Victoria, Princess Royal

Victoria, Princess Royal

Born Nov 21, 1840

Victoria, Princess Royal was the eldest child of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and Prince Albert. She was created Princess Royal of the United Kingdom in 1841. She became German Empress and Queen of Prussia by marriage to German Emperor Frederick III. After her husband's death, she became widely known as Empress Frederick .… Read More

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1840 Birth Princess Victoria was born on 21 November 1840 at Buckingham Palace, London. … Read More
As a daughter of the sovereign, Victoria was automatically a British princess with the style Her Royal Highness, styled HRH The Princess Victoria. On 19 January 1841, the Queen created Victoria Princess Royal, giving her an honorary title sometimes conferred on the eldest daughter of the sovereign. … Read More
1851 10 Years Old …  Nevertheless, from the first dinner with the prince, it was clear to Queen Victoria and her husband the mutual sympathy of the two young people which began in 1851 was still vivid. … Read More


1856 15 Years Old Once this condition was accepted, the engagement of Victoria and Frederick was publicly announced on 17 May 1856. … Read More
1858 17 Years Old …  The wedding of Victoria and Frederick therefore took place at the Chapel Royal of St. James's Palace in London, on 25 January 1858. … Read More
1859 18 Years Old A little over a year after her marriage, on 27 January 1859 Victoria gave birth to her first child, the future German Emperor William II; however this first delivery was extremely complicated. … Read More
1860 19 Years Old Fortunately for the princess, the birth of her second child, Princess Charlotte on 24 July 1860, took place without difficulty. … Read More


1862 21 Years Old …  The trip that the couple made in the Mediterranean in October 1862 aboard Queen Victoria's yacht served as a pretext for conservatives to accuse Frederick to abandon his father in a time of great political tension. … Read More
1866 25 Years Old An art lover, Victoria appreciated and practiced painting, receiving classes from Anton von Werner and Heinrich von Angeli. She also supported education and was a member of the association founded by Wilhelm Adolf Lette in 1866, whose objective was to improve women's education. … Read More


1878 37 Years Old As her children became adults, Victoria began to seek suitors for them. In 1878, Charlotte married her second cousin Bernhard, Hereditary Prince of Saxe-Meiningen, a fact that delighted the Berlin court. … Read More


1881 40 Years Old The Crown Princess, however, was not so lucky with the marriage plans for her daughter Viktoria. In 1881 she fell in love with Prince Alexander I of Bulgaria and her mother tried to obtain permission from the Emperor for the engagement. … Read More
1887 46 Years Old 1 More Event
With the agreement of his physicians, Frederick went with his wife to Great Britain for the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria in June 1887. … Read More
1889 48 Years Old In October 1889, Princess Sophia, Victoria's penultimate daughter, married the future King Constantine I of Greece, leaving the maternal residence. The following year, Princess Viktoria, after the sad ending of her hopes to wed the ruler of Bulgaria, in the end married Prince Adolf of Schaumburg-Lippe, the future regent of the Principality of Lippe. Finally, in 1893, Princess Margaret married Prince Frederick Charles of Hesse, who in 1918 was elected to the throne of the ephemeral Kingdom of Finland. … Read More
1890 49 Years Old In fact, Victoria was completely secluded from public life by William II. With the death of her mother-in-law, the Empress Dowager Augusta in 1890, Victoria had hopes to succeed her as patron of the German Red Cross and the Vaterländischer Frauenverein (Association of Patriotic Women). … Read More


1900 59 Years Old By the autumn of 1900, the cancer spread to her spine, and as she worried about her personal letters (in which she detailed her concern over Germany's future under her son) falling into the hands of the Emperor, she requested that the letters were brought back to Great Britain in a cloak-and-dagger operation by her godson Frederick Ponsonby, the private secretary of her brother King Edward VII, who was making his final visit to his terminally ill sister in Kronberg on 23 February 1901. … Read More


The Empress Dowager died in Friedrichshof on 5 August 1901, less than seven months after the death of her mother.
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