" from the medley "Homecoming" featured on the album American Idiot. He also sang and composed the track "DUI" ("Driving Under the Influence"), which was recorded for Green Day's fifth studio album Nimrod (1997) and was due to be released on the compilation album Shenanigans in 2002, but was omitted and can only be found online. During a radio interview at Washington DC's alternative station DC 101, Tré Cool sang and played acoustic guitar on a short song entitled "Like a Rat Does Cheese," a song about the pleasure of fellatio.
  • 2012
    Age 39
    Tré Cool began dating Zurich based (South African born) model and business woman Purista Blenk in the summer of 2012.
    More Details Hide Details In January 2013 they attended the screening of Cuatro together at the Winter X Games in Aspen Colerado.
    In 2012 Tré Cool began dating New York based model and artist Karli Henneman.
    More Details Hide Details Henneman appeared briefly in the Green Day documentary Cuatro and a photograph of her legs was posted by Tré Cool posed in front of his car with the hashtag "Lita" (Henneman often signs her paintings using this name).
    Following his divorce from Claudia, Tre began dating Torry Castellano - drummer from The Donnas - and he told Kerrang when they later split it was due to his inability to remain sober in L.A. Tre then began dating MTV host Ruri Hegarty who remains close friends with band mate Billie Joe Armstrong and attended his 40th birthday in 2012 despite their breakup several years beforehand.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2011
    Age 38
    Tré Cool was engaged to Dena at Supperclub in San Francisco on March 31, 2011 and rumors of the engagement were rampant at the final show of American Idiot on Broadway but Tré Cool waited to announce the happy news on his Facebook.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2009
    Age 36
    Tré Cool dated model Cara Provenzano attending many award shows and events together in 2009 and early 2010. In 2010 Tre began dating New York ballet dancer and fashion designer Dena Roberson.
    More Details Hide Details Tré Cool had her name tattooed on his chest.
  • 2003
    Age 30
    Tré Cool and Suarez divorced in 2003 and Claudia has primary custody of their son Frankito.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2000
    Age 27
    In 2000 Tré Cool married Claudia Suarez (Bovino)and Tré Cool's second child Frankito (meaning "Little Frank") was born on March 26, 2001.
    More Details Hide Details He is the godson of Billie Joe Armstrong. Tré Cool is also the godfather of Armstrong's two children, Joseph and Jakob.
  • 1995
    Age 22
    Tré Cool was the first member of Green Day to become a father on January 12, 1995 with the birth of his daughter Ramona Isabel.
    More Details Hide Details Tre then married his longterm girlfriend Lisea Lyons, a talented photographer with a degree in English Literature and a Masters in Fine Art in March. Lisea and Tre divorced the following year and Lisea moved with Ramona to New York where she raised her daughter and has a successful career as a photographer and artist. Ramona recently appeared as a Kit Kat girl in the Brandeis Theater Company's production of Cabaret.
  • 1990
    Age 17
    He replaced the group's former drummer John Kiffmeyer in 1990.
    More Details Hide Details Tré Cool has also played in The Lookouts, Samiam and the Green Day side-projects The Network and the Foxboro Hot Tubs. Frank Edwin Wright III was born in Frankfurt, West Germany. He lived in Willits, California with his father and his elder sister Lori. He has German heritage, and his father was a helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War. Wright's closest neighbor was Larry Livermore, who at the time was the singer of the punk band The Lookouts. When Wright was 12, Livermore recruited him as the drummer of The Lookouts. And Tre took on the name of "Tré Cool", relying on both the French word "très" (meaning "very") and the English word "cool" as a way of saying he was "very cool". However, the silent "s" has been dropped in the spelling, as a play on the "third" in his name. A common misconception is that Larry Livermore gave Tré Cool his full nickname; however, he was known as "Tré" long before he joined The Lookouts.
  • 1972
    Born on December 9, 1972.
    More Details Hide Details
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