Vanna Bonta

Vanna Bonta

Italian-american Writer + Poet + Inventor + Actress + Voice Artist

Vanna Bonta is an American novelist, poet and film actress best known as the author of Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel, the story set in parallel dimensions featuring multiverse adventures of an amnesiac girl with no navel. Bonta is also known for collections of award-winning poetry as well as for a cameo role as Zed's queen, the hero's young mother, in the fantasy movie The Beastmaster. She is also the inventor of the 2suit. A portrait of her as a young girl was drawn by Florentine artist Pietro Annigoni. She was a model of Woman for the Frederick Hart work "Ex Nihilo" (Out of Nothing), the tympana on the west front entrance of the Washington National Cathedral in Washington D.C. Bonta appeared in The Universe Season 3 Episode 4 "Sex in Space" and talked about how her 2suit could be used to achieve intimacy in microgravity toward the colonization of other planets. The History Channel documentary filmed her testing the 2suit in weightlessness, which marked Bonta's second zero gravity flight. She is an advocate with The Space Frontier Foundation. She is the daughter of an Italian fine-arts painter and American military officer, and the granddaughter of Luigi Ugolini. Bonta wrote an undeveloped story, "Somewhen", for the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. She is credited with numerous roles as a voice actor in feature films, such as Beauty and the Beast. She was the computer voice in the movie Demolition Man.… Read More

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1958 Birth Born in 1958.


1995 37 Years Old In 1995, Bonta's first novel, Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel was published. … Read More


2006 48 Years Old In 2006, Bonta gave talks about an invention she called the 2suit, a flight garment that can be attached to another 2suit to allow two or more people to stay in proximity to one another in low-gravity environments. … Read More
2007 49 Years Old From 2007-09, she participated in the annual Lunar Lander Challenge, a competition sponsored by NASA and Northrop Grumman to commercially build a lightweight spacecraft for landing on the moon. … Read More


2008 50 Years Old Producers of the History Channel television series The Universe approached Bonta in 2008, offering to manufacture a prototype of the 2suit and send Bonta into zero gravity to test it. … Read More
2009 51 Years Old …  The spacesuit was featured on The Universe television series, which followed Bonta into zero gravity to film an episode titled Sex in Space that aired in 2009 on the History Channel.
2013 55 Years Old 1 More Event
On 13 November 2013, a haiku by Bonta was one of 1,100 haiku launched from Cape Canaveral on the NASA spacecraft MAVEN to Mars. … Read More
2014 56 Years Old Died in 2014.
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